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1801. Print as House document, letters of Vice Adm. Hyman G. Rickover relating

to Americans in whose honor U.S. Navy Polaris nuclear submarines

were named.

1802. Print as House document, publication, Present-day Ku Klux Klan


1803. Print as House document, American's Creed.

1804. Print proceedings of Committee on Agriculture incident to portrait of

W. R. Poage.

1805. Print report, Civilian advisory panel on military manpower procurement.
1806. Print as House document, eulogy on former Speaker Joseph W. Martin, jr.
1807. Print as House document, committee proceedings honoring 40th year in

Congress of Wright Patman.

1808. Print additional copies, Conduct of espionage within United States by

agents of foreign Communist governments.

1809. Print additional copies, House report 1351, 90th Congress.

1810. Print as House document, dedication ceremony of portrait of L. Mendel


1811. Print additional hearings on amendments to Federal firearms act.

1812. Print additional copies, parts 1 and 2, Senate hearings on Status and

future of small business.

1813. Lands in Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Morris County, N.J.,

as wilderness.

1814. Extend interest rate controls.

1815. Duty on parts of stethoscopes.

1816. Amend sec. 101 (a) (27) (D) of Immigration and nationality act.

1817. Free entry of cellulosic plastic materials.

1818. International Union for Publication of Customs and Tariffs.

1819. Rivers and harbors flood control act of 1968.

1820. Disposition of executive pa pers by Government agencies.

1822. Postal assaults and personnel ceiling.

1823. National Guard technician act of 1968.

1824. Construction safety.

1825. Eliminate customs duties on horses temporarily exported for racing.

1826. Extra-long-staple cotton, Dierks Forests.

1827. U.S. Grain standards act.

1828. Dairy indemnity payments.

1829. District of Columbia revenue act of 1968.

1830. Appropriations for Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce, the

Judiciary, and related agencies, fiscal 1969.

1831. Tariff classification of sugars, sirups and molasses.

1832. Appointments to be made without regard to employee ceilings.

1833. Department of Transportation appropriations, 1969.

1835. Health care cost-sharing arrangements for surviving dependents.

1837. Authorizations for sea grant colleges and programs.

1838. Designate Mount Jefferson Wilderness, Willamette, Deschutes, and Mount

Hood National Forests, in Oregon.



1839. Poultry inspection.

1810. T.V.A., trial by jury in cases involving condemnation of real property.

1841. District of Columbia appropriations, 1969.

18 13. Tas provisions relating to distilled spirits.

1811. Treatment of nonresident aliens under Railroad retirement tax act.

1815. Intergovernmental cooperation act of 1968.

1846. Seasonality in construction industry.

1817. Release of condition in conveyance to State of Ohio.

1818. Release of condition in conveyance to South Carolina State Commission of


1852. Rehabilitation of Eklutna project, Alaska.

1853. Amend Water resources planning act.

1854. Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Utah and Wyo.

1855. Amend act to provide for rehabilitation of Guam.

1856. Authorize funds for Padre Island National Seashore, Tex.

1857. Authorize study and desirability of establishing Upper Mississipi Valley

National Recreation Area.

1858. Administration of national park system. 2 pts.
1859. Render assertion of land claims by U.S. based upon accretion, subject to

legal defense, etc.

1860. Acquisition and disposal of lands at Chickamauga and Chattanooga

National Military Park, Ga.

1861. Authorize construction, operation, etc., Central Arizona project, Ariz.-

N. Mex.

1862. Comprehensive review of National water resource problems and programs.

1863. Waiver claims for overpayment of pay.

1864. Pay for overtime, etc., by employees in air traffic control and aviation


1865. Allowances for Army Corps of Engineer civilian employees in floating plant


1866. Disposition of sundry papers by Government agencies.

1867. Welfare and pension plan protection act of 1968.

1868. Allowance for employees assigned to remote worksites,
1869. Authorize appropriations for military procurement, etc., fiscal 1969, and

reserve strength.

1870. Establish North Cascades National Park, Ross Lake National Recreation

Area, designate Pa sayten Wilderness, modify Glacier Park Wilderness,

in Wash.

1871. Authorize purchase, sale, etc., of land by Swinomish Indian Tribal


1872. Funds in favor of Confederated Tribes of Colville Reservation.

1873. Amend act of Sept. 21, 1959, reservation of Agua Caliente Band of Mission


1874. Amend act of Aug. 9, 1955, authorize longer term leases of Indian lands on

pueblos, in N. Mex.

1875. Funds in favor of Muckleshoot Tribe, Indian Claims Commission docket 98.

1876. Funds in favor of Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Tribes, Okla.

1877. Funds in favor of Seminole Tribes of Okla. in dockets 150, 248 of Indian

Claims Commission.

1878. Authorize Secretary of Interior to exchange lands in Shasta County, Calif.
1879. Convey to Kenai, Alaska, all interests of U.S. in land located therein.
1880. Extend time for filing applications for selection of lands by Alaska.
1881. Funds in favor of Chickasaw Nation, Okla.
1882. Funds in favor of Southern Paiute Indians.

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