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6. The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep a full and faithful record of all proceedings of the association ; also embodying in his minutes a digest of the minutes of the secretary of the Executive Committee.

7. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to receive, collect and disburse monies in behalf of the association and to keep a trne report of his action, in relation to his office,

8. The term of office for all officers known in this Constitution both in the general association as a whole, and by the Executivo Committeo as a part, shall be one year from date of election, unless sooner removed.

9. Just cause for removal from office shall be failure to support the Constitution, or negligence in oficial duties

10. The association shall have one regular meeting on the Saturday of the third week in July of cach year; but meetings may at any time be called by the Executive Committee at said Committee's discretion, or by a petition signed by fifty of the members of tho Association and presented to the President of the Association.

11. A proper notice shall be exhibited in prominent places throughout the district, at least two weeks before each regular annual meeting and one week previous to all call meetings; shall in all cases be signed by the President and secretary of the Association.


1. At oach regular meeting of the Association a comunittee of twelve shall be appointed, to be chosen from out the Association; said committee to be called “The Executive Committee of the Miners Association of Chalk Creek Mining District.”

2. Each member of the Executive Committee shall, within two weeks subsequent to election be required to swear to the following oath before a notary public, under penalty of being expelled from the association.


I do hereby most solemnly swear before God and man to porform the duties of my office in as honest and truthful a manner as is within my power without the least equivocation or evasion whatsoevor, so help me, God.

3. Within three weeks subsequent to election, the Executive Conmittee shall have a meeting for the transaction of business and the election of officers.

4. The officers of the Executive Committee shall be a President, Secretary and Treasurer.

5. The duties of the President shall be to preside at all meetings of the Committee, decide in cases of a tie vote and call meetings as elsewhere provided for.

6. The duties of the Vice President shall be to fill the position of President when that officer is absent.

7. The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep a true and faithful record of all proceedings and to hand the same to the Secretary of the Association when the latter officer may require him to do so.

8. The duties of Treasurer shall be to receive Monies from the Treasurer of the Association upon presenting a written order to that officer from the President of the Executive Committee, and disburse the same in behalf of said committee. It shall be his duty to keep a correct record of all receipts and expenditures, and transmit the same to the treasnrer of the association, when the latter officer may require him to do so.

9. A quorum for the transaction of business by the Association as a whole or the committee as a part, shall consist of two thirds of the membership. 10. A majority vote shall be necessary for the passage of any vote or other business before the association or the executive committee

SECTION 3. 1. "The Executive Committee shall be ready and willing at all times to hold meetings when requested to do so by persons having mining disputes for adjudication.

2. The Exocutive Committee shall bo a power of arbitration in all mining disputes brought to it for a settlenient.

3. The proper person to whom mining disputes shall be brought is the President of the Executive Committee, who shall, upon such information, call a meeting of the committee, which shall upon requisite information, appoint an examining Committee of three, chosen from their own number, Said Committee to be placed before the contending parties for rejection or acceptance. Any rejected member shall be replaced by others, chosen by the Executive Committee from their own body until an examining committee shall be found acceptable to both the contending parties. If none such can be found, then the Executive Committee shall appoint three members from their own body who shall proceed to examine-into all particulars concerning the dispute brought before the Executive Committee, using all care and descretion and proceeding with all possible dispatch. The examining committee shall, within one week, from appointment, call a meeting of the Executive Committee through its President, and lay before the committee assembled their report. The Executive Committee shall thon proceed to deliberate upon the case, and shall, within as short a time as they shall deem possible, give and enforce their decision to the disputants. Shonld any point require further elucidation before judgment can be reached, then the Examining Committee shall make further inquiries, to be embodied into another report.

4. The Executive Committee shall, at each regular meeting of the association, if so voted by that body, present a report of their actions from the time of the last report.

5. The Executive Conimittee shall have the power to uso what measures it sees fit to carry into cffect its decisions, if necessary, calling for help upon members of the association, who shall furnish them such help as they shall deem necessary.

6. This constitution is subject at any time to amendment, by a two-thirds vote.

7. Giving our every effort to act with dne prudence and deliberation in supporting this constitntion and the actions of the bodios regularly constituted under it, we subscribe ourselves to it as the exposition of our will. I hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the original constitution as adopted, now on file in my office.



