Concise Guide to Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation

Front Cover
David B. Audretsch, Christopher S. Hayter, Albert N. Link
Edward Elgar Publishing, Feb 26, 2016 - Entrepreneurship - 288 pages
Entrepreneurship these days is evident, even showcased, in so many places that it is harder for anyone interested in the field to really know about all of its many facets. That diversity is what makes the Concise Guide so essential. The Guide's ability to provide an expert's take in just a couple of pages on key topics in entrepreneurship is a boon to anyone interested in entrepreneurship. This is not a volume for your bookcase. You will want it at-hand as your explore the world of entrepreneurship.'
- Jerome Katz, Saint Louis University, US

The Concise Guide to Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation brings together internationally recognized scholars to summarize the state of knowledge about fundamental topics in entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.

Written by the top international scholars in their field, this book has an encyclopaedic range; from academic entrepreneurship to valuing an entrepreneurial enterprise. Each chapter provides an informed overview of the topic and references in each chapter guide the reader to the more advanced literature.

This landmark book will be the first port of call for any student or scholar seeking a brief introduction to each of the fundamental topics in entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.

Contributors D.B. Audretsch, C. Boardman, B. Bozeman, S.R. Bradley, A. Burke, U. Cantner, M. Casson, S. Cazzago, J.A. Cunningham, P. Davidsson, A. De Massis, M. Deloof, D. Dunlap, W. Geoghegan, V. Ghosal, J. Hanssens, C.S. Hayter, M. Herzig, A. Kao, M. Kenney, D.F. Kuratko, H. Landström, E.E. Lehmann, D.P. Leyden, X. Liu, A.N. Link, S. Manigart, G.D. Markman, H. Meier, M.H. Morris, A.J. Nelson, C. O'Kane, D. Organ, S. Parker, G.T. Payne, M. Perkmann, L.S. Peters, P.H. Phan, E.A. Prasetio, J.H. Rooksby, G.E. Shockley, T. Standaert, A. Talrico, R. Thurik, T. Vanacker, S. Vismara, N.S. Vonortas, J. West, P. Westhead, K. Wirsching, M. Wright

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