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PLATE XVII.- Java Plum.

G. P. W. Collection.


Averrhoa Carambola.

This tree, which is said to have been named after Averrhoes, an Arabian physician, is a native of Insular India, and is much cultivated in India and China. It is evergreen, with dense foliage, and grows to a height of from 15 to 20 feet. It is easily propagated from seeds, and fruits in about three years. In Hawaii it bears one crop annually, the flowers appearing in July and the fruit in November and December. The leaves are alternate, oddpinnate. The flowers, which are borne in clusters on the naked stems and branches, are minute, fragrant, and in color shading from a pale pink to a deep purplish-red. The fruit, varying in size from a hen's egg to an orange, is ovate, and has five acutelyangled longitudinal ribs. The fragrant, light-yellow skin is very thin, and the pulp is watery; it contains a number of flat, brown seeds. This fruit is of two varieties: the sweet, which may be eaten raw, and the acid which is delicious when preserved. A very appetizing pickle may be made from the half-ripe fruit of the acid variety

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G. P. F. Collection.


Achras Sapota.


This tree, which grows on almost all of the Islands of the Hawaiian group, is a fine evergreen, growing to a height of from 10 to 20 feet, and producing a fruit which is much prized in warm countries. The bark possesses tonic properties, and from the juice chewing-gum is made. Its foliage is dense, and the shiny leaves are thick, lance-oblong, entire, and clustered at the ends of the branches. The flowers, which are small, whitish, an:1 perfect, are borne on the rusty pubescent growths of the season. The fruit, of which there are two varieties, the round and the oblong, is about the size of a hen's egg. It has a rough skin, the color of a russet apple, feneath which is a firm, somewhat stringy, sweet pulp, having the flavor of an apricot. This pulp is divided into 10 to 12 compartments, and contains from 4 to 6 large, flat, smooth, black seeds.

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