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Printers and Publishers to the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting

for England and Wales,

(Six doors east of Inner Temple Lane).

In I vol., super royal 8vo, with Illustrations, cloth gilt, bevelled boards, price £2 25. THE ORDER OF THE COIF By Mr. SERJEANT PULLING.

Containing the early History of the Order, together with an Account of the Aula Regis, and the Courts at Westminster Hall derived from it, the Justiciars—the Judges and Serjeants of the Coifthe Apprenticii ad legem-the Inns of Court-the Forms, Solemnities, and Usages kept up by the Bench and the Bar-Records and Memoirs of the Old Order, and its many distinguished Memberstheir Legal and Social Position, and the gradual Innovations on the old Institution.


A Concise and Practical Treatise upon the Law and Practice relating to the Winding-up of Companies from the commencement of the Winding-up Proceedings to Dissolution; with Forms for use in Winding-up, and Precedents of Bills of Costs, &c. By ALFRED EMDEN, of the Inner Temple, Esquire, Barrister-at-Law, Author of the "Law relating to Building Leases, Building Contracts, and

Building," &c., &c. We have rarely met with a work in which so much pains have been taken . . . to set forth the whole of the law and practice to which it relates.”—Law Times, “It gives an expansive account of the law in a convenient and available form."-Saturday Review.

“A collection of precedents of the most comprehensive character accompanies the work, which is a model of lucidity and arrangement."-Citizen.

“Can confidently be recomme:ded to all who are interested in the winding-up of companies." Burdett's Weekly Official Intelligencer.

Second Edition, revised and enlarged. Demy 8vo, cloth, 155. THE AGRICULTURAL HOLDINGS ACT, 1883, and other

Statutes, with numerous Forms. Second Edition, containing Additional Precedents of Leases and Agreements, and Scales of Compensation approved by the Chainbers of Agriculture. By J. M. Lely, Fsq., Editor of the 11th and 12th Editions of Woodfall's “Law of Landlord and Tenant," and E. R. Pearce-EDGCUMBE, Esq., Barristers-at-Law.

Demy 8vo, cloth, 704 pages, 255. PATENT LAWS OF THE WORLD, Collected, Edited, and

Indexed. By ALFRED CARPMAEL, Solicitor, Member of the Council and Patent Committee of the Society of Arts; Member of the Patent Committee of the British Association : Associate of the Institute of Patent Agents: and EDWARD CARPMAEL, B.A., Patent Agent, late Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge; Associate of the Institution of Civil Engineers; Member of the Society of Arts ; Fellow of the Institute of Patent Agents.


Second Edition, revised and enlarged, royal 8vo, cloth, 305. FOREIGN JUDGMENTS AND PARTIES OUT OF THE

JURISDICTION (The Law and Practice of the Courts of the United Kingdom relating to). By FRANCIS TAYLOR PIGGOTT, M.A., LL.M., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law,

Royal 8vo, cloth, ios. Dedicated by Permission to, and with a Photographic Portrait of, the Lord Chancellor. THE HISTORY AND ORIGIN OF «THE LAW REPORTS.”

By W. T. S. DANIEL, Esq., Q.C., late Judge of County Courts, and Formerly Vice-Chairman of the Council of Law Reporting.

Royal 8vo, cloth, 125, 6d. BITTLESTON'S REPORTS IN CHAMBERS (Q.B.D.),

1883-4; arranged in Alphabetical Order according to their subject matter, and under the Rules of Court respectively applicable, with Notes and an Index. By Adam H. BITTLESTON, of the Inner Temple, Barr ster-at-Law.

Demy Svo, cloth, 155. APPEALS FROM THE CONVICTIONS AND ORDERS OF JUSTICES. By John G. TROTTER, Assistant-Clerk to Justices, Guildhall, London.

Second Edition, royal 8vo, cloth, 155. THE SETTY

182 and 1884. With additional Notes, Cases, a

WOLSTENHOLME, of Lincoln's Inn, Barristerat-Law, and on

e Court, and RichARD OTTAWAY TURNER, of Lincoln's Inn, I

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RUPTCY under the Bankruptcy Act, 1883; The Bankruptcy Appeals (County Courts) Act, 1884 : and the Rules and Forms, comprising also the Forms and Circulars of the Board of Trade; The Debtors Acts, 1869 and 1878; The Bills of Sale Acts, 1878 and 1882: and Notes to the Bankruptcy Repeal and Insolvency Court Act, 1869. By THEODORE RISTON, B.A., of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law (Joint Editor of the Sixth Edition of "Daniell's Chancery Practice").

With numerous cases under the new Act.


