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Plate CXVII.-Bumelia sp.

(i. P. W. Collection.


Ochrosia elliptica.

This plant grows in the Pacific Islands, Malay Peninsula, Ceylon, and Australia; and on account of its handsome scarlet fruit is cultivated as an ornament, as the fruit is not edible. The tree is a small evergreen, having alternate, glabrous, coriaceous leaves which are crowded at the ends of the stout branches. The small, white flowers have five petals. The fruit consists usually of two, rarely one, spreading scarlet drupes, each containing a large seed. The first specimen of its kind in Hawaii was planted at the Government Nursery, Honolulu, where is is still growing:

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This variety of the pineapple plant was grown at an early date in these Islands, and until the new and spineless forms were introduced was the only quality offered in the fruit markets. It is now cultivated but little, and is often found growing wild. The rosette at the head of the fleshy fruit has numerous thorny leaves. The fruit is much smaller than those of the thornless varieties, but it has a very sweet flavor.

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