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CAMP ON FIR CREEK, HINSDALE Co COLORADO February 3rd, 1877. At a meeting of miners called this day and date, for the purpose of organizing a mining district, the following by laws were unanimously adopted :

ART. 1. This district shall be Called the Sunnyside District.

ART. 2. This district shall be defined and Bounded as follows: Commencing at the Mouth of Willow Creek, on the Rio Grande river, thence north to the Summit of the Snowy range, thence cast eight miles, thence south to the Rio Grande river, thence west one mile to the place of beginning.

ART. 3. The following points are designated as “ locus" points, reference to which shall be made in the locating of all claims within the boundaries of the district:

1st. The tower of rock on Stonewall Mountain, situated about 1000 feet from its Southern extremity.

2d. The highest ledge of rock on Stonewall Mountain, northwesterly from the tower-(location No 1,) and distnct therefrom about 8,000 feet

3d. The Devil's Gate, situated on Willow Creek
4th. The pilo of rock on “Pilot knob,” south of Shallow Creek and about northwest of the bridge at Poquin's Ranch
5th. The point of rocks on the south side of the Rio Grande river, just above the bridge at Poquin's ranch.

ART. 4. The officers of this district shall be a President and Recorder of claims, and said officers shall be duly chosen by ballot at an annual meeting and shall hold offico for the term of one year.

Art. 5. The annual meeting of the district for the purpose of electing otiicers and transacting such other business as may come before it, shall be held on the first Saturday of February of each year at 4 o'clock p m

ART. 6. Special meetings may be called by the President at the request of three or more miners, residents of the district, notice of the same to be posted at least three days before the date of said meeting, said notice to specify the time and place of meeting and to be posted, one on the outside of the Recorder's office, and one each in two other conspicuous places.

Art. 7. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings and to issue the notices for special meetings in accordance with article 6.

ART. 8. It shall be the duty of the Vice President to fill the office and discharge the duties of the President in the event of his absence

Art. 9. It shall be the duty of the Recorder to keep a record of all mining claims located within the limits of the district, said record to be the property of the district and to be open to the inspection of the miners of the same, at all reasonable times, and the fee for recording each and every claim shall be the sun of fifty cents.

Art. 10. All claims shall be recorded with the District Recorder, within thirty days from the date of discovery.'

Art. 11. In the event of the absence of the Recorder it shall be the duty of the President to appoint a person to discharge the duties of that office during said absence.

Art. 12. Nino (9) miners, residents of the district, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business att avy regular or special meeting.

Art. 13. No other laws or regulations relating to mining interests than those of the United States and of the State of Colorado shall be in force in this district, the simple object of the organizing of the district being the estạblislıment of certain locus points for the better and more definite location of mining claims.

Art. 14. Theso by laws shall not be suspended, altered, or amended, except by a three-fourths vote of all the miners of the district.

In accordance with article 4 of the above by laws, the following persons were elected officers of the district for the ensuing year: Fred C. Gay, President, G U Johnson, Vice President Frank S. Earle, Recorder.

FRANK S. EARLE Recorder of District.


ELK MOUNTAINS COLORRAD GUNNISON COUNTY Aug 4, 1877 At a meeting of Miners this day and date, the following resolutions were made and adopted, and the following officers elected: M. L. Waller, President. S. C. Robinson, Secretary.

By vote the following articles and resolutions were adoptod :
ARTICLE I. This District shall be known as and called the Elk Mountain District.

Art. II. This district shall bo defined and bounded as follows: Cominencing on the west at the mouth of North Rock Creek and following the samo to its head crossing; thence southeasterly to the head of Cement Creek, and following the same to its junction with East river; thence southeasterly to the summit of the Divide, between Ohio Creek and Slate river, along said Divide to the head of Yule Creek and continuing down the same to its mouth, thence up Rock Creek to place of beginning.

Art. III. That the rates for labor on working assessments on claims be eight dollars, with pick arid shovel, and ten dollars per day with drills and powder, for each day's labor.

Art. IV. That all notices of miners' meetings shall be posted at least sis, and shall be accompanied by at least six miner's signatures in tho abovementioned district, and shall bo posted by order of the President or Secretary.

SC ROBINSON Secretary.


In the town of Sherman, Hinsdale County Colorado, a meeting of Miners was held on this, the 2d day of October, 1877, and organized a mining district.

