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press service, mimeographed in my department during the time of my employment and pasted in there by myself. The practice was that copies were

pasted in the book, one copy was pasted in the book and 10 were giver 371 to the file clerk under my direction. I pasted them in the book myself.

I did not do the mimeographing. I continued this work up to the time of the severance of my relations in August of 1918. I have known Mr. Germer since he was National Secretary. I knew Mr. Germer before he was National Secretary, when he was on the National Executive committee, about five years. I have known Mr. Kruse since he came to be National Secretary of the I. P. S. L. approximately 2 or 3 years. I know Mr. Tucker, and have seen him around the office. I know Mr. Engdahl and Mr. Berger. I have seen Mr. Berger around the office.

The letter on page 9 bearing date February 14, 1917, by William F. Kruse, Scrap Book “A” was mimeographed in my department for William F. Kruse. The practice was in mimeographing for Mr. Kruse, that he either brought or sent over his stencil, together with the number that he required, and if on letter heads he sent the letter heads along, and if it was plain paper we got that from the regular stock. After I had run off the preliminary copy it was shown to Mr. Kruse as general routine and he approved of it and we ran off the

copies that he required. I had nothing to do with the mailing of them. 372 Q How many copies of this letter of February 14, 1919, did you cause

to be run off? A Two hundred. Q Retaining one copy for your files ? A Retaining one copy for the scrap book and ten for the files. Mr. Fleming: Ten for your files. I introduce it as Government's Exhibit 21

Mr. Stedman: In addition to the objections heretofore entered, the additional one that this is remote in period of time from the charge made in this case.

Mr. Fleming: We are offering it, if the court please, simply upon the question of the intent, of the state of mind of the defendant Kruse.

Mr. Stedman: It is noted it is dated February 14, 1917.
The Court: Overruled.
Mr. Stedman : Before the war.

The Court: On the question of the intent, the rule allows, that evidence in, even though it relates

Mr. Stedman: Pardon me, your Honor.

The Court: On the question of intent, the rule allows evidence in of transactions prior to the date of the offense.

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Executive Secretary Walter Lanfersiek

803 West Madison Street.
Y. P. S. L.
Young People's Socialist League

Wm. F. Kruse
National Secretary

Chicago, Ill., Feb. 14, 1917. Dear Comrade Yipsels :

A comrade writes in this morning that we had better not try to hold anything big in the line of work this year, especially not Our National Championship Contest. Why not? On account of the war! Now I do not see why our members of the league should get excited over the war. It is not our war, and will never be our war—the only relation that we can ever have toward it is to fight tooth and nail. No self-respecting Yipsel will enlist in the Army and Navy under any conditions. It is a violation of our fundamental principles to do so.

I do not believe that we ought to slack up in our work on account of the war. We ought, if anything, to increase our speed. Get out an fight against the war.

Hold mass meetings, distribute literature, flood the President and your 374 congressmen and the press with these resolutions. You will find coples

enclosed, this is a suggestion and the effect will probably be better if

uniform resolutions are sent in from all over the country. Get it into the papers if you can, never mind if they roast the daylights out of you for your standthat's good advertising. Every knock is a boost where principle is involved.

Hold mass meetings, as big as you possibly can. Distribute the enclosed leaflet by the thousands, the price if only 75€ per 1000. Don't slack up and don't get excited. This is our opportunity and our test. Fight the war to a finish, even tho the 'finish' may mean your face to a firing squad. It will be better, in the extreme test to die for peace in American than to be slaughtered in the furtherance of war in Europe. Don't slack up on the National Champs, don't lay down on the regular league work. This is our opportunity, stick by your principles no matter what the cost--hew to the line and let your chips fall where they will. Yours is the opportunity and the duty, fulfill it well.

Yours for comradeship,

National Secretary Young Peoples Socialist League.375 "Down with War! Help Save Civilization !

'Whereas, the present monstrous contliet in Europe is ruthlessly destroying lives and property, and causing untold suffering among the masses of the people, and

Whereas, this conflict has been brought on and is now continued mainly for the enrichment of capitalists and the gratification of rulers, and

Whereas, these same forces are now exercising their every power and influence to involve this country in the same inhuman conflict, which said action would cause further grief and suffering to the people of this country and of the world, therefore be it Resolved, that we, members of the

Young Peoples Socialist League in meeting assembler do protest against any such action as would involve this country in the war now raging, or any other, that we vigorously oppose with every means in our power such attempts, and that we hereby renew our pledged of brotherhood and solidarity to the young people of afflicted Europe, and be it further

Resolved, that we call upon the President of the United States to continue this nation at peace with the world in order that peace may not be wasted or cast aside by this, the greatest of neutrals, our nation. (Date) (Sec'y of meeting)

(Name of League)" 376 The Witness: Letter on page 72, Scrap Book A under date of May 4,

1917, was mimeographed for Mr. Germer, National Executive Secretary. The practice in mimeographing letters for Mr. Germer was that a stencil was brought to our room a copy was run off and we generally took the first copy for typographical errors to Mr. Germer to find out how many were to be run off and to whom it was to be sent. The general practice was to present them to Mr. Germer. I nearly always took letters to Mr. Germer to find out how many were to be run off.

