Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Chancery And, on Appeal, in the Court of Errors and Appeals of the State of New Jersey, Volume 1

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Phillips and Boswell, 1860 - Equity

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Page 88 - Every mortgage, or conveyance intended to operate as a mortgage, of goods and chattels hereafter made, which shall not be accompanied by an immediate delivery, and be followed by an actual and continued change of possession of the things mortgaged, shall be absolutely void as against the creditors of the mortgagor, and as against subsequent purchasers and mortgagees in good faith, unless the mortgage, or a true copy thereof, shall be filed as directed in the succeeding section of this act.
Page 26 - ... debt ; the latter has a right in equity to compel the former to resort to the other fund, in the first instance for satisfaction...
Page 88 - ... if a resident of this state, shall reside at the time of the execution thereof; and if not a resident, then in the city or town where the property so mortgaged shall be at the time of the execution of such instrument.
Page 467 - If we advert to the cases on the subject, we shall find that trusts are enforced, not only against those persons who are rightfully possessed of trust property, as trustees, but also against all persons who come into possession of the property bound by the trust, with notice of the trust.
Page 389 - The courts do not undertake to relieve parties from their acts and deeds fairly done on a full knowledge of facts, though under a mistake of the law. Every man is to be charged, at his peril, with a knowledge of the law. There is no other principle which is safe and practicable in the common intercourse of mankind.
Page 17 - The deed purports to secure a debt of 30,000, due to all the mortgagees. It was really intended to secure different sums, due at the time to particular mortgagees, advances afterwards to be made and liabilities to be incurred to an uncertain amount.
Page 170 - So, if both parties should be ignorant of a matter of law, and should enter into a contract for a particular object, the result whereof would, by law, be different from what they mutually intended; here, on account of the surprise, or immediate result of the mistake of both, there can be no...
Page 283 - It may be natural, as where it is made by the natural flow of the water caused by the general superficies of the surrounding land from which the water is collected into one channel : or it may be artificial, as in case of a ditch or other artificial means used to divert...
Page 435 - Now, therefore, this Indenture witnesseth, that the said party of the first part, in consideration of the premises, and of...
Page 289 - But the acts or omissions must be such as to endanger the trust property or to show a want of honesty, or a want of proper capacity to execute the duties, or a want of reasonable fidelity.

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