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G. P. I. Collection.


Diospyros decandra.


This is an evergreen tree rarely found in Hawaii. It has alternate, irregular, long, narrow leaves, shiny dark-green on the upper side, a velvety light-green on the underside, and has a long petiole. The branches are brittle, light-green, smooth and shiny when young, and after the leaves shed become woody and inclined to dry back.

The trunk and bark of the tree is covered with warty excresences. The solitary flowers are four-petaled. The edible fruit ripens in December, is round, depressed, about 24/2 inches in diameter, in color light-green dotted with numerous white spots. When quite ripe the thin skin turns to a shiny-brown. The soft chocolate colored pulp is sweet and contains from 1 to 8 large flat seeds.

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G. P. W. Collection.


Lucuma Rivicoa.


This small evergreen tree, which is a native of Brazil, is found only in one or two gardens in Honolulu. Its leaves are ellipticobovate, resembling those of the mango. The yellow flowers are single, the fruit is the size and shape of a hen's egg, and has the flavor of the yolk of an egg sweetened with sugar. It has from one to three large seeds, which are easily germinated.

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