The following by laws were unanimously adopted :
Art. 1. This district shall bo known as Shorman Mining District,

ART. 2. This district shall be definod and bounded as follows: Commencing at the head or upper end of Lake San Christobal, thence southwest along the summit of the divido to the western county line of Hinsdale County, a point northwest (on the Animas Divide) of the north fork of Cottonwook Creek; thenco south east to the summit of the Clear Creek Divide; thence North east along the summit of the divide to a point opposite Lako San Christobal and thence to place of beginning

Art. 3. The officers of the district shall be a President and Secretary, who shall be duly chosen by ballot at an annual meeting and hold office for the term of one year.

ART. 4. The annual meeting of the district, for the purpose of electing officers and transacting other business deemed necessary shall be held on the first Monday of October each year.

Art. 5. Special meetings may be called by the President at the request of four or more of the resident miners of the district.

Art. 6. For anual labor performed in tho district eight ($3) dollars per day shall be allowed when powder and fuse are used in execution of said labor, and six ($6) dollars per day for any other labor performed withont powder and fuse.

In accordance with article third of aforesaid By Laws, the following named persons were unanimously elected officers of the district for the ensuing year. John Morein, President. Michael Cooney, Secretary.



At a meeting of miners called this day and date the following resolutions were adopted and the following officers were chosen and elected for the present year: For President Walter Wilson; Vice-President Samuel Murdy Secretary R. Rohm; a committee of three W. S. Barney; Wm Helmer and John Kelly were appointed to draft articles to form a mining district and the following laws were adopted

ARTICLE 1st. This district shall be called and known by the namb of Battle Mountain District

ART. 2d. This district shall be defined and bounded as follows; commencing at the mouth of Homestake creok at the junction of the Eagle river; thence following the conrse of the said Eagle river twelve miles down and embracing six (6) miles on each side of said river

WALTER WILSON, President. R. L. Roun, Sec.






Committee BATTLE MOUNTAIN EAGLE River Summit County Colorado June 21st 1879



6 Pikix” DISTRICT August 2 1879 To the miners of Pitkin District :

A meeting of the miners will be held on Saturday at 3 p. m. August 2 1879 at the "Ruby Palace", (tho samo place of the road nieeting, for the purpose of moro perfectly organizing the camp, by electing a district Recorder and three Judges before whom all miners' disputes shall be heard and adjudged, and such docisions shall be considered valid by the camp over which they have Jurisdiction. Also for it further consideration of the requirements of this camp.


" PITKIN” DISTRICT August 8 1879 At a meeting held this day the followiug was adopted :

Resolved, That we hereby ratify and heartily endorse the proceedings of the first miners' meeting, held in this district on the 8th day of July, 1879; also the subsequent change of namo from "Pitkin" to Ruby District, so as to avoid confusion of localities, and repeal all subsequent regulations in conflict therewith.

It was moved and carried that all that section of Gunnison County, drained by the waters of Ohio Creek, Coal Creek and Anthracite Creek, from its head to a distance of fifteen miles, below Brennan's Lake shall be known and is hereby organized as Ruby Mining District.

A committee was appointed to draft by-laws, rules and regulations of the camp, composed of Christopher, A. B. Litchfield, Charles Deferbough, James D May, and Mr. Copley, which were presented at a subsequent meeting


Be it enacted by the miners of Ruby Mining District in mass meeting assembled, August 12, 1879, that the following laws, rules and regulations governing the location of claims etc., in said district be adopted to-wit:

SECTION 1. The Ruby Mining District shall consist of all that section of Gunnison County, Colorado, drained by the waters of Ohio Creek, Coal Creek, (a fork of Slate river), and Anthracite Creek, from its hoad, including Ruby Crook, for a distance of fifteen miles bolow Brendan's Lake.

SECTION 2. The officers of this District shall consist of a Recorder and Secretary, the Recorder to be ex-officio secretary and shall keep the records of all meetings

Section 3. We hereby adopt the United States Mining Laws of May 10 1872, with all acts and amendments thereto, and the Colorado Mining Laws, with the following local rules and requirements.

SECTION. 4. A mining claim located after the adoption of these laws, whether located by one or more persons, may equal, but shall not exceed fifteen hundred feet in length along the vein or lode. No claim shall extend more than 150 feet on each side of the middle of the Vein, at the surface; the end lines of each claim shall be parallel to each other.

Section. 5. Any location or certificate of location of a lode claim which shall not contain the name of the lode, the name or names of the locators, the date of location, the number of lineal feet claimed on each side of the discovery shaft, the general course of the lode, with a discovery stake that will at lcast square three inches, and such other description as shall identify the claim with reasonable certainty, shall be void.

