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dience, should be accepted to the Salvation of Sin

ners. 18 ( And Jesus 18 & Being therefore awalking by the sea of about to enter upon his pubGalilee, faw two brethren, Simon, called lick Preaching, he began to Peter, and Andrew chose to himself certain his brother, casting a Disciples, who should be net into the sea : (for Witnesses of his Miracles they were fishers)

and of his Preaching while he lived, and should publish both his Works and DoEtrine through the World after his death. And first, as he was walking by the Lake of Genafereth, he saw two Fishermen that were Brethren, Simon (who is also called Peter,) and An

drew, fishing in the Lake. 19 And he faith 19. And he said unto unto them, Follow them ; Follow me, and I me, and I will make will teach you a more noyou fishers of men.

ble and excellent Calling. From henceforth ye shall catch Men ; that is, ye shall gain and convert them from Sin and Misery, to Righte

ousness and Happiness.

they straightway left their

20. Upon this Invitation, nets, and followed they presently left their him.

Nets, and followed him being very willing to for




Lake their former Employment, to be sent upon a Work that Ihould more immediately tend to the Glory of God, and to the Good of Men. 21. A little after, he saw from thence, be law

21 And going on two other Brethren, James other two brethren, and John, the Sons of Zebe. James sbe son of Zedee, in a Boat with their bedee, and John his

brother, in a ship Father, mending their Nets; with Zebedee their and he called them like father, mending their wife.

nets : and he called 22. And these also, with

them. out delay, followed him ; mediately left the

22 And they imquitting the Profit of their ship and their father, Trade, and their deareft and followed him. Relations, to be employed in fo excellent and Divine a Work.

23. With these Men Je 23 And Jesus sus travelled over all Galilee

went about all Gapreaching, not only private their synagogues

, and

lilee, teaching in ly, but also openly in all their preaching the gospel Places of Publick Worship; of the kingdom, and teaching them his true Reli healing all manner

of fickness, and all gion ; and proving the Au

proving the Au- manner of disease as thority and the Goodness of mong the people. his Doctrine, by those beneficial Miracles of healing all manner of Diseases and Infirmities.

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24 And his fame

24. By this means his went throughout all Fame presently spread over Syria : brought unto him aii Syria : So that all forts of fick people that were diseased Persons, and Lunataken with divers ticks, and Men possessed with diseases, and tor

and those Devils, were brought to him which were poflefled from all Parts ; and he heal. with devils, and those ed them with a Word which were lunatick, and those that had tude of the People followed

25. And a great multithe palfie; and he healed them.

him from all parts of the 25. And their fol- Country ; from Galilee, and

him great Decapolis, and Jerusalem, and multitudes of people, from Galilee, and Judea, and from beyond from Decapolis, and Jordan. from Jerusalem, and from Judea, and from beyond Jordan.




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the people.

Efus being pressed with

ND seeing the

multitudes, he the great multitude of

went up into a mounPeople, retired from them tain : and when he to the top of a Hill; and was set, his disciples

when he was set down, his came unto him. | Luc. 7. 1. Disciples, and as many

as were desirous to bear his
Do&trine , drew near and
stood about him.

2. And he taught them 2 And he openin short the Doctrine of the ed his mouth, and Christian Religion, saying,

taught them, saying, 3. Blessed are those that 3 Blessed dre the are poor and humble,modeft poor in spirit: for

theirs is the kingand contented; who set dom of heaven. not their Hearts upon this present World, nor too eagerly seek the Riches and Splendour of it ; who prefer Righteousness before Wealth and Honour, and can readily despise and contentedly part with these Things for the sake of Religion: Blessed, I say, these Mens for they are fitly prepared to be members of the true Church of

4 Bleffed


God here, and shall be rewarded with eternal Happi

ness hereafter. 4 Bleffed are they 4. Blessed are those who that mourn: for they live not in Voluptuousness, shall be comforted.

but seriously lament the Sins and Follies, and patiently endure the Hardships and Afflictions of this present Life : For they fhall be comforted with the present Peace and Joy of the Holy Ghost, and with the Happiness of the World to

come. 5 Blessed are the l. 5. Blessed are those, who meek: for they shall are of a meek and gentle, inherit the earth.

a quiet and harmless Spirit; free from Passion and Vio. lence, from Haughtiness and Turbulency : For such Men shall generally be secured in the quiet possession of their Rights in this World, by the peculiar Providence of God; or however, 'shall have an inheritance in that nem Earth, ( 2 Pet. 3, 13.) wherein Peace and Righte

ousness are for ever to dwell. 6 Blessed are they

6. Blelled are thofe who which do hunger and earnestly desire to become thirft after righteousness : for they truly Virtuous and Religious:

For fhall be filled.

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