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these rules, his claim shall be forfeited and shall be subject to pre-emption Provided that any person pro-empting such claim, shall commence drnining the same immediately, and shall complete the same in the same manner and in as short a time as heroin provided for.

SEC. 2nd Whenever it is the opinion of the “Board of Directors" that any claim has been forfeited it shall be the duty of tho President of the Board to post a Notice of the same at the Recorders Office, and if the same is not pre-empted within five days, of the timo of posting Buch Notice, any person or persons owning a claim or claims above shall have the right to drain such claim and hold the same for Drainage.

Sec. 3rd All Side Ditches shall be kept open at the expense of the owners of claims over which such sido ditches pass; and any person obstructing any sido Ditch or the Drain Ditch and failing to removo ench obstruction immediately upon being notified by any person immediately interested in said Ditches shall pay double the amount of damages that may be sustained theroby, to be recovered by an Action before a Justice of the Peace, of thu District in the same manner as in case of Debt.

Sec 4th All claims on Sacramento Flats below Gulch claim No. 31 shall hold good until July 20th without Work, when they shall be drained under the instructions of the Board of Directors

Sec. 5th All claims on the first Tier North of the Guloh abovo Galeh claim No. 32, are declared workable on and after July 20th 1861 and all other claims not otherwise provided for are declared Workablo on and after June 20th, 1851.

SEC. 6th All claims that are Workablo shall be worked two days in each week. Any person owning more than one claim may represent his claims by work on any one of them. Provided that no less than two days Work in each week for each claim so owned shall be sufficient to hold the same.

SEO. 7th All disputes arising under these Rules shall be decided by the Board of Directors. Provided that any party feeling aggrieved at the Decisions of said Board shall bave the right to appeal to a Jury of Twelve. Said Jury shall be empanelled and the case shall be tried and Judgement rendered according to the Laws of Saoramento District June 15th 1861

W. JAMES AUSTIN President Attest A. 8. WESTON, Seoretary.

On Motion the Laws enacted by the Board of Directors were Section by Sertion submitted to the Miners for their Rejection or Approval. The Laws were adopted with the following Amendments Sec. 5th was so amendeel that all Patch and Side claims above Gulch claim No. 32 should be deolared Workable at the same time but should all, without Labor being performed thereon, bold good until July 20th 1861.

A. G. Patrick offered an Amendment to Sec 6th as follows

All claims that are Workable shall be worked Two days in each week. Provided that no less than two days Work on each and every claim so owned:shall be sufficient to hold the same, Exoopt where claims are contiguous Working upon one shall be a representation for all.


Obas Singletary moved that all partys interested in a Civil Suit shall be entitled to give testimony in their own behalf by giving the opposite party Three days notice of the same. Carried.

A. G. Patrick moved

That any person performing Labor upon any claim may hold claim orolaims responsible for the amount of Labor performed theroon - and that Laborers bo entitled to first pay from such Claims.

George F. Crocker offered an amendment to the above Motion as follows to Wit:

That any party to whom Monog is due for Work performed upon any claird shall file his claim with a Justice of the Peace of the District, within five days after ceasing Work upon such claim, or within five-days after the origination of his claim and that any party failing so to do, shall nor cannot hold such claim or claims, responsible if boforo filing his claim, such claim or claims fall into the hands of other parties.

The resolution with the amendment was carried.
H. O. Huntsman offered the following.

Resolved that Hydraulic Claims shall be 200 feet.square, and were mnoh claims are contiguous, Work performed upon any one of thom shall be a representation for all.

On motion meeting adjourned.

E. W. JONES, Secretary.

At a Meeting of the Miners of Sacremento District held July 10th 1861, for the transaction of general Business. Wm. J. Austin was chosen president

A. G. Patrick moved that in all suits at law both the Plaintiff and Defendant shall be competent Witnesses. Oarried,

A. G. Patrick moved that all side and Patch claims above Gulch claim No. 30 are declared in a Workable condition and Owners failing to work such Claims, according to Law shall subject their claims to pre-emption. Oarried. On Motion the Meeting adjourned.

E. W.JONES, Secretary.

Proceedings of Miners of a Meeting held Aug 30th 1861, V. R. Woodmancy in the Chair.
Jas. R. Brown offered the following Resolutions which were adopted.

Resolved that all Gulch claim owners and holders shall have the right to work their claims in any manner they may see fit, and that they shall be compelled to movə only the tailings that do not naturally flow with the water in its natural course down the Guleh.