LAND & TYLER'S OFFICE ALPINE, July 24 1880 The entire committee were sworn, as per provision of the Constitution, by notary public Mand, to proceed to election of officers

William Matheson was elected President. J A J Chapman Vice President F E Tyler, Secretary S. E. Land Treasurer.

After general remarks concerning the object of the meeting the following motion was passed:

It is the sense of this committee that when a prospector has discovered float or other indications of a body of mineral, he shall be Upheld in a location on such grounds, he being required to expend two hundred dollars on such claim annually, in all other respects to act with strict regard to the State and National laws.

Upon presentation, the following paper was adopted:

1. We, the Executive Coinmittee of the Miners’ Association of Chalk Creek Mining District, having justice and equity to all inen for our object, hereby make the following by-laws and regulations for the government of ourselves and others in the prevention and settlement of mining disputes in said Chalk Creek Mining District.

2. These by-laws and regulations can be amended at any time the Committee see fit, following the mode prescribed by the Constitution of the general association.

3. Such by-laws and regulations as ordered by this Committee may, from time to time, be published in such manner and form as the Committee sees fit, for the enlightenment of the members of the Association and the public in general.

4. Such statutes relating to the Mining Code as may be passed from time to time by the National and State Legislatures, shall be published by this Committee as soon thereafter as may be possible.

5. There shall be a Schedule of interpretations of the existing mining laws, as may be the sense of the Committee, kept by the Secretary of the Committee; said Schedule may be added to as necessary or the sense of the committee shall dictate.

6. For any and all expenditures of the Committee, orders shall be given to the Treasurer of the Committee, endorsed by the President and Secretary of the Committee, which orders shall be transferred, when required, to the Treasurer of the Association.

7. When members of the Committee shall be required to attend to business relating to the Association, they shall receive four dollars per day and remuneration for such other expenses as the Committee shall see fit.

8. No member of the Committee shall be excused from official duty except by vote of the Committee.
9. One regular meeting shall be held monthly on the Saturday of the third week.
10. Previous to any meeting the members shall be notified by the Secretary of the Committee.
Upon motion, the following Schedule was adopted:
1. A years assessment shall consist of the expenditure of $100.
2. A day's labor shall be valued at four dollars, and may be considered in respect to the annual expenditure of $100

3. In contract work only the actual amount of lawful money paid to the contractors shall be counted in the labor of the annual expenditure of one hundred dollars.

4. Any excess in the required annual expenditures of lodes Cannot be applied to the requirements of succeeding years, except in cases of patents.

5. Beside the assessment of ten foot face on the vein, required during the sixty days succeeding discovery, there must also be expended on the claim, sufficient labor, before the expiration of the calcudar year, to complete the required years' assessment of one hundred dollars. Adjourned till July 31, at 7 o'clock

F. E. TYLER, Secretary. No mining laws were passed at the meeting of July 31.



Regular Meeting At a meeting of the Miners' Association of Chalk Creek District, this day, (Sept 4 1880) the following resolution was adopted :

1. Resolved, That a tunnel claim or location under the statutes of the Federal Government embraces fifteen hundred feet by three thousand, and the owners of tunnel claims or locations have undisputed rights to all veins or lodes existing in said claims, not located prior to the date of said tunnel, claim or location.

2. That, locations made within the boundaries of tunnel claims by other parties than those interested in the tunnel claim after the Jocation and commencement of work and while the same is being diligently prosecuted for the development of said claim, are invalid.

F. E. TYLER, Secretary.

Explanatory All cases of disputes concerning locations and ownership of mining property coming within the jurisdiction of the Miners' Association are referred to the Executive Committee named. Papers and persons are brought before this Committee, which sits in Judicial Capacity, testimony on both sides taken and the questions at issue adjudged. The decision is reported to the general association and the Marshal, by authority, issues the following notice to the disputants, which are handed them in person:

Marshal's Notices

The following are copies of Marshal's notices to disputants, under the decision in case, of the Executive Board, appointed under the constitution and by-laws of the Miner's Association of Chalk Creek


Dear Sir According to the decision reached by the Executive Committee, Miner's Association, Chalk Creek District in the dispute concerning tho Lode, the Committee finds Justice and right upon the side of

and the general association will so hold, and it is my duty as marshal of said association to inform you of the verdict and request you to abide by it, as it is the general will of said association. Yours very Respectfully

F. E. TYLER, Marshal.

Notice No. 2.


