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indeed great Possessions, we
have. forsaken all that we
had, we have left our dear-
est Relations, we have quit.
ted the Employment we li-
ved by, and we have fol-

you in Poverty and
Want : What Reward then
shall we have ?
28. Jesus answered : Ve 28 And Jesus said

unto them, Verily I rily ye my Apostles, who

say unto you, that ye have now chearfully follow- which have followed ed me in this present state me in the regeneof Humiliation and Suffer- ration, when the

Son of man shall fit ings, shall at the final Judg. in

the throne of ment, at the great and gene his glory, ye also + 'Ev tí ral + Renovation of Things,' fhall sit upon twelve meer when I shall be exalted to

thrones, judging the 07.

twelves tribes of If everlasting Dominion, and fit upon the Throne of eternal Glory , ye, I say, shall then be exalted also, and Thall (it by me in the next Legree of Glory and Power." 29. And all other good 29 And every one

that hath forsaken and fincere Men, who for

houses, or brethren, the sake of true Religion or sisters, or father, and Virtue, shall suffer any or mother, or wife, Losses in this present World; or children, or lands


my names sake, these also, besides that their

shall receive an hunLosses shall be abundantly dred fold, and shah recompensed even in this inherit everlasting

life. Life, by the Joy of a good


Conscience, by the Love and Affiftance of all good Men, by the Comfort of the Holy Ghost, and by the glo. rious expectation of future Happiness; Mall moreover

be rewarded with eternal vous

Life. 30 But many that 30. Only many of those, are first, shall be laft; who are here first in Time, and the last shall be and feem now to have the firit.

the Precedence in many Advantages, ( as the Jews,which are first called, ) shall then be ranked in a lower Degree: And on the contrary, many of those who are here later in Time, and seem now inferiour in many respects,

as the Gentiles, which are laft called,) fhall then, if they come in readily and heartily, aud be sincere and more diligent in their Time, equal or exceed the former in Dignity and Glory

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Now the

Tow the Equity, of F OR the king .
God's thus diftribu-


is like unto a man ting his Rewards, that those that is an housholder, to whom his Will is disco- which went out early vered later, if they be sincere in the morning to and diligent in their La- hire labourers into

his vineyard. bours, may be so honoured by the abundance of the Divine Liberality, as to be equalled or even preferred to those who were called first; The Equity,I say,of this may be illustrated by this Similitude. A Housholder went out early in the Morning, to hire Labourers into his Vineyard : Thus God in the beginning of the World reveal'd his Will to Mankind, and that in a

+ Though this Parable was primarily intended, to fhew the Equity of God's equalling the Gentiles with the Jews 3 yet since one great objection of the Jews against the equalizing with them the Gentile Converts, was the Idolatry and Wickedness of the former part of these Gentiles Lives; and since the several Parts of the Parable may aptly enough be applied to the different Parts of Man's Life, as well as to the different Ages of the World; I have therefore endeayoured to express both these Senies together.

more special manner to the Patriarchs and Ancestors of the Jews: And † thus also to some Men he has discovered his Will early, and. brought them to the knowledge of the Truth in the beginning or former part of

their Lives, 2 And when he 2. And agreeing with the had agreed with the Labourers for a Penny a Day, labourers for a penyhe sent them to work in his a day, he sent them into his vineyard.

Vineyard : So God, when first he revealed his Will to Mankind, promised Life and Happiness as the Reward of O. bedience: And the same condition is then offered to every particular Man, when he first comes to the use of reason, and to understand the difference between Good and Evil:

3,& 4,& 5. Afterwards 3 And he went ouť about the third going out at the third Hour, hour, and saw others and again at the fixth and Itanding idle in the ninth Hours, be found other market-place,

Labourers Standing idle in the 4 And said unto them, Go ye also in- Market į and them also he to the vineyard, and hired to go and work in the whatsoever is right, Vineyard , promising to give I will give you. And

them what was reasonable : they went their way. Thus God in the following


out about the sixth

Ages of the World made 5 Again he went new Revelations of his Will, and ninth hour, and to Moses, and the Prophets,&c. did likewise. with repeated Promises of Life and Happiness to Obe. dience: And thus also those particular Men, whorę Natu. ral Knowledge of good and evil has been corrupted and worn out by a bad Education, God oft-times in the following parts of their Life, by affording them new Means of Knowledge, invites them to Repentance and promises them Happiness.

6, & 7. Laftly, going out 6 And about the at the eleventh hour, he found eleventh hour he other Labourers standing idle; went out, and found and them also be hired into the and faith unto them,

others standing idle, vineyard, promising to give Why ftand ye here them what was reasonable : all the day idle ? Thus God in the latter Ages him, Because no man

7 They say unto of the World, making a new Revelation of his Will by faith unto them, Go Christ, admitted the Gen- ye also into the vinetiles, who had before lived yard,and whatsoever

is right, that shall ye in Ignorance and Wicked receive. ness, to the Conditions of the fame Covenant with the Jews : And (thus also many particular Perfons, who

hath hired us.


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