SECTION. 6. Such surface boundaries shall be marked by six substantial posts, hewed and marked on the side or sides which are in toward the claim, and sunk in the ground to wit: One at each corner and one in the center of each side line where it is practically imimpossible, on account of bed rock, to sink such posts, they may be placed in a pile of stone, and when in marking the surface boundaries of a claim, any one or more of such posts shall fall by right upon precipitous ground, where the proper placing of it is impracticable, or dangerous to life or limb, it shall be legal and valid to place any such posts at the nearest practical point, suitably marked to designate the proper place.

SECTION, 7. In order to hold the possessory right to a claim, there shall be done not less than $100 worth of work or improvements thereon each year, and for the first year the work or improvements thereon shall be completed within sixty days from date of discovery.

SECTION. 8. Any discovery shaft five feet by three and a half feet, by ten feet deep from the surface on the vein or lode, shall be considered $100 worth of work; or any open cut, cross cut or tunnel five feet in width, which shall cut a lode at the depth of ten feet below the surface, shall hold such lode the same as if a discovery shaft were sunk thereon or an adit, of at least ten feet in along the lode, by five feet wide, from the point where the lode may be in any manner discovered, shall be equivalent to a discovery shaft.

SECTION. 9. The office of Recorder is hereby declared elected for this district, for the year ending Augnst 1, 1880.

SECTION. 10. It shall be the duty of the Recorder to call meetings of the miners of the district whenever a petition is havded him signed by ten or more persons owning lode claims in this district, or the legal representatives of such lode claim owners, requesting him to give notice of such meeting for the purpose of altering or amending the laws of this district or for the consideration of miners' disputes on claims, or for the election of officers, and such notices shall be posted in at least five conspicuous places in the district for at least ten days previous to the meeting, and it shall be the duty of the Recorder to record all location notices upon the payment of his fees. He shall have the right to appoint one or more deputies and shall be entitled to the following fees: For recording quartz mining claims, coal claims, mill sites and tunnel rights, each ($209) two dollars, and for deeds bonds and mortgages, and other instruments of writing, one dollar for the first folio, and 50 cents for each additional folio; and certified copies of location notices shall be furnished for one dollar each.

SECTION 11. Deposits of borax, coal or iron must be entered under the mining laws, under the proceedings required in cases of placer mines. [Copp's Mining decision, 194 and 235. ]

SECTION. 12. It shall take at least a four fifth vote from all miners present at any mecting to change, alter or amend the rules regulations or by laws of this district.

CALLED MEETING At a called meeting of the Miners Association of Ruby District, August 24, 1879, a resolution was adopted denouncing all forceable settlements of miners disputes, and a board of arbitration to be appointed for this purpose, in case of all disputes and differences as to claims and locations

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SEPT 24th 1879
At a meeting held at the head of Meddow Creek Mr C. J. Witaker was appointed chairman and D. R. Emmett

The following resolutions were adopted
1st. That this new mining camp be organized into a Mining District
2d. That the name of the District shall be known as Wilkinson's Mining District

3d. That the boundaries of the district shall be as follows-Commencing at the junction of West Ten Mile creek with Ten Mile river and thence running up West Ten Milo to Block Lake; thence down Block Lake fork of Piney in a north west course to the junction of Big Horn creck with Piney fork of Eagle, thence up Big Horn creek to its head, thence agross the Blue River Range to the head of Rock Creek; thence down Rock creek to its junction with the Blue River, thence up the Blue River to its junction with Ten Mile River; thence up Ten Mile River to the place of beginning

4th. That in working assessments hereafter $5.00 per day per man including tools &c shall be considered the basis for estimating the value of the work done

C. J. WHITAKER, Chairman D. R. EMMETT, Secy.


At a meeting of the miners on Swan river called this 14th day of February A. D 1880 for the purpose of forming a mining district and making and adopting a code of laws for governing the same the following officers were elected to serve for the term of one year from date:

Mr Isaac Williams, President; Mr N. Burnett Gleason Vice President; Mr Frank Rearden Recorder; Mr Watter Farrar Assistant.

And by vote the following articles were adopted.
ARTICLE First. This district shall be called and known as the Swan river district.

