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amount which they shall deem necessary to pay the debts of such district, and for the support of common schools therein for the ensuing year, exclusive of the moneys which they shall be entitled to receive from the Town Superintendent, and including the sums required for the purchase of necessary furniture, apparatus and books, and for contingent expenses;" to publish such estimate in connection with their notice for the annual meeting, and to lay the same before the inhabitants when assembled, who are required to vote upon each item separately. The trustees are then to deliver a certified copy of the vote, specifying the item and the aggregate amount directed to be raised, to the supervisor of the town, who is required to lay the same before the board of supervisors of the county of Kings, at their next meeting thereafter. Such board are required annually upon the receipt of such certificate, to add to the sum of money to be raised in each assessment district of the town of Williamsburgh, for town purposes, the amount so directed to be raised for school purposes. This amount when collected is to be paid over to the trustees or one of them of the respective districts, to be applied to the purposes for which the same was raised.

When any amount is voted in either of the districts, for the purchase of a site, and the erection or repair of a school-house, a certified copy of such resolution is required to be transmitted to the clerk of the board of supervi. sors who is required to lay the same before the board : by whom such amount is to be included in their next annual tax list for said district, and to be collected, paid over and applied in the same manner as above specified.


By chap. 311, Laws of 1844, the sum of $9,600 is appropriated for the first year, and $10,000 annually for five years thereafter, and until otherwise directed by law, for the establishment and support of a “NORMAL SCHOOL for the instruction and practice of teachers of Common Schools in the science of education and in the art of teaching." This institution is required to be located in the county of Albany; and is to be under the supervision, management and direction of the Superintendent of Common Schools and the Regents of the University, who are authorized and required “from time to time to make all needful rules and regulations; to fix the number and compensation of teachers and others to be employed therein ; to prescribe the preliminary examination, and the terms and conditions on which pupils shall be received and instructed therein-the number of pupils from the respective cities and counties, conforming as nearly as may be to the ratio of population to fix the location of the said school, and the terms and conditions on which the grounds and buildings therefor shall be rented, if the same shall not be provided by the corporation of the city of Albany; and to provide in all things for the good government and management of the said school.” They are required to appoint a board, consisting of five persons, including the Superintendent of Common Schools, who are to constitute an executive committee for the care, management and government of the school, under the rules prescribed by the Board of Regents. Such executive committee are to make full and detailed reports from time to time to the Superintendent and Regents, and among other things to recommend such rules and regulations as they may deem proper for said schools.

The Superintendent and Regents are required annually to transmit to the legislature an account of their proceed. ings and expenditures, together with a detailed report from the executive committee, relating to the progress, condition and prospects of the school.

Executive Committee.-Hon. SAMUEL Young, State Superin. tendent, Rev. Alonzo POTTER, D. D., Rev. Wm. H. CAMPBELL, GIDEON HAWLEY and FRANCIS DWIGHT, Esqrs.

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