ACT, 1883, with the Rules and Forms: The Debtors' Acts, 1869, with Notes; The Bills of Sale Acts, 1878 and 1882 ; Complete Bankruptcy Time Table; Alphabetical List of County Courts, distinguishing such as have Bankruptcy Jurisdiction, and showing to which Courts those not having such Jurisdiction are attached for Bankruptcy purposes ; and Notes on Deeds of Assignment for the general benefit of Creditors, with Copious Index. By Charles L. Samson, Solicitor, Incorporated Law Society's Prizeman, and Stephen Heelis Gold Medalist, 1874: "The Author of this work is a solicitor practising in Manchester, and the branch of the legal profession to which he belongs may be proud of having produced a work not inferior in any respect to the best of the treatises in bankruptcy law which have hitherto appeared.”-Solicitors' Journal,

Demy 8vo, cloth, 125, 6d. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1883, and the DEBTORS ACTS,

1869, 1878, together with the Rules and Forms made thereunder. Annotated with all the most important cases decided under the former Acts applicable to the present law. By Harold WRIGHT,

LL.B., B.A., of the Midland Circuit, Barrister-at-Law. “The best comment perhaps that can be made upon this book is that it fulfils the object the author had in view in writing it. He stated that he has made it his aim to collect all the more important decisions under the former Bankruptcy Acts and annotate them under the different sections of the present Act. This he has succeeded in doing clearly and fully.. ... Mr. Wright's system affords most valuable assistance in pointing out exactly what case to look to and where to look for it. ... The print is excellent, so also is the index."- The Law Times.

Demy 8vo, cloth, 205. PRACTICAL FORMS OF AGREEMENTS relating to Sales

and Purchases, Mortgages and Deposits, Enfranchisements and Exchanges, Building and Arbitrations, Letting and Renting, Hiring and Service, Debtors and Creditors, and numerous other subjects; with a variety of useful Notes. By H. Moore, Esq., Author of " Instructions for Preparing Abstracts of Title," "The Country Attorney's Pocket Remembrancer," and formerly Editor of "The Lawyer's Companion."

Demy Svo, cloth, 18s. PATENTS, DESIGNS, AND TRADE-MARKS (the Law, Practice,

and Procedure relating to). Containing the Patents, Designs, and Trade-Marks Act, 1883, with the Rules and Forms, and the Official Instructions, Regulations, and Notices issued in pursuance of the Act; and also the Law Officers' Rules and Privy Council Rules ; with full Notes and Comments. By SewARD Brice, M.A., LL.D. (London), of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Author of a " Treatise on the Doctrine of Ultra Vires."

Demy 8vo, cloth, 125. 6d. PATENT, DESIGN, AND TRADE-MARKS ACT, 1883, with

the New Rules, Notes, and Cases, forming a concise Treatise on the Law and Practice of Letters

Patents for Inventions. By CLEMENT HIGGINS, Barrister-at-Law. " It contains a great deal of valuable and well digested information in a small space, and the arrangement of the Table of Cases is excellent. . : : . The paper, type, and general get-up of the book are very creditable to the publishers."-Law Times.

The work in every way is a highly creditable performance.”—Law Journal. “Throughout the volume Mr. Higgins's illustrations of the practice bearing upon the several sections are clear, concise, and to the point."--Mining Journal.

Royal 8vo, cloth, 125. 6d. THE BILLS OF EXCHANGE ACT, 1882 ; with Notes of Cases

prior to and since the passing of the same, with an Appendix and Index. By Aviet AGABEG, and WILLIAM F. BARRY, of the Inner Temple, Barristers-at-Law.

Demy Svo, 930 pages, cloth, 325. THE LAW AND PRACTICE OF COMPENSATION FOR

Taking or Injuriously Affecting Lands under the Lands Clauses Consolidation Acts, 1845, 1860, and 1869; Railways Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845; Artisans' and Labourers' Dwellings Improvement Acts, 1*75 to 1882; Artisans' Dwellings Acts, 1868 to 1882; Public Health Act, 1875; Elementary Education Act, 1870; General Metropolitan Paving Act; and other Public Acts (English, Irish and Scotch). With an Introduction, Notes, and Forms. By SIDNEY WOOLF, of the Middle Temple, and JAMES W. MIDDLETON, of Lincoln's Inn, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law.

Crown 8vo, cloth, 9s. ADMIRALTY FORMS AND PRECEDENTS, with Notes of the

Practice relating thereto, and an Appendix containing the Rules of the Supreme Court, 1883, which relate exclusively to Admiralty, Actions; and the Order as to Court Fees, 1884. By EDWARD STANLEY Roscoe, Barrister-at-Law, Author of a “Treatise on the Jurisdiction and Practice of the Admiralty Division of the High Court of Justice."



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