ARTICLE Second. This district shall be defined and bounded as followe; commencing at the point on the Swan river opposite the mouth of Summit gulch and running thence northerly to North Turner creek; thence casterly up North Turner creek and on to the head of Keystone gulch, thence to western boundary of Georgia district; thence southward along said boundary line to summit of the divido botween Swan river and French gulch; thence westerly along said divide to point opposite the head of Summit gulch; thence northerly dowu Sammit gulch to place of beginning

ARTICLE Third. It shall be the duty of the President or in his absence the Vice-President to preside at all meetings of the miners of said district,

ARTICLE Fourth. It shall be the duty of the President or in his absence the Vice-President or in the absence of both the Recorder, whenever requested by any four (4) or more miners belonging to said district to call a meeting of miners therein, to post or.cause to be posted in a prominent place in said district a plain notice of such meeting giving at least four (4) days notice of same.

ARTICLE Fifth. It shall be the duty of the Recorder or in his absence the assistant Recorder to be present at all meetings of the miners and act in his official capacity.

ARTICLE Sixth. It shall be the duty of tho Recorder to tako charge of all records and papers belonging to the district and preserve the same carefully

ARTICLE Serenth. All discoveries made within said district shall have a plain notice posted at the discovery shaft or hole written in plain English giving date of discovery, name of lode, deposit or placer claim and of each and every claimant and stating the number of lineal feet each way from centre of discovery shaft also the number of feet in width and in what direction bearing from said notice

ARTICLE Eiglıth. All claimants or miners shall have a full year unmolested to perform the annual government assessment on his or their lode lodes or claims providing work is commenced thereon on or before the first day of the year dating from dato of discovery.

ARTICLE Ninth. In performing the annual assessment required by the government there shall be allowed for a days labor on all lodes or deposits the following prices.

For working in loose rock and earth $10.00 (ten dollars) per day and in hard rock such as will requiro blasting $14.00 (fourteen dollars) per day.

ARTICLE Tenth. A hole on any claim within this district that is sunk to the full depth of 10 (ten) feet from the lower part of the rim of same at the surface, which is the depth required by law for true fissure veins with a plain notice or sign posted as described in article 7th (seventh) of these by-laws shall be valid and vot subject to relocation for one year from the date of discovery or location, even though mineral may not be found in the hole. ISAAC WILLIAMS











DECATUR, SUMMIT COUNTY, COLORADO, June 5th, 1880. Pursuant to a public notice duly posted a rousing, enthusiastic and very orderly miner's meeting was held at W.L. Sawtell’s hotel this evening. The meeting was called to order at 7.40 p. m; W.L. Sawtell chosen chairman; M. A. Lathrop, secretary.

Moved and carried that a committee of five be elected to draft resolutions in regard to staking, working and holding claims and other mining interests of Peru district and present the same for approval at the next regular meeting. S. F. Cowles, Ed. Cane, Geo. B. Semmes, W. L. Sawtell, John F. Leland, committee elected.

Moved and carried that in case any member of the Committee should be unable to be present he be empowered to choose a substitute to represent him in drafting said resolutions. Moved and carried that M. A. Lathrop take up a subscription for the purpose, and procure a suitable cabinet or cabinets for the preservation and exhibition of mineral specimens of this district, and solicit samples, arrange and take care of same, and furnish samples of ores to capitalists, mining exchanges and educational institutions and at the earliest practical convenience place samples of ore from this district in suitable cases on exhibition in some bank or exchange in Georgetown, Denver and Leadville, also receive and answer all correspondence in regard to the same.

Moved by Thomas T. Eyre and by a unanimous vote declared that no Chinawan be employed in any capacity or allowed to remain in Peru district.

Moved and carried that the Secretary Send copies of the proceedings of this meeting to the papers in Denver, Georgetown, Kokomo and Leadville.

CERTIFICATE OF RESOLUTIONS PERU MINING DISTRICT Your committee after carefully considering the subject under discussion viz; "the staking working and holding of claims and other mining interests,” they well knowing that the existing statutes on those points are very explicit yet feeling the importance of some united action whereby disputes and consequent delays in the development of said interests in this district may be avoided, and in order to shape such action your committee would respectfully suggest that a standing committee be elected having certain powers granted them to act and duties to perform. Therefore be it

Resolved That a standing committee of five practical miners shall be elected at a regularly called meeting whose duty it shall be to thoroughly investigate all mining disputes presented to them in writing and decide upon the same according to their best judgment.

ARTICLE 2d. That in caso said contestants are dissatisfied with tho decision of the standing committee they may appeal to the next regular miner's meeting by signing articles of agreement to abide by the majority vote of said meeting such vote to be considered final.

ARTICLE 3rd. That the chairman of said committee shall be empowered to call a miners meeting whenever a majority of said committee deem it expedient by posting at least two written notices in conspicuous places for not less than threo nor more than six days prior to said meeting.

