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State of Oklahoma, Office of Secretary of State, ss.

I, R. A. Sneed, Secretary of State of the State of Oklahoma, do hereby certify that the printed Acts and Resolutions contained in this volume are true and correct copies of the Enrolled Laws and Resolutions which were passed respectively at the Regular Session of the Ninth Legislature, begun on the 2nd day of January, A. D., 1923, and ending on the 31st day of March, A. D., 1923, as shown by the records of this office; and I further certify that all the Laws and Resolutions contained in this volume which by their terms contain emergency sections took effect and were in force from and after their passage and approval; and that all the Laws and Resolutions herein contained which by their terms do not contain emergency sections take effect and are in force ninety days from and after the final adjournment of the aforesaid legislative session.

That the Ninth Regular Session of the Legislature of the State of Oklahoma adjourned sine die on the 31st day of March, A. D., 1923.

The word (sic) in parenthesis indicates error in enrolled copy of bill.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma.

Done at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, this 13th day of June, A. D., 1923.

R. A. SNEED, (Seal)

Secretary of State.


This edition of the Acts of the Ninth Legislature has been prepared and printed by the Harlow Publishing Company and is official under a contract with the Secretary of the Senate, by virtue of authority granted to him by Senate Concurrent Resolution 23. Its general arrangement is the same as that used in the Harlow publications of legislative acts for the four previous sessions.

Attention is called to the fact that no House resolutions appear in this book. As the publisher of Session Laws secures copy from the Secretary of State, he is not authorized to include in such a book any bills or resolutions which have not been filed with the Secretary of State, and as the House resolutions were not so filed, they have been omitted from this edition of the Session Laws.

In several instances the head notes appearing over the various sections of the measures are set in a different type from the regular style used throughout the book. This has been occasioned by the fact that the framers of these measures placed their own editorial head notes, and we made this distinction by setting them in a different style of type.

The index found in the back of this book has been constructed upon a different plan from that heretofore used by us in our editions of the Session Laws. No attempt has been made to furnish an analytical index, as experience has led to the opinion that such an index causes confusion and that a short and simple index referring to each measure by some well known catch word is sufficient for all purposes.

No changes have been made in the language, punctuation or capitalization of the enrolled bills. The printed form is an exact transcript of the laws as they appear in their enrolled form where the language or punctuation appeared incorrect or doubtful, the suspected error is indicated by (sic) placed in the line.

The proof of these Session Laws was read and verified by the enrolled bills by Mr. D. C. Collums, acting under the directions of the Secretary of the Senate. The editorial work, head notes and index are the work of Mr. Frank Eagin of the Harlow staff.

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AN ACT amending Section 6441, of the Compiled Statutes of Oklahoma, 1921, relating to

jurors' fees, and declaring an emergency--



AN ACT making appropriation to pay the mileage and per diem of members of Legislature

and declaring an emergency.-



AN ACT authorizing the appointment of two field deputies and one jallor for the shortfis in

all counties having a population of not less than 33,925, nor more than 33,950, fixing

the compensation and providing for the payment thereof, repealing all laws in condict

herewith, and declaring an emergency-----



AN Act providing for an emergency appropriation of One Hundred Thousand Dollars for the

aid of sick, wounded and disabled soldiers, sailors and marines of the late world war,

and their destitute wives, widows and minor children, providing for expense of com-

munication, and declaring an emergency---



AN ACT authorizing County Commissioners of any county in Oklahoma, with a population not

less than 33,400 or more than 33,500, by Federal Census of 1920, to make a special levy

for the purpose of erecting bulldings for the Free Fair Association upon real estate

owned by the said county or any municipal corporation therein, under contract or loase,

for use as exhibit grounds for free county fair----


AN ACT making appropriations for additional quarters for housing of personnel, other than

nurses and doctors, to the Oklahoma Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, located at Muskogoo,

Oklahoma, authorizing expenditure thereof by Soldiers' Relief Commission, and declaring

an emergency

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