Statutes of the State of Nevada Passed at the ... Session of the Legislature

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J. Church, state printer, 1881 - Law

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Page 35 - ... for as many persons as there are directors or managers to be elected, or to cumulate said shares, and give one candidate as many votes as the number of directors, multiplied by the number of his shares of stock, shall equal, or to distribute them on the same principle among as many candidates as he shall think fit; and such directors or managers shall not be elected in any other manner.
Page 24 - ... not the legitimate product of the dairy, and not made exclusively of milk or cream, but into which the oil or fat of animals not produced from milk enters as a component part, or into which melted butter, or any oil thereof has been introduced to take the place of cream, shall distinctly and durably stamp, brand, or mark upon the top and also upon the side of every such tub, firkin, box, or package of such article or substance, the word "Oleomargarine...
Page 30 - The following persons cannot be witnesses: 1. Those who are of unsound mind at the time of their production for examination. 2. Children under 10 years of age, who appear incapable of receiving just impressions of the facts respecting which they are examined, or of relating them truly.
Page 41 - ... shall be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars or more than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail of not less than ten days nor more than sixty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court.
Page 41 - In case there shall be no choice, by reason of any two or more persons having an equal and the highest number of votes for either of such offices, the governor shall by proclamation order a new election to fill said office.
Page 49 - ... and every contractor, sub-contractor, architect, builder, or other person having charge of any mining, or of the construction, alteration, addition to, or repair, either in whole or in part of any building or other improvement as aforesaid, shall be held to be the agent of the owner, for the purposes of this chapter.
Page 49 - ... has a lien upon the same for the work or labor done or materials furnished by each, respectively, whether done or furnished at the instance of the owner of the building or other improvement, or his agent...
Page 163 - The proceeds of all lands that have been or may hereafter be granted by the United States to the state for the support of a university, shall be and remain a perpetual fund, to be called the
Page 29 - All persons, without exception, otherwise than is specified in the next two sections, who, having organs of sense, can perceive, and, perceiving, can make known their perceptions to others, may be witnesses. Therefore, neither parties nor other persons who have an interest in the event of an action or proceeding are excluded; nor those who have been convicted of crime; nor persons on account of their opinions on matters of religious belief; although, in...
Page 30 - A husband cannot be examined for or against his wife, without her consent, nor a wife for or against her husband, without his consent; nor can either, during the marriage or afterwards, be, without the consent of the other, examined as to any communication made by one to the other during the marriage; but this exception does not apply to a civil action or proceeding by one against the other...

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