Resolved that all owners or holders of side claims shall have the right to work their claims in any manner they may see proper and shall only be compelled to move the tailings that do not naturally flow with the water in ite course down the Gulch.

J. H. Brown moved
That when Suit is begun before one Justice of the District an appeal can only be had to the other Justice of the District.
Vol. Austin offered an amendment to the above Resolution as follows-
If either party to a Suit shall object to either Justice of the District, the Recorder shall act as Justice.

It was moved, that any party guilty of contempt of Court shall be subject to a fine, and said fine shall go to the benefit of the Poor of the District. The limit of said fine to be Twenty-five dollars. Carried.

J. H. Darnall moved that all claims shall hold good from the last of October 1861 until June 1, 1862 without work.

Col. Austin offered an amendment so that claims hold good from last of October 1861 until May 1st 1862. Oarried.

J. H. Darnall moved that all claims on which buildings are situated and occupied as Dwellings or Business Houses shall hold good without work until the first day of July 1862. Carried. On Motion Meeting adjourned.

E. W. JONES, Secretary At a Meeting of Miners of Sacramento District held October 12th 1861, A. S. Weston was chosen President.

W. J. Austin moved that the Law ooncerning the holding of Office by Two Sheriffs be repealed and that only one Sheriff be allowed to hold Office in Sacramento District and that the election of said Sheriff be immediately oommenced. Carried.

Wm.J. Austin moved that five practical Miners be selected by the President to advise some system of Draining & Working claims, and said Committee to report at a Meeting to be held on Sunday October 20th 1861. Carried

James H, Brown offered the following resolution:

Resolved that under all sales under Execution or Attachment, that the Defendant or his Agent or Attorney shall have the right of redemption at any time within Thirty days by paying purchase Money and 10% thereon, on sale of all Mining claiins, Buildings, or Building Lots, Ditehes, or Ditch Stock, Flumes or Flume Stock, Provided that nothing herein shall in any way affect Judgements already obtained, or Buits already commenced.


The President appointed the following named persons as the Committee to Devise some system of Working and Draining claims-W. J. Austin chairman, R. E. Mc.Claren, Elijah Smither, G. L. Henderson, and Wm. Clark.

Jas. H. Brown moved that the President appoint Judges and Olerks of Election. Carried.
On Motion Meeting adjourned till Sunday October 20th 1861.

E. W. JONES, Secretary.
At a Meeting of the Miners of Sacramento District held October 20th 1861, J. M. Wood was chosen President.

The Report of the Committee appointed at the last Meeting to adopt some system of Drainage &c, made their Report as follows

SEQ. Ist Owners of Patch or side claims adjourning the Gulch shall first commence to drain their claims, running said drain through their claims to the line of the claim lying back of their own, after which time the owner of the claim so drained, shall commence and run his drain through to the claim lying back of his claim, and as fast as drains are run through claims as above specified, tbe owners of olaims lying back shall immediately commence and continge Work until their claims are all drainod.

Sec. 2nd Work shall be commenced by owners of claims adjourning the Gulch, on or before November 1st 1861, and shall be continued diligently until his or their claims shall have been drained. Any party failing to commence Work at the time above spocified and failing to complete said Drain in a reasonable length of time, shall subject his claim to pre-emption. The party pre-empting any claim so forfeited shall forthwith comply with the above terins, or forfeit bis olaim, and again sabject it to pre-emption

SEC. Srd All Gulch claims below Gulch claim No. 60 in California Galch, Sacramento District, are declared Workable on or after October 22nd 1861. Any party owning claims in the Guleh below No. 60 and failing to commence at the above time, and failing to continne the work on the same until it shall have been drained, shall subject his claim to pre-emption The party pre-empting howover to forthwith comply with the above terms or again subject his claim to pre-emption.

Bro. 4th Any party or parties owning Goloh claims above Guloh claim No. 60 and who are necessarily compelled to run through the claim of another party in order to drain his or their own claim or claims, shall be entitled to the pay-dirt taken out of said claim, provided the owner of the claim through which a drain has to be run, refuses to run the same himself when notified.

The following Laws were adopted with the following Amendments :

Seo. 1st was so amended that Gulch claims should first be drained, after which time all side or Patch claims should be drained according to Bection 1st

The following was offered by P. Smith

Resolved that each claim owner shall be limited to 15 days to run 100 feet of Drain Ditch and that such Drift shall be commenced within five days. Commencing at the upper end of the Flame and running up the Gulch, and that all claims shall hold good until such time that the Drain Drift is worked ap to the lower line of the claim above and that each claim owner shall have his shaft sunk when the Drift gets up to him.