One hundred letters on page 74 were run off. This letter was sent out to certain locals in the State of Washington. They were sent out in my departinent under my direction, these bear the signature of Mr. Germer, being signed

by a rubber stamp. 377 (Letter was thereupon tendered in evidence as Government's Ex

hibit 22.) (Same objection by defendants; overruled ; exception.)

(Said letter was thereupon by the Court admitted in evidence, marked Government's Exhibit 22, and the same is in words and figures as follows, to wit :)


• Socialist Party

National Office
Executive Secretary Adolph Germer
803 West Madison Street.

Chicago, Ill., May 4, 1917. Dear Comrade:

These are times that test the metal of those who claim allegiance to the Socialist movement. It is inspiring to see how many of our comrades are showing their true colors. 138525—19-VOL 2



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The Socialist Party has accepted the gauntlet thrown down by Wall Street and the war crazed profit mongers and we are issuing a call to action to every Socialist in the country.

Comrade, you will readily agree with me when I say we are a living force only through thorough organization. We can have thorough organization only when every Socialist will do his part. A live, active organization must be built up through the earnest efforts of its loyal adherents.

This year must be the banner year for Socialism. There is far more reason and a greater need for your active service than ever. We are in imminent danger of having the Prussian military machine transplanted to this country

Not through Kaiser Wilhelm but through Kaisers Morgan, Rockefeller 379 and Schwab.

How do you expect to prevent this if you do not build up a fighting force and capture the political powers now in the hands of and used in the interests of the enemy?

In order to keep the organization live and active it is supremely necessary that you make a report each month to your States Secretary. If you are active and your local is doing things we will pass the word of your good work down the line. It will encourage others.

When you get this letter sit down and write State Secretary, Emil Herman, Box 491, Everett, Wash., a letter and tell him that from now on, you will stay on the job and send him a report by the 10th of every month. Unless you do that you and the other members of the local cannot take part in Party affairs.

Here's hoping, comrade, that you will get the old reliables together and breath new and lasting life into your local movement. Put the community in which you live on the map.

Yours for Organization,


National Erecutive Secretary." (Pencil memorandum on same:) Washington locals."

380 Referring to Letters on page 77 Scrap Book "A," under date of May

24, 1917, 500 copies were mimeographed for Walter B. Dillon at Mr. Germer's direction. I remember they were given to Mr. Germer after thes were mimeographed. I recall that.

(Said letter was then tendered and admitted in evidence as Government Exhibit 23, and the same is in words and figures as follows, to wit:)



* Box J, Las Vegas, N. M., May 24, 17. Dear Sir:

This letter is being sent to every man and woman in the State of New Mexico who is thought to have the best interests of themselves, their families and their country at heart. Please give it your earnest attention. Our future welfare may depend on your action.

We are facing the greatest crisis in the history of our nation. Wall Street, deprived of its right to coin billions out of the death and deprivation of Europe, has forced the United States to go to war to protect its munitions laden ships. You and I were not consulted about it, but they now propose to take us and our boys in forced conscription in order that the bonds of Morsa and his ilk invested in Europe, may be guaranteed by the U. S., through the shedding of our blood.

The cost of food and other necessities has risen until the workers are do longer able to properly feed, clothe and shelter their loved ones. Our entry into this war condemns us to further misery, and in addition they propose to spill the blood of our loved ones in order that they may safely pile up their

blood stained wealth. 382 I am subject to the draft law compelling us to fight for this monstrous

festering, gangrenous and murderous element that often in the past bare slaughtered our fellowmen whenever they dared oppose Greed. I, For one. Positively Refuse to Serve in Any Capacity in This War, or, by and for Wal Street and I call on you as loyal citizens who have the best interests of this country at heart to also refuse to serve a government prostituted to the lione! Barons of Wall Street.

Friends and fellow citizens, the hour of deliverance for the masses of the people is at hand. Every nation in Europe is in the throes of revolt, and it is only a question of a very short time when every crowned head in Europe will be deposed. Our uncrowned Monarchs of Wall Street are no exception to the rule. We were forced into this war to protect the piratical brethren of Allied and Germanic countries alike. They have now sent their ablest henceman, Elihu Root, to Russia to force the Russian Revolutionists to continue the war and pay them for their blood debt. Russian Socialists cannot be bluffed into doing this, But You Can Be Sent to Russia to Collect for Wall Street. Stand hy your fellow workers of Russia, and show Wall Street that red blood still

flows in the hearts of American. We All Love the Old U. S. A, too Well 383 to Have It Damned in the Sight of Humanity by Being Tied to the Tail

of a Bloodthirsty Rabble Who Live on the Bleeding Bodies of Their Fellowmen.

