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MAY 1, 1863.

MENDELSSOHN. Letters from Italy and Switzerland. By Felix | NIERITZ. The Jailer of Norwich; or, The Eighth Commandment

Bartholdy Mendelssohn. Translated from the Gerinan by Lady By Gustav Nieritz. 16mo, pp. 186. Church Book Soc., N.Y William Wallace. With a Biographical Notice by Julie de

C1. 45 cts. Marguerittes. 10mo, pp. 375. Lypoldt, Phila. ci. $1.2.

NO WORK. NO WAOES; AND OTHER STORIES. 18mo, pp. 180. Cuts MERLE D'AUBIG É. History of the Reformation in Europe in the Presb. Bd., Phila. Cl. 40 cts.

Time of Calvin. By J. N. Merle d'Aubigné, D.D. Vols. I. and Nort. Sketches of the War: a Sories of Letters to the North II. Geneva and France. 2 vols. 12mo pp. xxxv., 433; xix., 475. Moore Street School of New York. By Charles C. Nott, Cap Portrait. Author's Edition. Carters, N.Y. Cl. $3.00.

tain in the 6th lowa Cavalry. 12mo, pp. 174. Erans, N.Y. CI MICHIGAN. State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1863-4, 75 cts.

embracing Historical and Descript Sketches of all the Cities, ODENHEIMER. The Sacred Scriptures: the Imperial Record of that Towns, and Villages throughout the State, together with Clas

Glory of the Holy Trinity. The Primary Charge to the Clergi sified Lists of all Professions, Trades, and Pursuits, &c. &c. 8vo, of the Diocese of New Jersey. By William Henry Ouienheimer pp. 611. Illustrations. Compiled and published by Charlos F. D.D., Bishop of the Diocese. 8vo, pp. 61. Chandler, P.ila. Clark. Detroit. $3.50.

OLIPIANT. Chronicles of Carlingford. A Novel. By the Autho MILK-WHITE DOVE; or. Little Jacob's Temptation. 12mo, pp. 15.

of " Margaret Maitland," &c. &c. 8vo, pp. 306. Hurperá, N.Y Evan. Knowl. Soc., N.Y. Pap. 3 cts.

Pap. 75 cts. Mill. On Liberty. By John Stuart Mill. 12mo, pp. 223. Tick- ORPHEUS C. KERR PAPERS (THE). Second Series. 12mo, pp. 367 nor & Fields, Boston. Cl. $1.00.

Carleton, N.Y. Cl. $1.25. MILLER. A Description of the Province and City of New York,

PACKARD. A Manual of Minor Surgery. By John H. Packard with Plans of the City and several Forts, as they existed in the M.D., Demonstrator of Anatomy in the University of Pennsyl Year 1095. By John Miller. A New Edition, with an Intro

vania, &c. &c. With 145 Illustrations. Lippincott, Phila duction and Copious Historical Notes

by John Gilmary Shea,

Sbp. $1.50.
LL.D. 8vo, pp. 127. Gowans, N.Y. Cl. $2.00.
Gowans's Bibliotheca Americana, No. 3.

Paez. Wild Scenes in South America: or, Life in the Llano

of Venezueln. By Don Ramon Paez. 12mo, pp. X., 502. Illus MINISTERING CHILDREN.

trations. Scribner, N.Y. $1.75. Herbert; or, True Charity. 18mo, pp. 261. Cuts. Am. Tract Soc. Boston. Cl. 45 cts.

PAINE. The Institutes of Medicine. By Martyn Paine, A.M.

M.D., LL.D. Seventh Edition. 8vo, pp. xvi., 1130. Portrait Patience; or, Sunshine of the Heart. 18mo, pp. 166. Cuts.

Harpers, N.Y. Shp. $5.00. Am. Tract Soc., Boston. Cl. 30 cts.

PALGRAVE. The Golden Trensury of the Best Songs and Lyrica Rose; or, The Little Comforter., pp. 206. Cuts. Am.

Poems in the English Language. Selected and Arranged, with Trac Soc.. Boston. Cl. 40 cts.

Notes, by Francis Turner Palgrave. 16mo, pp. xiii., 405. Sere Ruth and Little Jane; or, Blossoms of Grace. 18mo, pp. 117. & F., Cambridje. $1.25. Cuts. Am. Tract Soc., Boston. Cl. 30 cts.

PAPER MONEY. An Historical Skotch of the Paper Money issuet MITCHEL. The Astronomy of the Bible. By 0. M. Mitchel, LL.D., by Pennsylvania, together with a Complete List of all thi

formerly Director of tho Cincinnati and Dudley Observatories; Dates, Issues, Amounts, Denominations, and Signers. By lato Major-General of U.S. Vols. With a Biographical Sketch. Member of the Numismatic Society of Philadelphia. 8vo. pp. 40

12mo, pp. 322. Portrait. Blakeman & M., N. Y. ci. $1.50. Kline, Phil. MONUMENTS OF ART. Showing its Development and Progress from Parish Wili. CASE (THE), IN THE COURT OF APPEALS. The State

the Earliest Artistic Attempts to the Present Period. By V. ment of Facts, and the Opinion of the Court. R. Svo, pp. 12 Voit, Dr. E. Guhl, Joseph Caspar, and Dr. W. Luebke, in Ber- 43. Appletons, N.Y. Pap. 50 cts. lin. Two vols. Plates, oblong folio; and Text in one vol. 8vo, PARKER. Under His Banner. By Mrs. J. M. Parker. 16mo, PP pp. iv., 357. 156 Plates. Emil Seitz, N.Y. CI. $30.00. Half 261. Front. Church Book Soc., N.Y. CI. 60 cts. mor. $35.00.

