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I would recommend this book to anyone who is starting the meditation or even to those who are regular practitioners as it provides the insight on to the "mental silence" technique of meditation based on scientific evidences gather from the researches from over a decade. It will help the readers to find out for themselves what works best for them and the book presents itself in the way that it is not assertive but suggestive. My own urge to go into the mental silence has gone up and I am using the techniques suggested in the book to go into the state of mental silence several times in a day, even at work. Is not it fascinating? 

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Silence Your Mind
Silence Your Mind showcases something marvellous.
I cannot recommend it highly enough -for EVERYONE.
It is not often you find a book, in particular a 'self-help' book, based on world-leading research - especially one from an Australian.
In this way, the book stands out. However, there are many more reasons this book is something special.
It introduced to me the idea that there is more than one type of meditation. Who knew?
And the book proved to me - using established, conventional and rigorous research methods and standards - that one particular type, one that facilitates the experience of mental silence, has made significant differences to the lives of many of those who have practised it.
It is compelling and exciting without being evangelistic.
Importantly, the book gives easy-to-understand instructions about how to achieve mental silence. It is even within reach of children!
Benefits flow from just 10mins meditation per day. Remarkable.
This book is 10/10.
Warning: Do not ever lend your copy to anyone; you will never get it back.

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