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Is it practicable, by such a system of signs carried through a Read. ing Book, correctly to indicate the ever-varying modulations of the human voice, as employed in reading properly a piece of animated composition ? And if this could be done, is it desirable ? Would not its tendency be, to make mechanical, rather than intellectual readers ?

The compilers of the following work have believed, that such les sons as will interest the scholar, and be understood by him; - such as, by their varied style, of description, of animated conversation, &c., will call for corresponding inflections and intonations of the voice, are best adapted to promote good reading; that a few simple Rules, of obvious and ready application, as they are more likely to be made available by the teacher, are better than a large number, of more diffi. cult application, and with which neither teachers nor pupils are likely to encumber themselves; - and that lessons of the character referred to, in connection with the correct example, and competent instructions, of the living teacher, will more effectually impart a knowledge of the correct tones, inflections, &c., than any systein, however well devised, of notation by signs and characters, which should be applied to each lesson.

While many of the earlier lessons are written in the familiar style, the compilers have yet sought to give a progressive character to the work; believing that, if properly instructed, the scholar will be prepared to understand, and read correctly, pieces of a more difficult character, as he advances in the book. They have endeavored, likewise, to make selections of a practical character - such as contain the

seeds of thought," and as will induce the learner, not merely to repeat, mechanically, the sentiments of others, but to imbibe correct sentiments of his own; - as will lead him to the exercise of the reflecting powers with which his Maker has endowed him ;-as will expand his mind, improve his heart, and aid in preparing him to act a useful and honorable part in life.

Questions have been added to a few of the pieces, some of them having reference to the sentiments of the lesson, and others to the meaning of words, the inflections, emphasis, &c. These are designed as hints, which each teacher must follow out for himself, rather than as a plan entirely filled up. But few of the pieces are found in any sirnilar collection, and several of them have never before appeared in print. With those that have thus appeared, such liberties have been taken, by a careful revision, and the correction of any impurities of style, or inaccuracies of expression, as seemed necessary to adapt them to the purposes for which they were needed.

The rules for Punctuation are commonly printed in the Spelling Book, and learned there ; but since, as there given, they are usually deficient in clearness, or fulness of explanation, and as it is chiefly in his Reading Lesson that the scholar has occasion to apply them, it has been thought best to insert them here, for the convenience of ready reference.

The compilers have been aided, in their selection of several pieces, by a gentleman whose writings for the young have found great favor with the public, but whose name they are not at liberty to mention.

Springfield, Mass., October, 1840.


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Hints to Teachers,


Rules for Punctuation,.


Rules for Reading,


Common Errors,


1. Select Sentences,


2. Select Sentences,


3. The Fox and the Crow,

.Parley's Every Day Book. 19

4. The Blank Book and the Printed Book,

.. Same. 20

5. The Fox and the Cock,

. Esop Junior. 20

6. The Dog and his Relations,

Dr. Aikin. 21

7. The Ant and the Cricket,

Youth's Friend. 23

8. Affection to Parents rewarded,

..Anonymous. 24

9. The Boy without a Genius,

. Mrs. Barbauld. 25

10. The Old Eagle Tree,

Rev. John Todd. 29

11. True Things and Sham Things, . English Periodical. 31

12. What I hate to see, ...

T. D. James. 32

13. The Lost Camel,

Fireside and Pastimes. 33

14. Economy,

.Juvenile Miscellany. 34

15. Keeping Promises,.

Same. 38

16. The Peaches,..

. Anonymous. 41

17. Honesty the best Policy,

... Anon. 42

18. Important Law Case,

T. D. James. 43

19. The Four Pistareens,

Same. 45

20. The Use of Flowers, ,

Mary Howitt. 48

21. The Pebble and the Acorn,.

Miss H. F. Gould. 49

22. Little Lewis,...

... Rev. J. Todd. 51

23. The Dying Boy,

Boy's Scrap Book. 54

24. Michael Blake and his Pocket Bible,

Same. 56

25. The Crocodile and Alligator,

.Parley's Magazine. 58

26. The Puritan,

The Puritan. 60

27. Knowledge,

. Anon. 64

28. Self-Denial,

. Anon. 65

29. Attention and Industry rewarded,

..Anon. 67

30. One Thing at a Time,

Grandfather Gregory. 69

31. The Lost Nestlings,

Miss H. F. Gould. 72

32. The Blind Boy, ..

.Park Benjamin. 73

33. The Safe Side of the Hedge,

Trenton Emporium. 75

34. A Scheme to make a Fortune,

Cardell. 77

35. Health preferable to Riches,.

Child's Annual.

