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Vistory, Science, Literature, the Fine Arts, &c.

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ALI, PACHA OF EGYPT. The close resemblance which the man- the Caliphat. In vain the perfidious poners, habits, and practices of the disciples licy of the seraglio despatched Capidgi of Mahomet, bear to the delineations in Bashis, armed with the bowstring and the the Arabian Nights, warrants us in con- dagger, to the capital of the Pyramids ;cluding, that the March of Intellect has in vain its treacherous agents endeavoured not been so rapid in Turkey as in our own by poison or stratagem, to rid the Porte of favoured isle, many centuries having elap- a dangerous rival. Mahmet Ali was too sed without bearing on their tide the scum well warned by his spies at Constantinople of barbarism. The following anecdote of of the toils which were spread around him, the present Sultan of Turkey and Ali to suffer himself to fall into the snare. Pacha, (related by Lady Hester Stanhope, At length the Sultan Mahmoud resolved for many years a resident at Djouni,) will upon adopting a scheme which should be serve to illustrate these observations. so cleverly devised, and involved in such

“ The growing power of the Pacha of impenetrable secresy, that it was imposEgypt had long been the cause of unea- sible it could fail of success. He had in siness to the Sublime Porte. It was feared the harem a beautiful Georgian slave, at Stambool, that Mahmet Ali would some whose innocence and beauty fitted her, in day throw off the yoke of the successor to the Sultan's eyes, for the atrocious act of

No. 168.--3d. S.

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