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to give twenty

the time of or ganizing the

President, twelve

managers, treasurer and

Authorized to
make by-laws,
&c. under cer-
täin limitations.

and estates, real and personal, as shall be necessary to them in the prosecution of their works, and of suing and being sued, and of doing all and every matter and thing which a corporation

or body politic may lawfully do. Commissioners SECT. III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid,

That the commissioners aforesaid as soon as conveniently may days notice of

be after said letters patent shall be obtained, shall give notice in coinpany. three of the public newspapers, one in the town of Hanover, one

in the borough of York, and one in Gettysburgh, of a time and place by them to be appointed, not less than twenty days from the publication of the first notice, at which time and place the said subscribers shall proceed to organize the said corporation, and shall choose by a majority of votes of the said subscribers by ballot to be delivered in person or by proxy duly authorized, one

president and twelve managers, one treasurer and such other other officers to officers as they shall think necessary to conduct the business of

the said company for one year; and until such other officers shall be chosen, and shall and may make such by-laws, rules, orders and regulations not inconsistent with the constitution and

laws of the United States, and this State as shall be necessary Similar powers for the well ordering the affairs of the said company, and geneand privileges, rally have like powers, authorities and privileges necessary for to those prescrib- carrying on and completing the said turnpike road, and be subhanna and York ject to all the duties, qualifications, restrictions, penalties, fines

and forfeitures, and be entitled to like tolls and profits in proportion to the distance, as are given and granted to the presi

dent, managers and company of the Susquehanna and York boPloviso. rough turnpike road; Provided, That if the company shall not

proceed to carry on the said work in three years after the passing of this act, or shall not within seven years afterwards complete the said road according to the true intent and meaning of this act, then, in either of these cases, all and singular the rights, liberties and franchises hereby granted to the said company, shall revert to this commonwealth.


of the House of Representatives.

P. C. LANE, Speaker of the Senate. APPROVED-the sixth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and eleven,


pike road.


in Butler county.

Six trustees tube

An ACT establishing an Academy in the town of Butler, in

Butler county, and granting a sum of money ibereto.

Sect. I. BE it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That Academy erettet there shall be and hereby is established in the town of Butler, in Butler county, an academy or public school for the education of youth in the English and other languages, in the useful arts, sciences and literature, by the name, style and title of the style of the insti“ Butler Academy,” under the care, direction and government tution. of six trustees, viz. Jacob Mechling, Samuel Williamson, John M“Queston, John Gilmore, Walter Lowrie, and Robert Graham, appointed.

Their name's. junior, which said trustees and their successors, to be elected as herein mentioned, shall be and hereby are declared to be one body politic and corporate, in deed and in law, by the name, style and title of the “Trustees of the Butler Academy," and by the same name shall have perpetual succession, and shall be able to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in all courts of record and elsewhere, and shall be competent and capable in law

Powers, priyi. fe, and equity to take and to hold to them and their successors for leges, &e. _13 the use of said academy, lands, tenements, hereditaments, goods 276 and chattels of whatsoever kind, nature or quality, real, perIC! sonal or mixed, by gift, grant, bargain, sale, conveyancé, as

surance, will, devise or bequest, from any person or persons

whomsoever, capable of making the same, and the same from 108 time to time to grant, bargain, sell, demise, alien or dispose of n for the use of said academy, and to erect such buildings as may

be necessary, and generally to do all and singular the matters his and things which shall be lawful for them to do for the well be

ing of the said academy, and the due management and order5 ing the affairs thereof; Provided always, That the yearly value

Proviso. or income of the estates or money shall not exceed four thousand dollars.

Sect. II. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, Trustees to be That the number of trustees shall be six as aforesaid, and shall six; term of ofbe so changed as that none of them shall continue in office for a longer time than three years without being re-elected by the people of the said county, and for that purpose it shall be the duty of the said trustees at their first meeting, when not less than four of them shall be present, which members shall be a Four to constižute board or quorum to do business; and they are hereby authorized a quorum. and required to cast lots for ascertaining the members to be Rotation in the changed each year until the whole number shall be changed; office of trustees. and in order annually to supply the vacancy as the same may take place, the citizens of the county of Butler on the second Two trustees 18 Tuesday of October, one thousand eight hundred and twelve, allys

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Time of the first

trustees and

Treasurer to be

ed to the institution.

and annually thereafter, at the same places and in the same manner and under the same laws, rules and regulations as members of the state legislature shall be chosen, shall elect two trus

tees to supply the place of the trustees going out of office; ProFroviso for filling

vided always, That in case the places of any of the trustees shall become vacant by death or resignation, or otherwise, the remaining trustees shail appoint a person or persons to fill such vacancy or vacancies until the next general election when the class in which vacancy or vacancies may happen, are to be chosen.

Sect. 111. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, meeting of the

That the first meeting of the said trustees shall be at Butler where.

town on the third Tuesday of May next.

