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GOV. EX. 114.

Socialist Party-National Office
803 West Madison Street, Chicago, Ill.

Telephone Haymarket 5660


Date June 29, 1917 To Arbieter Zeitung

Chicago, Ill. No. 5280

Terms Please put above Order Number

on our Invoice. Please deliver and charge to our account the following: 25M May Leaflets


Executive Secretary. Please notify us if above cannot be filled as ordered, attention of MR

Order number must appear on bill. 706

GOV. EX. 115.

Socialist Party

National Office
Executive Secretary Adolph Germer
803 West Madison Street

Chicago, Ill. July 20, 1917. Mr. Theo H. Lunde, 811 Rees St.,

Chicago, Ill. Dear Mr. Lunde :

I thank you for your letter of to-day enclosing clippings. They are very valuable material and I shall make good use of them. · Thank you for your prompt reply to my request.

Yours truly,


Literature Director 707

July 19. 1917
Mr. Irwin St. John Tucker,
Mid City Bank Building,

South-West ('orner Madison & Halsted Streets, Chicago.
Dear Mr. Tucker:

Enclosed clipping from the Saturday Evening Post entitled : “Copperheads" was just handed me, and I pass it on, to do with as you please.

The parallel is fundamentally faulty, as we, at least, carry the rattle.

The chief concern of the writer is, apparently the disorganization and paralysis of a nation's military power ; a condition which by me is apt to be viewed with the greatest complacency. The ability to fight usually asserts itself with the necessity for fighting. We have, for the last three years, had a standing provocation to assert ourselves, but as we neglected our opportunity it may now be considered forfeited.

Sincerely yours, THL: MR

P. S. I enclose herewith clipping from the New York Evening Mail, of February 26th, as per our conversation and as I may encounter further terial along the same lines, I will forward it to you. 708 JENNIE READ, called as a witness on behalf of the Government, testified as follows:

Direct Examination by Mr. Fleming. I am married, a resident of Melrose Park, Illinois, and was employed by the National Office of the Socialist Party from January 1917, to October, 1917. I is employed by Mr. Germer; my duties were that of making out orders, ening the mail and attending to the inventory. Orders were made out when e mail was received in the morning. We would take the order and make plicate copies, the cash orders on pink, blue and green sheets and the charge lers on yellow, brown and white sheets. The orders received were for literare, some of the orders called for pamphlets entitled “The Price We Pay' d “Why We Fight” To the cash orders we filed the pink sheet and turned e green and blue sheets over to the shipping clerk who filled the order, ecked and stamped it, and then he would return those slips to me, the blue eet would be sent to the consignee stamped Paid, the green sheet would be d. The system in charge accounts we used brown and yellow sheets which re turned over to the shipping clerk. They were sent to the shipping room d when shipments were made the slips were returned to me. (Whereupon the witness was referred to what purported to be Invoice No. 31 found in Book entitled ('ampaign Department, Accounts Receivable, bear5 date July 31, 1917; identified by the witness as prepared by herself the voice called for delivery of 500 copies of “ The Price We Pay ".) They were delivered to Mr. Schiller according to the charge ticket). Mr. Fleming: Q What was the practice when the sales were made to the unty Office of the Socialist Party? (Objection by counsel for defendants; objection overruled; exception). The Witness: A. Some one from the County Office would come up and get e literature. (Continuing) A memorandum was turned over to me. This puld be placed in a desk drawer and charge would be made out at the end

of the month. 9 The memorandum shows these copies were delivered to Mr. Schiller.

After the charge ticket was made out the memoranda left by the reprentative that came up from the County Office would be destroyed. (Witness was referred to what purported to be Order No. 8080, bearing date ily 31, 1917, Invoice to American Socialist, Chicago Edition, 803 West Madison reet, 1000 copies “Why You Should Fight”. Witness identified document is ving been prepared by her and testified :) Copies were delivered to Mr. Schiller according to the charge ticket. (Thereupon witness was referred to Invoice No. 8048 dated July 25, 1917, entified by her as having been made by her, showing the sale for 3000 war ograms under date of July 25, to E. Weurthrick, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, arge $4.50. Witness further identified Order 7997, testifying that invoice id sale was made to J. C. Kellogg, Norfolk, Virginia, under date of July 17, 17. for 1000 copies of “The Price We Pay” at $1.50, shipment made by press, on July 18th, 1917. Witness identified Invoice No. 7984 as made by rself under date of July 12, 1917, shipment on July 14, 1917, for 1000 copies

" The Price We Pay" sent to Adolph Hoymeister, St. Louis, Missouri, and rther witness identified Invoice No. 7939, made by herself charged on June

