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Goodness and Justice to dos
and thus it seemed good to
the eternal Wisdom of thy
All-seeing Providence.
27. Jesus added more.

27 All things are over, and said : The whole delivered unto me disposal of all things relating of my Father : and to the Salvation of Men, is Son but the Father:

no man knoweth the now committed to me by neither knoweth any God the Father : And as no man the Father,save one understandeth the na

the Son, and he

to whomsoever the ture of this Oeconomy, but Son will reveal bim. God the Father who has sent the Son into the World; so no Man can understand in what manner God the Father will be worshipped and obeyed, but the Son to whom he has committed the discovery of his Will, and they to whom the Son shall reveal that discovery. 28. Come therefore unto

28 9 Come unto

me all ye that la. me ye that are weary of the

bour, and are heavy Navery of Sin, and desirous laden, and I will to know how to be recon- give you reft. ciled to God. Come unto me ye that are weary of tedious Rites and burden som Ceremonies, and I will teach you the most eafie and acceptable way of serving God.

29 Take

29 Take my yoke

29. Take upon you my upon you, and learn Religion , and become my and lowly in heart : Disciples. I will teach and and ye shall find rest instruct you, not in the ways unto your souls. of Pride, Haughtiness, and

Cruelty ; but in Meekness, Gentleness, and Mercy. And I will change a heavy and burdensom Service, to such a reasonable Obedience as every good Man must ap

prove and rejoyce in. 30 For my yoke 30. For my Religion is is eafie, and my bur- ealie and good ; and the den is light.

Commandments of the Gospel are by no means grievous,





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Bout this time it A Tri that time the

hapned that Jesus walked through the Corn- the corn, and his

Sabbath-day through fields on the Sabbath day disciples were with his Disciples : And as hungred, and began they were going, the Disci- to pluck the ears of

of corn, and to eat. ples being hungry, and knowing what they were

permitted by the Law in such case to do, plucked the Ears of Corn, and rubbing out the Corn with their Hands, began to eat it.

2. But the Pharisees, who 2 But when the watched all Occasions of Pharisees saw it, they reproaching them, observing hold, thy disciples do

said unto him, Bethat it was the Sabbath that which is not day when they did this, faid lawful to do upon to Jesus ; See you not how the sabbath-day. your Disciples break the Sabbath ? Why do you not then reprove them?


* When thou comeft into the standing Corn of thy neighbours, then thou maist pluck tbe ears with thine hand, Deut. 23. 25.

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3 But he said an

3. Jesus answered, say-
them, Have ye not ing; God never designed
read what David did
when he was an hun- by any positive Conftituti-
gred, and they that ons, such as the friet Judai-
were with him,

cal observation of the Sabbath,
and the like,to put such Diffi-
culties upon Men, as to hin-
der them from doing things
absolutely necessary. For
have ye not read how David
behaved himself in a like

Case ?
4. How he entred 4. Do ye not remember,
into the house of how when he was hungry
God, and did eat the
Thew-bread, which

in a Journey, the Priest was not lawful for ( Sam. 21. 6.) gave him him to eat, neither consecrated Shew-bread out for them which were with him, but only

of the Tabernacle, which in for the priests?

strictness none but the
Priefts were allowed to eat,
and both David and they
that were with him eat of
it ? Now if David be no
where blamed for doing
this, why do ye reproach
my Disciples for doing so
small a thing, as pluck-
ing and eating a few Ears
of Corn on the Sabbath.
day ?

5. Again



Ŝ. Again, Do you not 5 Or have ye not remember how the Priests read in the law, how

that on the fabbathare by the Law appointed days the priests in to do several sorts of works the temple profane in the Temple upon the the fabbath, and are

blameless ? Sabbath-day, and yet they are no where accused for breaking the Sabbath in fo doing?

6. You will say perhaps 6 But I say unto this was a Cafe excepted, you that in this place because in this case the

is one greater then

the temple. Priests were employed in the Temple and about the Sera vice of God, by God's own express Command. Very true ; And if so, then the Business of Mens Salvation, which my Disciples are going upon, and my Presence, and my Permission, will much more exeuse them in this smaller Instance. 7. But besides ; fince God 7 But if ye had

what this every where declares, that known he prefers Works of Righte. mercy and not facri

meaneth, I will have ousness and Charity, before fice, ye would not Sacrifices and the exacteft have condemned the performance of all positive guiltless. Laws and outward Ceremo, nies; ye have no reason to accuse my Disciples, for being so intent upon Works

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