1880 Esq Dear Sir: If the contents of the previous notice handed you by myself are not immediately complied with, the decision therein contained will be enforced according to the Constitution. Yours very respectfully

FE. TYLER, Marshal. Explanatory

Upon failure of the parties to comply with the first notice, after a limit of two weeks, the second notice is then issued, and the order is preemptory. Upon further refusal to obey, the Marshal is empowered to summon to his aid a possee of the members of the association and proceed at once under arms to cause a forcible ejectment of the parties remaining in possession of the property in dispute.



The first meeting was held August 7 1880. The following is an abstract the proceedings; as taken from a a newspaper report


Mr. John T. Dixon was elected temporary president, and Frank P. Sheafor temporary secretary, but the latter not being present, William Crawford was nominated and elected.

A committee on permanent organization, consisting of Messrs. Hart, Herzberg, Mills, Ferry, Ebey, McDaniels, Dixon, Fulton, Cornwell and Clemes was nominated and elected.

The committee on permanent organization, through their chairmau, Mr. Juan S. Hart, and announced themselves ready to report.

The report of the committee on permanent organization was then read. It provided for a roll of members, for the election of a president, two vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, advertising committee, committee on mines and visitors, committee on freights, and a committee on ores. The report was accepted and the committee discharged.

Those desiring to enroll themselves as members of the association were requested to give their names, and the following responded:

John T. Dixon & eighty seven others
It was moved and seconded that the secretary be authorized to solicit more siguatures. Carried.

The meeting then proceeded to the election of permanent officers and members of the following committees; advertising, mines & visitors, freights, and ores.

Messrs. Ferry, Hart and Chisholm were elected a committee on constitution and by-laws, to report at the next session, and the meeting then adjourned until this evening.


AUGUST 14 1880 Prest. Hart called the meeting to order, and the roll was called by Secretary Crawford. On account of the small number present and the importance of the meeting, Mr. Humphreys moved to adjourn. This motion was after some discussion withdrawn.

Messrs. Wm. Marders, W. H. Vance, C. M. Cate, C. M. Humphreys and Joseph Karnaley thereupon signed the roll.

Mr. Mills moved to proceed to hear the report of the committee on constitution and by-laws.
The president decided that the minutes should be first read.
Mr. Culton thought Mr. Humphreys should be allowed to repeat his motion to adjourn.
On motion of Mr. Chisholm the reading of the minutes was dispensed with, much to the relief of ye secretary.
The Committee on Constitution and by laws then presented their report, which was discussed by section.
Mr. Mills moved that the report be placed before the house for consideration.
After some discussion carried.
It was moved and carried that the report be acted on seriatim.

The committee then reported the name as the Miners' and Merchants' Association, of Pitkin, which provoked considerable opposition and discussion, and was finally, on motion of Mr. Cornwell, changed to Miners' and Merchants' Co-operative Association.

(The constitution and by laws as amended are given further on.)

Sections 2, 3, 4 and 6 of the constitution were adopted, and 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 were laid over until the next meeting

Two amendments to the by-laws were carried, one by Mr. Sugget that a two-thirds vote of those present should be required to make any alteration in the constitution and by-laws, and one by Mr. Stevenson that notice of any amendment should be given at the meeting prior to that at which action should be taken.

Articles 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the by-laws were laid over until the next meeting; article 5 was adopted; article 6 was adopted; article 7 was adopted, which wound up the report.

Mr. Smith then moved to proceed to the election of officers under the constitution. The motion was put and carried.

Mr. Stevenson nominated Mr. Clemes, and Mr. Patterson nominated the present president, Mr. Hart.

A lively discussion now took place, some claiming that the present officers were permanent and others opposing. A motion by Mr. Culton to reconsider the last vote was put and carried, and then on motion of Mr. Humphreys the meeting adjourned until this evening at 8 o'clock. The president, previous to adjournment, was authorized to appoint a committee to watch the man who kept the key and to furnish lights.


AUGUST 21 1880 The association met in the Town Hall on Saturday evening, August 21, a small number being present. The President Called the meeting to order

The question as to what number Constituted a quorum was discussed, some thinking it better to adjourn until the following Saturday

Mr. Chisholm moved an amendment to the by-laws, that twenty Constitute a quorum.
Mr Shumate moved to make the number fifteen, which motion was lost.
The original motion was then Carried.

