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that brought them too busie and troublesom, began to' chide them and keep

them back. 14 But Jesus said, 14. Which when Jesus Şuffer little chil: perceiv’d, he rebuked his Didrengand forbid them

[ciples, saying: Do not hinder me : for of such is the Children from being the kingdom of hea- brought to me. For 'tis

these, and Men qualified like these, with Innocency, Humility, and a teachable Difpofition, free from all Prejudices and Customs of Sinning, that are the only fit Perfons to be made Members of my Church on Earth, and Inheritors of the King.

dom of God in Heaven. 15 And he laid 15. Then he laid his bis hands on them, Hands on them, and blessed and departed thence: them, and departed:

16 And behold,

16. And as he was goone came ånd said ing, there met him a young unto him, Good ma- Man of good quality, who thall I do that I may being of a religious Dispofihaye eternal life? tion, and hearing that Jesus

taught new and purer Precepts of Virtue and Piety, came to him and said ; Good Master, what excellent and extraordinary thing shall i Q


left thou me good ?

do; whereby I may attain
eternal Life
17. Jesus answered him;

17 And he said Why do you call me Good, unto him, Why calwhom you do not know to there is none good be any other than a meer but one, that is God: Man? There is none truly but if thou wilt enGood but God, who is the ter into life, keep the

commandments. only Author of all Goodnels and Happiness. However, as to your Question, you know what are the Conditions of Eternal Life ; keep the Commandments of God. 1

18,(19. Then the young 18 He saith unMan asked, What Com

to hlm, Which? Jemandments? Jesus said, Not fus faid, Thou shalt

do no murder, Thou to commit Murder, nor do thalt not commit aWrong ; not to commit A- dultery, Thou fhalt dultery, nor fornication ; not steal, Thou shalt not to Steal, nor Cheat and not bear falle wit

ness, Defraud any Man; not to 19 Honour thy accuse any one falfly , nor father and, thy mo

ther : and, Thou pervert Justice ; To honour

fhalt love thy neighand reverence your Parents bour as thy felf. and all other Superiours ; and to do to all Men, as you would they should do to you; with Equity and Charity. ,'. 4:20. The young Man, rejaycing at this Answer, and

man faith unto him,



The young

yet ?

All these things have hoping to be greatly comI kept from my youth mended by Jesus, replied: up : what lack I

All these Commandments
have I obeyed from a Child;
What further Instructions

for me? 21 Jesus said unto

21. Jesus answered: These him, If thou wilt be are the necessary Duties, perfect, go and sell which God hath made the that thou haft, and indispensible Conditions of and thou shalt have Life : But if you aim at a treasure in heaven: great degree of Perfection, and come and follow and will do someching exme.

cellent and extraordinary ; then


sell all your Estate, and give it to the Poor, and come and follow me through Afflictions and Poverty; and laying aside all worldly Affairs, apply your self wholly to be a Preacher of the Gospel ; and you shall have an † extraordinary degree of Reward in Heaven.

† It does not appear, but the young Man might have done well, if he had gone away satisfied with Christ's first Answer. So that our Saviour does not seem to have bidden him sell his Eftate, as a thing absolutely necessary to his being a good man, but only as a thing neceffary at that time to his being a Preacher of the Gospel ; and that he might reprove his Confidence; and that he might have an occasion to represent to his Disciples, the great danger and mischief of the love of Riches., ki


22. At

rich ,

22. At this Answer the 22 But when the young Man was greatly young man heard troubled, and went away away forrowful: for

that saying, he went very sorrowful : For he was

he had great poffefand very unwil- sions. ling to part with his Eftate.

23. Whereupon Jesus 23 ( Then said took occasion to represent Jesus unto his discito his Disciples, how great unto you, that a rich

ples, Verily I say a Snare the Love of Riches man shall hardly enis ; how unfit it makes a ter into the kingdom Man, to be a perfe& Disci- of heaven. ple of Chrift; and how hard it is, for a rich Man to be a good Chriftian.

24. And he said ; Such 24. And again I is the deceitfulness of the say unto you, It is

easier for a camel to love of Riches, that it is

go through the eye an: exceeding hard thing, of a needle, then ( than which hardly any for a rich man to

enter into the kingthing can be imagined more

dom of God. difficult,) for a rich Man to become a worthy Disciple of Christ, and to attain that refigned disposition of Mind, and readiness to part with all things for the sake of Religion, which God requires.

25 When his dis 25. When the Disciples ciples heard it, they heard this, they seemed were exceedingly agreatly furprised, and said ; then can be saved ?

25 Buit

If the way of Life be so very difficult, who then can

be saved ? 26 But Jesus be 26. But Jesus looking upheld them, and said

on them with a compassiounto them, With men this is imposfi- nate Countenance, as pityble, but with God ing their present anxiety of all things are posli- Mind, answered: 'Tis true ; ble.

that disposition of Mind which the Gospel requires, is so Holy and Spiritual ; and the Temptations which much Riches occasion, are so many and great,; that morally speaking, it is hardly possible in the ordinary course of things, for a very rich Man to look beyond the Advantages of this present World, and be a good Christian : But by the Grace and Assistance of God, 'tis possible for such Men to overcome all those Temptations, to make a good use of their Wealth, and to become worthy Disciples of

Christ. 27 ^ Then answered Peter , and 27. Then said Peter to said unto him, Be- Jesus ; Well, we have actuhold, we have for- ally done all, that you reed thee; what thall quired of this young Man: we have therefore ? And though we had not



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