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G. P. W. Collection.


Jammed Americana.


The Mammee Apple, which grows well in Hawaii, is a native of the West Indies, and is a fruit much esteemed in tropical countries. In Jamaica it thrives well, up to an elevation of 3000 feet. The tree attains a height of from 30 to 40 feet, and the wood, which is beautifully grained, is durable and well adapted to building purposes. Its leaves are rigid and leathery. The round seeds, varying in number from 1 to 4, germinate freely, and the young plants are easily raised. The fruit is from 3 to 6 inches in diameter, is brown or russet color, and has a yellow pulp, which is sweet and aromatic. The outer rind, as well as the pulp immediately surrounding the seeds, is very bitter. The fruit may be eaten raw, and is very delicious when preserved.

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G. P. II, Collection.

Plate XXIX

Tamarindus indica.


The name is derived from Tamar, Arabic for Date, and Indus, Indian ; thus literally meaning Indian Date. It is a native of the Indies, Egypt and Arabia. The tree is never leafless, and the foliage is graceful, pinnated and acacia 1 ke. It bears one crop a year, the season varying somewhat according to the location and elevation. It yields a handsome, hard and close-grained furniture wood, which is yellowish-white, with occasional red streaks in it; the heart-wood is dark brownish-purple. The pods are thick, linear, dark brown in color, and from 3 to 6 inches long. The seeds vary in number. The pulp surrounding the seeds has a pleasant acid flavor, and when made into syrup, forms the basis of a delicious, cooling beverage. This pulp is called the fruit, while the pod is spoken of as the shell. The Tamarind is propagated from both seeds and cuttings, and is undoubtedly one of the noblest of our tropical trees.

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