30, 1917 for one combination account book, one war poster, 100 membership cards to the German Socialist Federation. Whereupon witness

identified Invoice No. 7915, bearing date June 29, 1917, testifying: voice was made out by myself on June 29, 1917, for 161 war posters, 8 tape easures. 10 constitutions, 1 Why I am a Socialist, charged to the American wialist Department.) (Whereupon witness identified Order No. 8033 as made by herself for the de of 1000 July Organization leaflets under date July 23, 1917, to Clyde J. "right, Peru, Illinois, 75 cents. The July organization leaflet was “Why You hould Fight ".) Thereupon documents referred to were offered and received in evidence as overnment's Exhibits 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122 and 123, inclusive, and le same are in words and figures as follows, to wit:)

To the admission of said exhibits numbers 116 to 123 both inclusive the defendants jointly and severally entered an objection upon the ground that said exhibits were respectively incompetent, irrelevant, immaterial and incompetent as to each of the defendants. Which objection was overruled by the court and the defendants were each allowed an exception.

[blocks in formation]


GOVT. EX 117
The Socialist Party
National Office

No. 8080

Date 7/31/17 Invoice

American Socialist
Chicago Edition

803 West Madison Str.,
1,000 Why You Should Fight---

(July Organization Leaflets)
Delivered July 10th to Schiller.

EX 118
The Socialist Party
National Office

No. 8048

Date 7/25/17 Invoice Charge E.Wuethrick, 1511 S. Sth Str., Sheboygan, Wisc.

Posted to Sales Summary i Jr

Posted to Ledger

T 3,000 War Program--May Organization Leaflet-4.50 714

EX 119
The Socialist Party
National Office

Date 7/17/17
Charge-free lit.
duplicate order
J. S. Kellogg.
245 Bank Str.,
Norfolk, Va.

Posted to Ledger Date Billed Jul 18, 1917 1000 The Price We Pay

No. 7897

[blocks in formation]


('ross-Eramination by Ir. Stedman. The Clerk at the National Office receives and opens the mail at the presen time. Mrs. Brown received the mail and turned it over to me to be opened when 'I was last employed. The money received for the delivery of literatur (ame to me, in the regular course. Mr. Engdahl is the editor of the America Socialist. From an examination of Order No. 7915 for war posters billed ti the American Socialist it appears the American Socialist used those as purs mium. I don't know anything about the practice of shipping and delivery I made out the invoices before the shipping was made. The shipping Clerk would return the Invoices to me after shipment. I do not know how long : time intervened between the shipment and the time they were returned to me

Redirect Eramination by Mr. Fleming. Mr. Fleming: Q How much time generally intervened between the time the orders were turned over to the shipping department and they were returned to you?

(Whereupon counsel for defendants objected on the grounds that the same calls for a conclusion; objection overruled; exception)

A It varied. I turned them over to the shipping department and received them from the shipping department. Sometimes it would be returned the same day and sometimes several days later. There was no custom about 1 There is nothing with reference to invoice 7915 to indicate the time of delivery Referring to the sales to the American Socialist, the custom was for the clerk in the American Socialist department to turn a memorandum over tu the order clerk; this was placed in a drawer until the end of the month. when the invoice would be made out charging this against the department.

Recr088-Examination by Mr. Stedman.

There would be a number of invoices brought in at the same time and some times they were lost. In cases of sales to Am rican Socialist, I made out the

charges at the close of each month, memoranda were turned in at the 720 time the goods were delivered or taken from stock. Referring to order

No. 7939 for the one war picture received on April 2, 1917, the reason that the invoice follows at so late a date as June 30, 1917, is that there was a batch of those orders that had been received from the translator secretary that had been placed in his desk drawer and lost. In some way or other they had dropped behind the desk and got lost in some way and they were re covered two months later when I made out my charge for them. Said papers were marked for identification Defendants Exhibits 1-2-3-4

Redirect Eramination by Mr. Fleming.

I know of my own knowledge that that is a correct copy of that order (TE ferring to order of April 2, 1917). I have an independent recollection of that particular order. There were other orders lost to the foreign secretary and they were entered up by me on June 30 and I now have reference to the order for the shipment of one war picture, and do not refer to the delivery of 161 of them.

Recross-Examination by Mr. Stedman.

I do not know when the 161 were delivered (meaning the 161 war posters).

MARK SHERIDAN called as a witness on behalf of the Government testified as follows:

Direct Examination by Mr. Clyne.

721 I am assistant meter foreman for the City of Chicago. And have been

thus employed for over nine years. I saw Mr. Kruse, Mr. Engdahl and Mr. Tucker at Wicker Park Hall at a meeting on the night of December 21s. 1917. Wicker Park Hall is on the north side, on North Avenue, half a block west of the crossing of Robey, Milwaukee and North Avenue. There were about 700 present. The ball was crowded, Mr. Engdahl introduced the speakers. Kruse, the defendant, was the first speaker. He said that he was glad to see the I. W. W. so well represented there that evening, and told them

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