Mr. Sheafor moved that a quorum be declared present, and the meeting proceeded to business. The motion was Carried.

The minutes were read, amended, and, on Motion of Mr. Stevenson, adopted.
Section 9 of the Same article was adopted
Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the by-laws were adopted.
Section 4 was amended and adopted.
Notico of amendment to section 3 of article 4 was given by Mr. Crawford.
The Constitution and by-laws, as amended and adopted, are as follows:


Recognizing the necessity of a definite organization of the Miners' and business mon of the town of Pitkin and the Quartz Crook
Blining District, for furthering the interests of the Camp and developing its resources, and for making rules and regulations to govorn the
district, we, the miners and business men of Pitkin, do hereby form ourselves into such an organization, and adopt the following
Constitution and by-laws for our botter Government:

This organization shall be called and Known as the “Pitkin Miners' and Merchants' Association",

The Oficers of this Association shall consist of a President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a treasurer and the following
Committees : Of twelve on Mines and Visitors; a Committee of three on advertising; a Committeo of threo on freights; a committoo on
orcs, to include all the assayers, and a Committee of three on finances.

ARTICLE III These officers and Committees shall be elected for a term of three months.

ARTICLE IV-Committees Section 1- President-It shall be the duty of the President to Call to order and preside at all meetings of this association SECTION 2-Vice-Presidents. It shall be the duty of the Vice Presidents to assume the duties of the President in his absence. SECTION 3-Secretary : It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep minutes of all meetings and to read the same at such meetings

Section 4— Treasurer : It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive and hold all moneys of the association subject to the order of the Chairman of the Finance Committee.

SECTION 5. Advertising Committee: It shall be the duty of the advertising Committed to receive and insure publication of any letters or Communications regarding the resources or development of the Camp.

SECTION 6-Committec on Mines and Visitors. It shall be the duty of the Committee on Mines and Visitors to Keep themselves informod as to the location and Value of the Mines of the district, and to invite the inspection of our Mines by any responsible Visitors who may Come to the Camp with a view of purchasing property or erecting machinery for the treatment of ores.

SECTION 7-It shall be the duty of the Committee on freights to report at each meeting the lowest bids for hauling ores to the end of the track.

SECTION 8–It shall be the duty of the Committee on ores to report the receipt or promise of ore sufticiently valuable for Shipment. Section I-It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to authorize expenditures and to give orders on the Treasnrer for the same

ARTICLE V- Amendments This Constitution shall be subject to amendment and addition at any meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the Members present, notice of such amendment or addition to be given at one Meoting and acted on at the following ono.

By Laus.
First-Admission fees : An admission fee of 50 cents shall be exacted of all who way sign this constitution and by-laws.
Second-Ducs: A monthly fee of 50 cents shall be collected from each member of this association.

Third-- Assessments : In Case of extra, expenditure being authorized by the Chairman of the Finance Committoo, an assessment sufficient to Cover such oxpenditure shall be collected by the Treasurer.

Fourth-Meetings : The meetings of this association shall be held on the first and third Saturday of each month, at 8 p. m., at tho town hall.

Fifth-Salaries : No officers or Committees shall receive any pecuniary Compensation for porsonal services.

Sixth-Extra meetings : Extra meetings May be called by the President on a written request to that effect, signed by five members of the association

Serenth-Changes or additions to the by-laws. Any changes in or additions to these by-laws may be made at any meeting by a vote of two thirds of the members present, notice of such change or addition to be given at one meeting and acted on at the following one.

On motion the Consideration of district rules were laid over till the next meeting


LAWS OF HAWKEYE MINING DISTRICT Oficers There shall be one President one Sheriff and one Rocorder who shall be elected annually on the last Saturday in April by the legal voters of the District and hold their respective offices until their successors are elected and qualified each of whom shall take an oath to faithfully and impartially perform their respective duties according to law and the best of their ability and each shall havo power to appoint one or more deputies