The above resolution was carried by having substituted 25 instead of 15 days.

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A. 8. Weston moved that any party attempting to run a Drain through the claim of another person and failing to complete the same shall forfeit all compensation derived under the Laws of the District. Oarried.

Jas. Guffy offered the following amendment to sec. 15 of the original Laws:

A stay of Execution may be granted for thirty days from the time of Rendering Judgement, if the party or parties appear and give Security, Good and approved, for the amount of Judgement and Costs.

On Motion Meeting adjourned.

E. W. JONES, Secretary.
At a Meeting held April 25th 1862 for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of calling a new
Election for Officers of Lake County, also to take the sense of the people of Sacramento District in regard to sustaining
the present Courts and Laws under which they aot, G. D. Breece was chosen President.

On Motion Meeting adjourned to meet again May 18th, at which time the annual Meeting of the Miners of Sacramento District should be held.

E. W. JONES, Secretary.

Pursuant to adjournment, The annual Meeting of the Miners of Sacramento District was held, of which Jno. McPherson was chosen President.

A Motion was made, that a Committee consisting of five practical miners be appointed, to revise the laws of Sacramento District, and make their report at the adjourned Meeting to be held May 12th 1862.

The following named persons were appointed as such committee, Hartman, Miles Morgan, A. 8. Weston, D. Houghton, and J. P. Potts.

On motion all claims were declared to be not jumpable until May 12th, 1862.
The following resolution introduced by D. W. Mason was adopted.
Whereas Lake County has not been organized in accordance with Laws, in such cases made and provided, Therefor

Resolved, That we as Miners and Citizens of California Gulch, Sacramento District, Territory of Colorado, and County aforesaid do recognize and sustain the Miners Code of Laws, and the Officers elected under the same in the aforesaid District until such time as Lake County shall have been properly organized.

J. H. Brown moved that the County Commissioners be instructed to notify the Governor of Colorado Territory of the state of affairs in Lake County. Oarried. On Motion Meeting adjourned to meet May 12th, 1862.

E. W. JONES, Secretary. Pursuant to adjournment a Meeting of the Miners of Sacramento District was held May 12th 1862, for the purpose of hearing the Report of the Committee appointed to revise the Laws of said District, of which Meeting, J. A. Oulver was chosen President.

The following Laws and Amendments were offered by said Committee for consideration

ARTICLE 1, SECTION 1. All persons owning claims in this Distriot shall be allowed to represent them all by working any one of said claims.

ARTICLE 2. All Work done upon Drain Ditches shall represent the claims proposed to be drained, the same as if done upon the claims, and any person or persons owning claims, and intending to work them, shall have Ten days time to prepare Sluices and obtain tools for that purpose.

ARTICLE 3. All persons owning Buildings shall hold the claim or claims upon which their Buildings stand without work, and all persons, who have or may hereafter expond Fifty dollars or more in draining their claims shall hold such claims without work so long as they keep their drain in proper repair.

ARTICLE 4th All owners of claims which are not and cannot at present be drained, shall be allowed to hold the same without work, antil such time, as the said claims can be drained at a reasonable expense, by filing within Ten days time from the passage a Written Notice to that affect with the Recorder, describing such claims, and the Recorder's fees for placing the same on file, shall be Twenty five cents per Notice.

ARTICLE 5. All claims not represented according to some one of the foregoing Laws, are hereby declared forfeited and subject to pre-emption according to Law.

SECTION 2nd Any person or persons pre-empting claims must record the same, within Five Days after filing and according to the original Numbers and Surveys. Provided that when such Numbers are not to be found upon the claim, the party pre-empting may Rooord by discription and such record shall hold good in all cases

Section 3rd All owners of claims shall have the right of way through adjourning claims for Draining and shall be entitled to all of the Gold taken from said drains in the construction thereof. Provided that the owners of such adjoining claims sball first be notified to construct the said drain, and if he does not within one Week of said Notice commence Work thereupon and continue the same diligently until the said Drain is completed, then the party requiring drainage may proceed to construct such drains as he or they may need.

Bro. 4th Any person or persons who may hereafter find new diggings or strike a known paystreak at a Distance of Two Hundred feet or more from any point where such paystreak has been claimed and worked, shall be entitled to one claim extra thereupon for Discovery, SECTION 5th Any Laws or parts of Laws heretofore existing inconsistent or conflicting with the foregoing are hereby repealed.

D. HOUGHTON, Chairman,

The foregoing was submitted Section by Section and approved with the following amendments
Sec. 3rd was so amended that a Drift five feet in width should consist a drain.