Sect. iv. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, appointed auties. That the trustees shall appoint a treasurer annually, whc shall To give bond, receive and hold all monies belonging to the institution, and pay

the same on orders signed by the board, he shall keep fair accounts thereof, to be open at all times to the inspection of the trustees, and before he enters upon the duties of his office shall give bond in any sum, at their discretion, with two or more sufficient sureties conditioned for the performance of duties en

joined, and the repayments of monies received by him. 2000 dollars grant Sect. V. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid,

That the sum of two thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby

granted out of any unappropriated money in the treasury of this pow to be appli- commonwealth to be paid to the treasurer of the institution,

by the state treasurer on the order of the said trustees or any four of them herein before mentioned, to be applied under their direction, one thousand dollars thereof in the erection of a building or buildings, suitable for the accommodation of the institution, on the lots for that purpose laid out by the trustees of said county, and the purchasing of books, mathematical instruments, and the necessary philosophical apparatus, and the remaining thousand dollars shall be placed in some productive fund or funds, and the income thereof shall be forever applied in aid of other revenues to compensate a teacher or teachers in said academy; and there shall be admitted into said academy, in consequence of the aforesaid appropriation, any number of poor

children of said county that may at any time be offered in order Five poor chil

to be provided with books and stationary, and taught gratis, dienisto be taught provided the number so admitted and taught shall at no time be gratis.

greater than five, and that none of the said children so admitted shall continue in said academy to be taught gratis, should others

apply, longer than two years. Trustees to exhi. Sect. VI. And be, it further enacted by the authority aforesaid,

That the said trustees and their successors, under the penalty county auditors under the penalty

of forty dollars each, to be recovered for the use of said corpoet 40 dollars, ration as debts to that amount are by law recoverable, shall an

hit their books annually to the

nually exhibit all their books, accounts and vouchers of every kind, to the auditors of the said county of Butler, to be settled and adjusted in the same manner as the accounts of the county commissioners are or shall be by law directed to be settled, adjusted and published, on every third year at the expense of the county aforesaid.


of the House of Representatives.

P. C. LANE, Speaker of the Senate. APPROVED- the sixth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and eleven.


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Its boundaries,

*An ACT altering and amending An act to erect Lewistown,

in the county of Miffling into a borough.' Sect. 1. BE it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enucted by the authority of the same, That Lewistown, The erection of in the county of Mimin, shall still continue and forever remain a isewn into a borough, which shall be called the “Borough of Lewistown,” the borough perpetuextent and bounds of which shall be the same as in the original law, to wit: Beginning at a post on the bank of the river Juniata, thence north, thirty-eight degrees west, forty-one perches to a post; thence north, fifty-two degrees east, one hundred and sixty-one perches to a post; thence south thirty-eight degrees east, one hundred and forty-three perches to a post, on the south side of Kishacoquillas creek; thence down said creek south, eighty-five degrees west, seventeen perches to a post; thence north, sixty-eight degrees west, fifty perches; thence south, sixty-two degrees west, twenty-two perches; thence south, forty degrees west, forty-six perches to the mouth of the said creek; thence up the said river north, seventy-eight degrees west, forty-five perches, and thence west, thirty-two perches to the place of beginning.

Sect. II. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, Qualifications of That it shall and may be lawful for the citizens of said borough, gessess, &o. entitled to vote for members of the general assembly, having Times for hold. resided therein at least six months immediately preceding the ing elections, and election, on the Friday next preceding the third Saturday of March next, and on the same day in every year hereafter to meet at the court-house in said borough, and then and there. between the hours of one, and six in the afternoon, elect by What officers to ballot, one reputable citizen, who shall be styled the chief be elected.


Who shall be eiegüle

Officers to conduct the elections

Oath or affirma


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Mode of deter

ence, &c.

Certificates of election to be de

burgess,” one other reputable citizen who shall be styled the “ assistant burgess," and five reputable citizens to be a town council, all of whom shall be residents of said borough, and shall have resided therein at 'least one year next before their election. And shall also at the same time and place elect as aforesaid one reputable citizen as high constable; but previously to the opening of said election, such of the inhabitants as are then present shall elect two reputable citizens to preside as judges, one as inspector, and one as clerk of the said election,

which shall be regulated and conducted so far as relates to to be appointed. receiving and counting votes according to the general elec

tion law of this commonwealth, and who shall be subject to the same penalties for malpractices as by the said law is imposed,

and the said judges, inspector and clerk, before they enter upon tion to be admin. the duty of their respective offices, shall take an oath or affir.

mation before any justice of the peace of said county, to perform the same with fidelity, and after said election shall be closed shall declare the persons having the greatest number of

votes to be duly elected, and in case that two or more candidates mining who shall should have an equal number of votes, the preference shall be have the prefer- determined by lot, to be drawn by the judges in the presence of

the inspector and clerk, whereupon duplicate certificates of said

election shall be signed by the judges, one of which shall be delivered, &c. livered to the clerk of the court of quarter sessions of the said

county, to be filed in his office, and the other shall be filed with the papers belonging to the corporation; and it shall be the du

ty of the high constable of the preceding year to give notice in en to the persons writing to each of the persons so elected as aforesaid ; and in

case of the death, resignation, removal or refusal to accept of Modle of supplying vacancies. any of the said offices, the chief burgess or in case of his absence

or inability to act, the assistant burgess shall issue his precept directed to the high constable, to hold an election in manner aforesaid, to supply such vacancy, giving at least six days notice of such election, by at least six advertisements set up in the most public places in said borough.

Secr. III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, be body politic, That the burgesses and town council duly elected as aforesaid,

and their successors forever hereafter, shall be one body politic and corporate in law, by the name of, -- The Burgesses and Town Council of the borough of Lewistown in the county of Mifflin," and shall have perpetual succession ; and the said burgesses and

town council aforesaid, and their successors forever hereafPowers and privileges.

ter, shall be capable in law to have, get, receive, hold and possess lands, tenements, rents, liberties, jurisdictions, franchises and hereditaments, to them and their successors in fee-simple, or otherwise; also goods, chattels and other things of what nature or kind soever, not exceeding the yearly value of three thousand dollars, and also to give, grant, let, sell and assign the


Burgesses and town council to



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