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PLATE LVII.Psidium Guayava pomiferum (common guava).

(. P. . Collection.


Psidium Guayutu.

(Sweet red.)

This guava has the same general characteristics as the preceeding variety. It is more frequently found in valleys and gulches than in the open. Its red pulp is firm and sweet.

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G. P. T. Collection.

Plate LIX

Psidium Guayava.
(White lemon guava.)

The lemon guava tree grows taller and somewhat more erect than the others. The pear-shaped fruit is large, often 3 inches in length. It has a rough, greenish-white skin, and the white pulp is sweet. This is a cultivated variety, and is found growing in a few gardens in these Islands.


PLATE LIX.-Psidium Guayava (white lemon guava).

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