The following was the Amendment to Sec. 4th

Any person or persons who may hereaftor find a new paystreak or a new Diggings in this District shall be entitled to ono Claim Extra for Discovery.

S. D. Breece moved that no Meeting for the purpose of repealing any of the foregoing Laws should be called for the period of Twelve Months from the time of their passage. Carried. .

E. W. JONES, Secretary. The foregoing Laws were filed in my Office January 8th 1862.

E. W. JONES, Olerk & Recorder. Lake County, Colorado Territory. WM. B. FISHER, Expert.


CORAL DISTRICT, July the 1st 1861 The meeting was called to order pursuant to call by N Parmeter president

After reading and revesing the Spanish Bar Code of laws a motion was made by G M Hopkins for their adoption which carried unanimously

N PARMETER President H PIFLEY Secretary



ART II This district shall be known as Coral Distriot

The boundaries of this district shall be as follows on the S. E. by Jackson Dist. on N. E. by Spanish Bar Dist, on the N. W. Trail Creek Dist on the S W by tho Snowy Range

CHAPTER 2-OFFICERS ART 2 The officers of this district shall be a president Judge of the Miners Court a constablo and recorder, who shall be ex-officio Secretary and Treasurer of the District which officers shall be elected on the first Monday of July of each year and who shall hold their offices for the torm of one year from the date of their election or until their The boundaries of this district shall be as follows on the South East by Jackson Dist on the North East by Spanish Bar District on the North and North west by Trail Run & Trail Creek District on the South West by the center North branch of Chicago Creek until it comes in a paralell line with the boundary line between Coral and Jackson District Thence due North East till it intersects the North West Corner of Jackson District Successors are elected and qualified unless they sooner die remove from the district resign or are removed for misconduct as hereinafter provided

SECTION 2d When any officer oxcept the president of this district shall be guilty of misconductor malfeasance in office it shall be the duty of the president when an affidavit is made setting forth the specific charge to issue a notice to such officer to appear before him for trial The president shall appoint a prosecutor and the trial shall be conducted according to the laws for misdemeanor

SECTION 3. In case the president of the district is charged with misconduct in office it shall bo the duty of the Judge of the Minors Court to perform the duties prescribed for the president in the foregoing section

SECTION 4. Each officer before entering upon the discharge of the duties of his office shall take an oath to support and faithfully execute all the laws of the district

CHAPTER 3 SECTION 5 It shall be the duty of the president to preside at all legally called meeting of the miners and to call special meetings by posting three notices within the district at least three days before Said Meeting when in his opinion there is necessity for the same or when a petition is presented signed by a majority of the citizens of the district specifying the particular object of the meeting which object must bo distinctly statod in the notice

SECTION 2 It shall be the duty of the president to preside in the miners courts in case wliero the Judge of said court is in any manner interested in tho result of the suit or otherwise disqualified unless objections is made by either of the parties in which case it shall be his duty to appoint a Judge Pro. tom.

SEC 2 It shall be the duty of the President to sign all orders on the treasurer for money legally appropriated and all deeds for property belonging to the district which the miners of the district to sold, and also to have the care of any property belonging to the district except such as it is the special duty of some other officer to protect It shall also be his duty to institute suit against any person destroying or injuring any property belonging to the district or committing ang offense recognized in the law as a misdemeanor nuisance or crime and to appoint a suitable person to conduct the prosecution

Sec 4. It shall be the duty of the president of tho district to appoint an officer pro tom to fill any vacancy that may occur It shall be the duty of the president to qualify all the officers except the Judge to qualify all succeeding officers

DUTIES OF THE JUDGE Sec. 5–. The judge of the miners court shall execute a bond with good and suficient security to be approved by the president in the penal sam of one hundred dollars for the faithful performance of his duties

SEC 6 Tho Judge of the miners Court shall perform the duties of the president in case of his absence or disability

Sec 7 The miners Court shall have Jurisdiction over all civil contraots made in this or any other district in Colorado Territory provided the parties wero citizens of this district at iho time of making tho contract or provided the defendant is a citizen of this district at the time of tho institution of the suit

SEC 8 It shall be tho duty of tho Judge in all cases before entering suit to require a bond with good and suficient socurity for the payment of all costs and for all damages in case of attachments being wrongfully sued out It shall be the duty Judge to qunlify tho president

SEC 9 No suit shall be brought in the minors Court for indebtedness contracted in any other State or Territory excopt by consent of all the parties interested and no execution shall be collectable on a Judgment renderod upon such indebtednoss except as hereinboforo provided

DOCKETS Seo 10 Tho Judge of miners Court shall keop a docket on which a correct record of all the procoedings of his court shall be entered and he shall file and safely keep all papors connected with suits before him It shall also be his duty to make out and send to the court of appeals a complete transcript of the records in any case where eithor party complies with the law authorizing an appeals together with any special ruling made in the trial provided parties require it

FINE FOR CONTEMPT SEC 11 It shall be the duty of the court to lay a fine not to exceed ten dollars for contempt of court Said fine to be collectablo by sale of property on execution and the proceeds of the same to be paid into the district treasury.

