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for * want of Inftru&ion have lived in Ignorance and Wickedness the greatest part of their Lives, do yet at last through the Mercy of God come to the Knowledge of the Truth, and

Believe, and Obey it. 8 So when even

8. Now when the Evening was come, the Lord was come, the Master comof the vineyard faith manded his Labourers to be uinto his steward, Call the labourers

, called, and their Wages to be and give them their paid them, without respect to hire, beginning from the order of time when they the last unto the first. mere hired: So at the end of

the World God will reward all his Servants, not in proportion to the times of their being called, but according to the sincerity of their Ser

vice. 9 And when they 9, 8. 10. They who came in came that were hired

at the eleventh hour, because about the eleventh hour, they received they wrought diligently during every man a peny.

that time, received each one a

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Note, This


of the Parable does not countenance the late and wilfully deferred Repentance of Christians.For such Persons are not called into the Vineyard at the eleventh Hour, ( as were the ignorant Gentiles) but being called in at the first Hour by the early preaching of the Gospel,have yet stood idle (not in the Market, but) in the Vineyard till the eleventh Hour. Which is plainly a different Case; as Origen well observes upon the Place.



Penny, and they who came in 10 But when the at the Morning, though they first came, they fupexpe&ted more for baving la- fhould have received

they boured longer , yet, according more, and they liketo their agreement , received wise received every each one likewise a Peny: So

man a peny. the Gentiles, and they who are late instructed in the Knowledge of the Truth, shall for their Sincerity and Diligence during their Time in the Service of God ceive the Reward of Eternal Life ; and the Jews who came in first, though they expect some Preheminence over the last both in the Church here on Earth, and in the World to come, shall yet only receive equally the fame Reward.

11,8 12. Then they who were 11 And when they bird first,murmured, that those had received it, they which came in last, and labour- murmured

against ed but one hour or two, should house,

the good-man of the receive as much wages as they 12 Saying, These who bad wrought all day: Thus last have wrought

but one hour', and the Jews who were first the

thou haft made them People of God, and they equal unto us, which who have been longest in the have born the burChurch, valuing themselves den and heat of the

clay. upon outward Performances, may be apt to think it hard,

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that those who came in late should be equalled to them in their Reward.

13, & 14,& 15. But the 13 But he answered one of them, and Master replied ; Is it not just

, faid,Friend, I do thee if I pay you according to your no wrong : didft not agreement ; and at the same thou agree with me

time out of my abundant libe. for a peny?

14 Take that thine rality, give these others freely is, and go thy way: as much ? May 1 not do what I will give unto this I will with mine own, and be last, even as unto

bountiful to others for their 15 Is it not law- great diligence and sincerity ful for me to do what during their Time , without inis thine eye evil, be- juring you? Thus the equity cause I am good ?

of God's Dispensations may be vindicated, in that whilft his Reward is not only free,but also infinitely greater than any Man's Work deferves, he injures no Man by his extraordinary Liberality to o thers.

16. After this manner 16 So the last shall be first, and the first therefore, many of those who last for many be are bere later in time, and called, but few cho- seem now inferiour in many

Respects, (as the Gentiles,and they which are last'Called) Thall finally equalor even exceed others in Glory and Dignity: And many of those who are here first in time,



and seem nom to have the Precedence in many Adyantages, (as the Jews, and they which are firft Called) shall then be ranked in as low, or perhaps lower degree than the rest for many indeed are Called early, and know the Will of God, and receive his Mercies, and injoy great Advantages; But there are but few who improve them selves proportionably to those Advantages, and use them worthily, so as to:attain an excellent and extra, ordinary Reward.{ ".

17. After these things, Jesus knowing that the time going up to Jerusa

17 ( And Jesus of his Sufferings drew nigh, lem, took the twelve went up towards Jerusalem; disciples apart in the And that his Apostles might way, and said unto

them, be prepared against the storm that was coming upon them, he took the twelve aside, as they were going in the way, and reminded them again, saying: 18. We are going up to

18 Behold, we go Jerusalem, and I would have up to Jerusalem, and you remember, that, as I the Son of man shall told you before, it is the be betrayed unto Will of God that I thould

the chief priests, and unto the scribes, and


rise again.

they shall condemn at last be delivered into the him to death, Hands of the chief Priests

and Scribes, who have hitherto laid wait for me; and they shall cause me to be condemned to death by

an unjust Judgment; 19 And shall de 19. And they shall deliliver him to the Gen

ver me over to the Roman fcourge and to cru- Soldiers, to be abused and cifie him ; and the mocked, to be beaten and third day he shall spit upon, and at last to be

ignominiously crucified as mong Malefactors : But on the third Day I will rife

again.. Then came

20, & 21, Then San to him the mother lome the Wife of Zebedee, of Zebedee's children, with her fors, with her two Sons James worshipping him, and and John, thinking that im. defiring a certain mediately after this Resurthing of him.

rection which Jesus {pake 21 And he said unto her, What wilt of, he would appear in great thou? She saith un- Pomp and Glory to refore to him, Grant that to the Jews

to the Jews a temporal these my two sons Kingdom, came to him, may fit, the one on thy right hands and and desired that those her the other on the left two Sons, who had hither in thy kingdom.

to been his constant Disci. ples and Followers , might

at the opening of his Kingdi cui sub dom have the chief Places of Honour under him, and



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