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G. P. W. Collection,

Plate XXIII Chrysoplyllum Cainito (white variety).


This tree, which bears its fruit in from four to five years, has about the same characteristics as that of the preceding variety. The fruit is somewhat larger, and is not quite so sweet. In color it is pale green, shaded with purple.

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G. P. I. Collection.

Plate XXIV

Chrysophyllum monopprenum.

This small tree, which is indigenous to the West Indies, is also a native of Southern Florida, and is to be found as an ornamental plant in many localities of tropical America. In Jamaica it is called the “Damson Plum." Its samll, single, white flowers are highly perfumed. The fruit, which matures from August until December, is small, ovoid-oblong, and when ripe is purplishblack; when bruised it emits a white, sticky juice. It contains one large seed. Specimens of this tree are to be found growing in the grounds of the Queen's Hospital and at the Government Nursery, Honolulu.

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