London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer..., Volume 36

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C. Ackers, 1767 - English essays

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Page 300 - We stood about eight yards distant, and agreed not to turn round before we fired, but to continue facing each other. Harris gave the word. Both our fires were in very exact time, but neither took effect.
Page 232 - ... time, and commonly in about two years expire, from a total contraction of all the joints of the body. In this horrid...
Page 299 - I would afterwards declare, not before. Soon after he grew a little cooler, and in a soothing tone of voice said, I have never, I believe, offended Mr. Wilkes: why has he attacked me? he must be sorry to see me unhappy.
Page 107 - Parliament 107 1767it was upon motion ordered, that it be an inftruftion to the faid committee, that they do...
Page 298 - ... concerned. I came here at three this afternoon, and about five I was told that Lord Talbot and Colonel Berkeley were in the house. Lord Talbot had been here at one, and was gone again, leaving a message however that he would soon return. I had continued in the room where I was at my first coming, for fear of raising any suspicion.
Page 455 - French manners and characters, though this I believe would require but little study, as there is no great depth in either. It appears, on a superficial...
Page 300 - His lordship paid me the highest encomiums on my courage, and said he would declare everywhere that I was the noblest fellow God had ever made. He then desired that we might now be good friends, and retire to the Inn to drink a bottle of claret together, which we did with great good humour and much laugh.
Page 2 - Chancellor of the Exchequer mowed the Order of the Day, for the Houfe to refolve itfelf into a Committee of the whole Houfe, to confider of Ways and Means for raifing a Supply.
Page 497 - For defraying the charge for allowances, to the feveral officers and private gentlemen, of the two troops of horfe guards, and regiment of horfe reduced, and to the fuperannuated gentlemen of the four troops of horfe guards for 1767 9.
Page 106 - ... An Act for opening and establishing certain Ports in the Islands of Jamaica and Dominica for the more free Importation and Exportation of certain Goods and Merchandizes ; for granting certain Duties to defray the...

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