ACTICLE 4th. That any person or number of persons taking a mining claim shall commence work on said claim beforo the expiration of ten days from the hour of staking said lodo or claim, or forfeit all right to protection from the standing committee

ARTICLE 5th. That in staking a mining claim the general directions and distances with date and name of said claim shall be stated on the stake.

Article 6th. That any person or number of persons staking a mining claim of 150 foot wide by 1500 feet in length or less shall bo protected in the exclusivo right for sixty days, to prospect said ground and sink his ten feet hole, if said party conforms to Article 4th

ARTICLE 7th. That after work has been commenced on a mining claim, said claim shall be worked expeditiously until finished, and tools to remain in the hole until completed, said tools to be plainly marked.

ARTICLE Sth. That any person or number of persons proven to have molested or foloniously takon tools from said holes or workings, tho same shall be reported at tho next regular miner's meeting for their action.

ARTICLE 9th. That any person or number of persons staking a mining claim that has been forfeited according to law, shall be protected in his rights while conforming to Article 4th

ARTICLE 10th. That in case a mining claim is forfeited the parties restaking said claim shall preserve the original stakes, if there be any and such old stakes shall be accepted in evidence in questions of dispute. ARTICLE 11th. That these resolutions shall take effect from the time of their adoption.


Moved that any of the preceding articles may be amended or annulled at any future meeting, carried.

The preceding resolutions were adopted by a regularly called miner's meeting of Peru District held at W. L. Sawtell's Hotel, Decatur, Summit Co. Col June 12th 1880

W. L. SAWTELL, Chairman. M. A. LATHROP, Sect


The Atlantic District is a new mining District of Clear Creek County, formed in June 1880. The following are the published minutes of the organization meeting of the miners, held at the office of D. J. Ball in Empire.

Whereas, we, the miners and property holders in the new camp which comprises a part of the western portion of Clear Creok County, Colorado, havo by prospecting, developinent and assays proven the existence there of rich silver and gold ores in true fissuro voins, and, as we believe, in great quantity; and being desirous of forming a new district and establishing certain rules and miners' laws for the protection of the people of the district, do hereby declare in public meeting: First: That a new mining district in Clear Creek County is hereby organized, the boundaries of which shall be as follows: Commencing at a point in the centre of Middle Clear Creek due south of J. Musser's cabin; thence westorly along the centre of said Middle Clear Creek to a point where Jones' wagon road crosses said creek; thence south westerly along the line of said Jones' wagon road to Jones' pass; thence following the summit of the Snowy Range northeasterly through Vasquez Pass and Berthone Pass to the summit of Mt. Flora, thence southerly on a direct line to the place of beginning. Second, That the name of said mining district shall be Atlantic, and shall be (so?) known and specified in all records of property discovered therein. Third, That nothing herein enacted shall interfere or prejudice any rights heretofore lawfully acquired within the boundaries of this district. Fourth, That a committee of three citizens be appointed to select a site for a town at some point on Middle Clear Creek which will best accommodate the camp. Fifth, That the name of the town shall be Atlantic. Sixth, That the committee on town site shall consist of Henry M. Cline, George S. Russell and Wm M. Moore, and that they proceed immediately to select and survey the Town of Atlantic, and be authorized to assess the citizens for the necessary funds to pay expenses. A number of miners laws in regard to the holding of town lots, cutting timber, grazing of stock and cattle and other matters were passed.

B. 0. RUSSELL, President, E. C. Guibor, Secretary.




We miners and mine owners of Chalk Creek Mining District, Chaffee County, Colorado, in order to secure the mining claims of said district from molestation and depredation by men of unprincipled character, do hereby formulate the following constitution for the government of our actions, binding ourselves, each and every one, under penalty of being expelled from the Association and branded far and wide as a coward and a person unfit for the communion of honest men, should we in the least, knowingly or wittingly, fail to uphold and support this, our constitution or the actions of bodies regularly constituted under it, all of which shall be as lawfully right as may be within our power. .

SECTION 1. 1. The Association shall bo known as the Miner's Association of Chalk Croek Mining District

2. The association shall be formed, as near as may bo, of two-thirds of tho men interested in mining pursuits in Chalk Creek Mining District, Chaffco County.

3. The officers of the association shall be a President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer.

4. The dnties of the President of the Association shall be to preside at all meetings of the association, cocido in cases of a tio and call meetings as elsewhero provided for.

5. The duties of the Vice Presidents shall be to take and fill tho position of President upon the absence of that officer.

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