Elections.—The recorder and sheriff together with three other electors shall compose the board of electors each of wbom shall tako an oath that they will studiously endeavor to prevent all fraud and deceit in conducting the same But if the Recorder or Sheriff should be a candidate or fail to attend the voters present shall fill their vacancies by other voters two of whom shall be clerks and the other three judges of said election. If there shall be any vote challenged by any elector either of the clerks or judges shall administer any oath necessary to determine the right of said vote. Polls ared to be open at 9 oclock A. M. and close at six o'clock P. M. at the close of the polis the clerks and judges shall canvass the votes and the persons receiving the highest number of votes for the respective offices shall be declared duly elected and said Board shall issue certificates of election to the several officers according to their respective offices

Voters Any whito person who has attained the age of sixteen years and in the district shall be entitled to a vote at all meetings and elections. At all elections the vote shall be by ballot and at all meetings as the President may direct

Sheriff There shall be elected by the qualified voters of this District a Sheriff who shall hold his office until the next annual election and until his successor is elected and qualified whose duty it shall be to serve all processes issued by the Court and before entering upon the duties of said office he shall give bond with good and sufficient sureties to the acceptance of the Court for the faithful performanco of his said duties He shall be conservator of the peace and take an oath that he will faithfully discharge all and singular the duties pertaining to said offico

Vacancies Any officer resigning or removing from the District shall be required to deposit all Books papers money &c belonging to the District or pertaining to his office with the remaining ofticer or officers of the District which officer or officers shall immediately call an election to fill such vacancy

Courts The president shall be Judge of the Miners Court of the District and any person having a cause of action shall filo with the President the cause of Complaint written in plain English language and a prayer that the adverse party may be gummoned to appear and answer to said Complaint and if the Defendant appears he shall file his answer in writing as above stated whereupon the Judge shall summon the Defendant to appear at a given time and placo mentioned in said Summons which shall not exceed ten days from from the issue of said Summons And if the Defendant fails to appear the Judge may proceed to try the cause and render Judgment according to law and evidence and if the parties appear they may submit their cause to the Court or three arbitrators one of whom shall be chosen by the parties respectively and if the parties or their referees cannot agree upon a third arbitrator the Judgo shall appoint a third arbitrator and when the parties to submit their caso to referees as aforesaid the decision or award shall be final and the Judge shall proceed to enforce said award as upon Judgment at law. If either party shall require a jury the Judge shall write the names of twelve judicious disinterested electors of the District and each party may strike from the list alternately beginning with the Plaintiff one namo until only six remains and the Judge shall issue his venire for a Jury of the aforesaid six and when assembled each party shall be entitled to one peremptory challenge and also a challenge for good cause shown by the testimony of tho jurors or other disinterested person and the Sheriff shall fill the panel with talesmen for all vacancies that may happen by reason of non attendance or challenging of said Jurorg. All juries shall be sworn by the Judge to try all causes according to law and evidence. Either party may have an adjournment not exceeding ten days upon proper cause shown under oath. Costs in all cases shall be taxed as the referees Court or jury trying the same may direct. Either party may have the right to an appeal from the from the decision of the Court or Jury of six if gives notice of an appeal at the rendition of the Judgment or verdict and pay all costs within five days from the rendition of the Judgment or Verdict and when the appeal is so taken the Judge shall write the names of twenty four good disinterested voters of the District as in the aforesaid jury list from which each shall strike therefrom as in the jury of six until only twelvo remains and procoed in all respects tho same as in the aforesaid Jury of six and the decison of the said Jury of twelve or a miners meeting shall be final and the Judge shall proceed to final judgment and award execution according to law

All logal claims whether in law or in equity shall be fairly tried by the referees Court or Mivers Meeting as the parties may cloct and judgment shall be rendered by the Court accordingly upon which said judgment tho party recovering shall be ontitled to interest at the rate of ten per cent per annum from the date thereofuntil paid and the Court shall proceed to issue oxecution thereon for the amount found dne with interest and legal costs but any rate of interest agreed upon in writing between the parties shall bo lawful

The Judge of the Miners Court shall keop a docket of all proceedings had before him shall be allowed two dollars and fifty cents a day for presiding at each trial (and when the Recorder shall preside in his stead he shall be entitled to a like sum shall bo allowod twenty cents per hundred words for making out all necessary papers except writs of original service and executions for each of which he shall be allowed fifty cents for rendering judgment fifty Cents and making up docket twenty cents per hundred words for each transcript duly certified twenty cents for each hundred words

The Judge Recorder and Sheriff are hereby empowed to administer all oaths and to perform all other duties pertaining to their respective offices and which are required by law

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