36. The Power of Conscience,.

Beauties of History. 81

37. The Twins,...

Token. 83

38. The Real Value,.

Trenton Emporium. 86

39. Dangers of Youth,.

..Anon. 87


40. The Three Black Crows,

...... Byrom. O

41. The T'histle Seed,..

... The Violet. 91

42. The Father,

.... Miss H. F. Gould. 92

43. The Day of Life,..

. Mrs. Barbauld. 93

44. The Blind Boy,

.Parley's Every Day Book. 94

45. The Blind Boy, (continued.)

Same. 98

46. Letter-Writing,

.Jacob Abbott. 102

47. Good Advice,

. Same. 107

48. Letter from a Student at College to his Mother,....J. Todd. 110

49. Anecdote of Chief Justice Marshall,

Scrap Book. 113

50. Control your Temper,

Rep. I. Todd. 115

51. Superstition,..

. Family at Home. 117

52. The Idle School-Boy,

.Juvenile Keepsake. 119

53. The Idle School-Boy, (continued.).

Same. 123

54. Hafed's Dream,

..J. Todd. 128

55. Hafed's Dream, (continued.)

Same. 131

56. An Incident in the early History of New England,.. Mirick. 135

57. The Father's Choice,

Mrs. S. J. Hale. 138

58. The Family Meeting,

. Charles Sprague. 140

59. Flower upon the Green Hill Side,

...H. F. Gould. 141

60. Uncle Abel and Little Edward,..... . Mrs. H. Beecher Stowe. 142

61. Uncle Abel and Little Edward, (continued.)

Same. 144

62. Migration of Birds,

T. Flint. 146

63. The Birds in Autumn,.

. Mrs. Sigourney. 150

64. Winter Song,.

.Juvenile Lyre. 152

65. It Snows,

Mrs. S. J. Hale. 153

66. Charles II. and William Penn,

Weems. 154

67. Dialogue on Physiognomy,.

...... Anon. 156

68. Solomon Packwell,.

The Puritan. 158

69. Politeness,

... Red. J. Todd. 162

70. Punctuality,

Dr. Alcott. 165

71. The Miracle,

.A German Parable. 169

72. Selections from the Proverbs of Solomon, ... Bible. 171

73. A Mother's Influence,.

Ladies' Magazine. 172

74. A Mother's Love,..

....Miss Emily Taylor. 176

75. The Mother's Tears,

Rev. J. Todd. 177
76. My Mother's Voice,

Anon. 178

77. Honesty,

Right and Wrong. 179

78. Effects of Universal Falsehood,.

...Dick. 182

79. What is Education,

.Miss Sedgwick. 184

80. Scenes at Sea,.....

. Malcom's Travels. 187

81. The Discontented Pendulum,.

.Jane Taylor. 191

82. The Four Seasons,

..Mrs. Barbauld. 193

83. The Just Judge,

.Juvenile Companion. 195

84. Sunday Morning,

.Jane Taylor. 198

85. Pleasantness of God's Service,

..Bible. 201

86. Purposes of God developed by his Providence, ..... Cowper. 202

87. Curiosity,

Charles Sprague. 203

88. Washing-Day,

.Mrs. Barbauld. 207

89. The Western Emigrant,

. Mrs. Sigourney. 209

90. The Philosopher's Scales,

..Jane Taylor. 211

91. Captain John Smith and Pocahontas, ....... Sparks's Biog. 214

92. Prosperity and Resources of the United States, ... Bancroft. 217



93. Reflections on the Settlement of New England, Webster. 219

94. Advantages of Adversity to our Forefathers,

.E. Everett. 221

95. Early Printing,

..D'Israeli. 224

96. Advantages of Temperance,

Hitchcock. 225

97. The Town Pump,....

Hawthorne. 228

98. Modes of Salutation in different Countries, .D'Israeli. 233

99. The Monied Man,..

..New Monthly Magazine. 235

100. The Prisoner,...

. Anon. 236

101. Why are Springs enthroned so high, Josiah Condor. 238

102. To an Infant,..

.. Rev. J. Todd. 239

103. The Family Bible,

. Anon. 240

104. The Evening Hymn of the Jewess,

Walter Scott. 240

105. Avoid Hasty Opinions,

Dr. Watts. 241

106. The Contrast,

.Periodical. 243

107. Antediluvian Occupations,

Cowper. 249

108. The Murderer,

Webster. 250

109. Try, Try Again,

T. H. Palmer. 253

110. The Spider and the Fly,..

.Mary Howitt. 254

111. The Midnight Mail,

Miss H. F. Gould. 255

112. The Bucket,..

Woodworth. 256

113. Filial Love; or, James, the Errand-Man,....T. H. Palmer. 257

114. The Great Horse Race, .

H. Humphrey, D. D. 261

115. Keeping up Appearances,

The Puritan. 265

116. Every Man his own Fortune-Teller, ..Jane Taylor. 269

Among the Americans, all Honest Callings

are honorable,”—a foreigner's testimony, .De Tocqueville. 273

118. The Steam-Boat Trial,

.N. P. Willis. 275

119. Bulk of the Earth, ..

..Dick. 277

120. Number and Magnitude of the Stars,...

Same. 278

121. Rapid Motions of the Celestial Bodies.

Same. 280

122. Popular Illustration of the Motions of the

Earth and Heavens

. Same. 282

123. Books, as a Means of Self-Culture,. W. E. Channing, D. D. 284

124. The Falls of Niagara,

Lyman Beecher, D. D. 286

125. The Falls of Niagara,

.J. G. C. Brainard. 288

126. The Mail comes in—The Newspaper.

Cowper. 289

127. Italy and Switzerland contrasted,

Goldsmith. 291

128. The Pleasures of Knowledge,

.Brougham. 294

129. Human Knowledge,

..E. Everett. 295

130. Character of Washington,

Sparks. 297

117. "

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