Arouse, ye men of brawn and brain ! Wall Street is spending millions to drive you to the trenches; shall we hesitate to spend a few dollars to defeat their purpose? It takes cash to pay postage, and I am facing jail to serve you. Better jail, however, than becoming a licensed murderer. Join the Socialist Party. It costs but 250 a month. Contribute your mite to get this message to the people. Make all remittances to the undersigned; your name will be kept secret. Act at once! Yours in revolt against tyranny,


State Secretary, Socialist Party." 384 The Witness: Letter on page 170, Scrap Book A, signed by Adolph

Germer, Executive Secretary, bears my notation. They were run off for the Executive Secretary, 300 copies were made, under date of August 1, 1917.

(Said letter was thereupon tendered and received in evidence as Government's Exhibit 24, and the same is in words and figures as follows, to wit:)



"Chicago, Ill. August 1, 1917. To the Editors of all Socialist Papers. Dear Comrade:

As the capitalist papers mold the sentiment of the large reading public, so our papers are the medium of information for our readers. Our people act upon the information given then through our press.

The Socialist Party is on trial. We will either be equal to the needs of the bour or we will not. It all depends on how much interest and enthusiasm we are able to arouse.

You readily realize that the Socialist Party needs the Socialist press, and the Socialist press needs the Socialist Party. Our interests are common. We want to make the Socialist Party stronger so that the press can be made stronger. We want to make the press stronger, so the Party can be made stronger.

The National Organization is the connecting link in the chain of Socialist activities. We cannot function properly so long as we are hampered by financial restrictions. There is an unprecedented opportunity open to us. We want to take ad

vantage of it. You can be of material assistance. 386 As a result of the Presidential Campaign, the St. Louis Convention .

and other expenses incurred in connection with our peace propaganda, we have liabilities to the amount of $20,000 in round numbers.

We owe some of this money to comrades who are in need of ot. We owe some to other creditors who have been patient with us. We want to pay all of these bills and do it soon so we can undertake new work without unnecessary delay.

What I am asking of you, comrade, is to use a little space in the columns of your paper, if not every issue, then at frequent intervals, to emphasize the need of clearing the financial decks of the Socialist Party. To meet our urgent liabilities we issued special 'Party Building and Anti-Military Assessment Stamps,' 250 apiece, and we want to dispose of at least one to every member. If we can do that we can pay all our bills. Some members have already purchased 3 or 4. Surely all others can purchase one.

In order to carry on our fight, for a free press and free speech, we are raising a Liberty Defense Fund.' Each State Organization gets half of all that collected from the respective states. With that fund we will help fight otr

battles. You can issue an urgent call to the members to respond as they 387 never responded before. Will you do it? Make the appeal in your ons

way. Or, if you desire, we will furnish the articles, and we will be reasonable in space.

Please do not lay this aside, but write me at once, assuring me that you will join in a supreme effort to lift the burden of the National Organization and place it in position to meet all challenges from the enemy.

Yours for Victory,


Executive Secretary." 388 The Witness : Letter on page 190 written under Mr. Tucker's direction

dictated to Bessie Oxenhandler, placed in Scrap Book A bears my pendi notation for 50 copies. The practice to mimeograph for Mr. Tucker was that copy was shown him and he told us how many he wanted.

(Said letter was then tendered and received in evidence as Governmenty Exhibit 25, and the same is in words and figures as follows, to wit:)



* Socialist Party

National Office
Executive Secretary Adolph Germer.
803 West Madison Street.

Chicago, M. Dear Comrade :

The bundle of Liberty Edition which you ordered, we could not send becaus that edition was exhausted when your order was received. We have, however forwarded you the same number of copies of the issue of August 4th, which w trust have by this time come to hand. This issue has received many high compliments, and we believe will be found as effective as that of June 30th. Hoping that you have no trouble in getting this, I remain,

Fraternally yours,


(Circulation Department. ) IT/BO."

390 Witness continuing: This letter, Government Exhibit 25, was mimer

graphed some time in August 1917. Some time after the trial at Gran Rapids I had a conversation with Mr. Germer with reference to the sending

a list of subscribers of the American Socialist, and “The Eye Opener 391 to Victor L. Berger at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the direction of Mi

Germer, I ran off a complete mailing list of American Socialist and Es Opener and sent it to Mr. Berger.

Cross-Examination by Mr. Stedman.

I have a personal recollection of what occurred on May 24, 1917, in regar to that Walter B. Dillon letter. Mr. Dillon was not there. The only thing got was the stencil, and that is a copy of the stencil. Some one furnished with a stencil. My recollection is that Walter B. Dillon's office was not ab to take care of that kind of work and he requested our office at that time have the mimeographing done, and the copy sent to him. I was informed run off 500 copies of that letter and deliver them to Mr. Germer. I did not the letter of Mr. Dillon. I do not recall that I ran them off myself. I was charge of that department, however. I remember taking them to Mr. Germer office. I do not know Walter B. Dillon personally.

Direct Examination (Resumed).

I ran off 325 copies of the letter on page 141 Scrap Book A for William

Kruse, which letter bears my memorandum. 392 (Said letter was then tendered and received in evidence as Gover

ment's Exhibit 26, being a letter on page 141, signed William F. Kro National Secretary Young Peoples Socialist League.

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