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28 And it came

ment, but shall perish for ever.

28. & Thus Jefus ended his Sermons and the Peo- to pass when Jesus

had ended these saya ple which heard him were ings,the people were furprized with Admiration aftonished at his doat the Excellency of his Dietrine. scourse,

29. For his Doctrine was 29 For he taught not like the Preachings of them as one having

authority, and not the Jewish Doctors, formal

as the scribes. and trifling, full of vain Traditions, and depending on the groundless Authority of Rabbies and Heads of Sects : But the things which he spake, were Great and Noble; and he delivered them with a Voice of Ma. jesty and Authority, of Gravity and Truth.

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WHen he was 1 Discourse, and com


Esus having finish'd his come down from the mountain, great multitudes foling down from the Mounlowed him.

tain; a great multitude of People gathered themselves together about him, and followed him.

2. And there met him a 2 And behold , there came

Man that was Leprous, and

ą leper and worshipped him, fell down before him, and saying, Lord, if thou intreated him to take pity wilt, thou canst make

on him and heal him ; layme clean.

ing, Lord, I firmly believe, that if you please, you have Power to make me clean

from this Disease. 3 And Jesus put 3. Jesus being pleased at forth his hand and the Man's Faith, touched touched him, saying, him with his Hand, and I will, be thou clean. And immediately his faid; I will do what you leprofie was cleansed. desire ; Be clean from your

Disease. And his Leprosie was immediately cured.

4. But Jesus, not being 4 And Jesus saith unto him, See thou willing to give any unne tell no man, but go.' cessary Offence or Scandal thy way, New thy to the Jews, charged the selfto the Priest, and offer the gift that Man, saying : Do not go


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immediately and publish e- Moses commanded, very where, that you have for a testimony antó

them. been healed by me, but go . and shew your self regular- ! İy to the Priest, who is to judge of your being clean ; and offer the Sacrifice which the Law requires for your Furification ; * that we may convince them of the reality of the Cure, and yet not give them any occasion of Calumny. 5, &6. After this, Je

54 And when Je fus went to Capernaum ; and

Capernaum , there as he was entring into the came unto him a cenCity, there met him Messen- turion, beseeching

him, gers from a Centurion, or

6 And saying, Captain of the Roman Sol Lord, my servant lidiers, to intreat him for a eth at home sick of Servant in his House, lying the palfie, grievously very dangerously ill of a Pallie.

7. Jesus' knowing the 7 And Jesus faith Man's faith and Humility, unto him, I will come

and heal him. and intending by making the Virtues of this Stranger more conspicuous, to take an

sus was entred into


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occasion of rebuking the Pride and Infidelity of the Jews; faith, I will go down to the House and heal him.

8. The Man fent again o8 The Centurion answered and said, ther Friends, and answer Lord, I am not wor- ed; Lord, I am originally thy that thou shouldeft come under my

a Gentile, and have been roof : but speak the long a Sinner, and am not word only, and my worthy that you should hofèrvant shall be heal

nour my House with your Presence : I know that if you do but say the word, my Servant shall be heal,

ed. 9 For I am a man 9. For if I, who am but under authority, ha- an inferiour Officer in an ving foldiers under Army, can give the word of

: man, Go, and he go- command, and be immedieth: and to ano- ately obeyed by my Serther, Come, and he vants : How much more cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and may you, to whom God he doth it.

hath committed such Pow: er and Authority, say but a word, and what you say

(hall be effected ? 10 When Jesus

10. At this answer Jesus heard it, he marvell- was surprized, and said to ėd, and said to them his Disciples, and to the that followed, Verily I say unto you, I People that followed him

; have not found fo Verily I have not found fo great faith, no not great Faith among the Jews in Israel. themselves, who have lived


always under a Revelation of the Will of God, and have had the constant Use of the Scriptures and the Prophets, as this Stranger has now discovered.

II. They esteem them 11 And I say unto felves indeed the Children you, that many shall of Abraham and the Patri- and west, and shall

come from the east archs, the peculiar People fit down with Abraof God, to whom the Pro. ham, and Isaac, and mises of Salvation are made: Jacob in the kingdom

of heaven. But afluredly I tell you, that many Strangers out of the heathen World, shall come from all Parts and joynthemselves to the true Church of God here on Earth; and shall hereafter be received with Abraham, and Ifaac, and Jacob, into the kingdom of God in Heaven : 12. While the Jews, to

12. But the Chile whom the promises did o.

dren of the kingdom

shall be cast out inriginally belong, exclude

to outer darkness : themselves out of the true there shall be weepChurch of God here, and ing and gnashing of fhall hereafter be thrust out

teeth, of the kingdom of Heaven into the darkness which is without, where shall be ffuitless Repentance and endlefs Woe.

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