Sec 12. It shall be the duty of the Judge to issue an attachment when the plaintiff in any suit shall make oath that ho believes the defendant is about to abscond or dispose of his proporty to defraud his creditors

Sec 13. The Judge of the Miners Court shall have full probato Jurisdiction within this district

SECTION 14. It shall be the duty of the Judge of the miners Court to pay over to the treasurer of the district all moneys coming into his hands for fines

DUTIES OF THE RECORDER SEC 15 It shall be the duty of the recorder safely to keep the records of the district and to record all papers on payment of his fees To act as secretary at all public meetings of the district and by virtuo of his office as treasurer to keep all moneys of the district paid to him subject to the draft of the presedent, also to keop all vouchers so that at any time he may be able to exhibit the financial condition of the district when called upon to do so

SEC 16 The recorder may appoint a deputy who shall be duly sworn for whose special acts he shall be responsible

Sec 17 It shall be the duty of the Recorder to execute bonds with good security for one hundred dollars to be approved by tho president and Judge of the district for tho faithfull performance of the duties of his office

Sec 18 The constable of the district shall execute a bond with good and suficient security to be approved by the president and
Judge of the district in the penal sam of one hundred dollars for the faithfull performance of the duties of his office

Sec 19 It shall be the duty of the constable to execute all papers issued by the proper officers and make duo return ontered thereon

Sec 20 It shall be the duty of constable when he attaches any property not capable of manual delivery to file a list of the samo with the recorder immediately

Sec 21 It shall be the duty of the constable to return any notico or summons on or before the time set therein for trial and tho manner of service shall be set forth in the constables return thereto

SEC 22 It shall be the duty of the constable to receive and return in person all papers which it is his duty to serve and executo and to be present at all sittings of the court and to porforin such other duties as may be required of him by law Sec. 23. It shall be the duty of the constablo to execute or cause to be executed all penalties for criminal offences

CHAPTER 4.--OFFICERS FEES JUDGES FEES Sec 1 The Judge of the minors court shall be allowed fifty conts each for issuing all papers oxcopt subpænas for which he shall be entitled to twenty five cents if containing ono name and fifty if containing more than one name for docket entry one dollar for trials of each cause one dollar and fifty cents for each continuance of a cause one dollar and for making ont a transcript required by law in case of an appeal to the appelated Court one dollar

RECORDERS FEES Sec 2 The Recorder shall be entitled to fifty cents for recording each claim fifty cents for a deed or any other instrument of not more than one hundred words and at the rate of tifty cents for each additional one hundred words

SEC 3 The constable shall receivo the sum of fifty cents each for serving all papors except subpænas for which he shall be entitled
to twenty five cents for each person subponad When on official business outside this district he shall be allowed ten cents for each milo
necessarily travelod He shall also be allowed fifty cents each for three notices in case of sale under execution and one dollar for selling
property For empanneling a Jary of six one dollar and fifty conts for waiting on the courts he shall be allowed fifty cents for each cause

SEC 6 Jurors shall bo allowed the sum of one dollar and fifty cents for each cause tried

SEC 7 Witnosses shall be allowed one dollar for each attendance on a causo

SEC 1 Trials for criminal offences or misdemeanor may be instituted at any time

Sec 2 Any person wishing to commence a civil action in the miners court shall file with the Judge of said Court a statement in writing setting forth his grounds of complaint which shall contain all the allegations and facts nocessary to constituto a cause of action in plain and unequivocal language and if the dofendant does not appear and answer to said complaint the court shall requiro plaintiff to make oath to the correctness of his complaint and that he knows of no offset which the defendant may have upon complying with the foregoing requirements the Judge may enter Judgment for the amount Claimed together with all costs of suit

SEC 3 Dopositions may be used in ovidence before the Miners Court provided the witness is sick and unable to attend at the placo of trial about to leave the country or is out of the Jurisdiction of the courts provided also that the adverse party shall have notice of the time and placo when and where such deposition will be taken and have tho right to cross question such witnoss if not a resident of this Territory

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