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And said, that it is goddes might
Which whan men wene most upright
To stonde shal hem over caste.
And that is of this world the laste,
And than a newe shal beginne,
From whiche a man Thal never twinne
Or al to paine or al to pees,

That world shal laste endeles.
Hic consequenter Lo, thus expoundeth Daniel
fcribit, qualiter hu- The
ius feculi regna va. The kinges sweven faire and wel
riis mutacionibus, In Babiloine the citee.
prout in dicta statua
figurabatur, fecun- Wher that the wisest of Caldee
dum temporum
distinctiones sensi- Ne couthen wite what it mente,
biliter hactenus di-

But he tolde al the hole entente,

As in partie it is befalle.
De feculo aureo, Of golde the first regne of alle
quod in capite fta-
tue delignatum eft Was in that kinges time tho,
a tempore ipsius And whe,
Nabucodonofor And laste many daies so.
regis Caldee ufque There whiles that the monarchie
in regnum Cyri re-
gis Persarum. Of al the worlde in that partie

To Babiloine was subgite
And helde him still in suche a plight,
Til that the world began diverse.
And that was, whan the kinge of Perse,
Which Cyrus hight, ayein the pees
Forth with his sone Cambises
Of Babiloine all that empire,
Right as they wolde hem self desire,
Put under in subjection
And toke it in possession,

De seculo argenteo, quod in pectore designatum est a tempore ipfius regis Cyri usque in regnum Alexandri regis Macedonie.

And llain was Baltazar the king,
Which lost his regne and all his thing.

And thus whan they it hadde wonne,
The worlde of silver was begonne
And that of gold was passed oute,
And in this wise it goth aboute
Into the regne of Darius,
And than it fell to Perse thus.
There Alisaundre put hem under,
Which wroght of armes many a wonder,
So that the monarchie lefte
With Grecs and here estate up lefte,
And Persiens gone under fote,
So suffre they, that nedes mote.

And tho the world began of bras,
And that of silver ended was,
But for the time thus it laste,
Til it befelle, that at laste
This king, whan that his day was come,
With strength of deth was overcome.
And netheles yet or he dide
He shope his regne to devide
To knightes, which him hadde served,
And after that they have deserved
Yaf the conquestes, that he wanne,
Wherof great werre tho beganne
Among hem, that the regnes had,
Through proud envie which hem lad,
Til it befelle ayein hem thus.
The noble Cesar Julius,

De seculo eneo, quod in ventre defignatum est a tempore ipsius Alexandri usque in reg. num Julii Romanorum imperatoris.

quod in tibiis de

Which tho was kinge of Rome-londe,
With great bataile and with strong honde
All Grece, Perse and eke Caldee
Wan and put under, so that he
Nought al only of thorient
But al the marche of thoccident
Governeth under his empire
As he that was hole lord and fire
And held through his chivalrie
Of al this worlde the monarchie
And was the first of that honour,

Which taketh name of emperour.
De feculo ferreo, Where Rome thanne wolde affaile,
lignatum eft a tem- There mighte no thing contrevaile,
pore Julii usque in p...
regnum Caroli But every contre must obeie.
magni regis Fran- Tho goth the regne of bras aweie

And comen is the worlde of steel
And stode above upon the whele.
As steel is hardest in his kinde
Above al other that men finde
Of metals, such was Rome tho
The mightiest and laste so
Long time amonges the Romains,
Til they become so vilains,
That the fals emperour Leo
With Constantin his sone also

The patrimonie and the richesse,
Which to Silvester in pure almesse
The firste Constantinus lefte,
Fro holy chirche they berefte.


But Adrian, which pope was
And sigh the mischef of this cas,
Goth into Fraunce for to pleine
And praieth the great Charlemaine
For Cristes fake and soule hele,
That he wol take the quarele
Of holy chirche in his defence.
And Charles for the reverence
Of god the cause hath undertake
And with his host the waie take
Over the mountes of Lumbardie.
Of Rome and al the tirannie
With blody swerd.he overcome
And the citee with strengthe nome
In suche a wise and there he wroughte,
That holy chirche ayein he broughte
Into fraunchise and doth restore
The popes luste and yaf him more,
And thus whan he his god hath served,
He toke as he hath well deserved
The diademe and was coroned
Of Rome, and thus was abandoned
Thempire, whiche came never ayeine
Into the hande of no Romaine.
But a long time it stode so stille
Under the Frensshe kinges wille,
Til that fortune her whele so lad,
That afterward Lumbardes it had
Nought by the swerd, but by suffraunce
Of him, that tho was king of Fraunce

Whiche Karle Calvus cleped was,
And he resigneth in this cas
Thempire of Rome unto Lowis
His cousin, which a Lumbarde is,
And so it laste into the yere

Of Alberte and of Berenger. De seculo novissimis But than upon dissension jam temporibus ad fimilitudinem pedum They felle and in division in discordiam lapso et Among hem self that were grete, diviso, quod poit deceffum ipfius Caroli, So that they lofte the beyete cum imperium Romanorum in manus Of worship and of worldes pees. Longobardorum pervenerat, tempore Al- But in proverbe netheles berti et Berengarii incepit. Namob Men fain: ful selden is that welthe eorum divisionem contingit,ut Alemani Can suffre his owne estate in helthe, imperatoriam adepti A sini majestatem, in AI

And that was in the Lumbardes sene, cuius folium quen- Suche comun strife was hem betwene dam principem Theutonicum Othonem Through covetise and through envie, nomine sublimari primitus conftituerunt. That every man drough his partie, Et ab illo regno incipiente divifio per uni- Which mighte leden any route versum orbem in porteros concrevit, unde Withinne bourgh and eke withoute. nos ad alterutrum di- The comun right hath no felawe, visi huius seculi confummacionem ultimi So that the governaunce of lawe jam expectamus.

Was lost and for necessite
Of that they stode in suche degre
Al only through division
Hem nedeth in conclusion
Of straunge londes helpe beside,
And thus for they hem self divide
And stonden out of reule uneven,
Of Alemaine princes seven

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