PARVIN, Suldier Life and Every-Day Battles. With Biographical MORE. A New Memoir of Hannnh Moro; or, Life in Hall and Illustrations, Anecdotes, &c. By Rev. R. J. Parvin. Evun. Knowl

Cottage. By Mrs. Helon C. Knight. 12mo, pp. 282. Front. Soc., N.Y. Cl. 25 cts. and Vignetto. Am. Tract Soc., N.Y. CI. 60 cts.

PEAKE. Mary S. Peako, the Colored Teacher at Fortress Monroe MORFORD. Sprees and Splashes; or, Droll Recollections of Town By Rev. Lewis C. Lockwood, First Missionary to the Freedmet

and Country. A Book for Railroad Rides and Odd Half-Hourn. of Fortress Monroe, 1862. With an Appendix. 18mo, pp. 61 By Henry Morford. 12mo, pp. 240. Frontispiece. Carleton, Cuts. Am. Tract Soc., Boston. Cl. 25 cts. N.Y. Pap. 75 cts. Cl. $1.00.

PENNY. The Employments of Women: a Cyclopædia of Woman MULLER. Lectures on the Science of Language, delivered at the Work. By Virginia Penny. 12mo, pp. xxiii., 500. Walker, W

Royal Institution of Great Britain in April, May, and Juno, & Co., Boston. Cl. $1.50. 1861. By Max Müller, M.A. 8vo, pp. 416. Scribner, N.Y. PERRAULT. The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood. By Charle CI. $1.88.

Perrault. With

6 Photographs, from Illustrations by Gustaf MY BROTHER BEN. By tho Author of "Mackerel Will," &c. 18mo, Doré. 4to, pp. 22. Leypoldt, Phila. C1. $3.50. pp. 120. Illustrations. Presb. BI., Phila. CI. 30 cts.

PAELAN. The Illustrated Hand-Rook of Billiards. The America MY MOTHER'S CHAIR. 16mo, pp. 99. Illustrations. Carters, N.Y. Game, by Michael Phelan, The French Game, by Claudiu Cl. 30 cts.

Berger. 12mo, pp. 104. Phelan & Collender, N.Y. Pa;

25 cts. Nason. A Brief Record of Events in Exeter, N.H., during the

Year 1862; together with the Names of the Soldiers of this PAIELPS. Genealogy of Othniel Phelps, Esq., of Aylmer, Canad Town in the War. By Rev. Elias Nason. 12mo, pp. 20. Fogg West. Prepared for him, by Request, by Oliver Seymou & Fill-nes, Exeter.

Phelps, Esq., of St. Catharines, C.W. 8vo, pp. 44. St. Catharine Nat's Shoes. 18mo, pp. 91. Cuts. Am, S.S.U., Phila. CI.

C.W. 35 cts.

PAELP9. Holy Land; with Glimpses of Europe and Egypt. NATHUSIUS. Above her Station: The Story of a Young Woman's

Year's Tour. By S. Dryden Phelps. 12mo, pp. 407. 22 Et Life. By Mrs. Herman Philip, from the Original of Maria Na

gravings. Sheldon, N.Y. CI. $1.50. thusius. 12mo, pp. 231. Follett, F. & Co., N.Y. Cl. $1.00. PHILADELPHIA CITY DIRECTORY (MCELROY'S) FOR 1863. Containin NELLY, THE GIPSY GIRL. 16mo, pp. 143. Church Book Soc., N.Y.

the Names of the Inhabitants of the Consolidated City, thel CI. 40 cts.

Occupations, Places of Business, and Dwelling-Houses; a Bud NEMO. A Series of Appeals; or, Lectures addressed not Behind

ness Directory; a List of the Streets, Lanes, Alleys, City Office

Public Institutions, Banks, &c. Švo, pp. XXV., Xxxvi., 94 a Curtain to One Unfortunate Man, but to All Men and their

Biddle, Phila. Half roan, $2.50. Families. By Mrs. Nemo.-Contents: A Woman's Apology for Appearing in Public; pp. 27. An Appeal in Behalf of Unmar- PHYSICIAN'S DIARY FOR 1863. REVISED AND IMPROVED. 16mo. Bren ried Women: pp. 60. Unwomanly Women and Unmanly Men; Butler & Co., Buffalo. Tuck. 30 Patients, 75 cts.; 60 Patient pp. 32. Our Present War, and Woman's Relation to it; pp. 39.

$1.00. -12mo. Munsell, Albany. Pap. 75 cts. Cl. $1.00.


1863. 16mo. Lindsay & B., Phila. Tuck. 25 Patients, 75 cts FOR THE YEAR 1863. By G. Parker Lyon (No. 42; N. 8. No. 19).

50 Patients, $1.00; 100 Patients, $2.00. 16mo, pp. 168. Lyon, Concord. Pap. 35 cts.

PICTURES OF Hixdoo LIFE; OR, INDIA WITHOUT THE GOSPEL AS NEW YORK CITY. A Compilation of the Laws of the State of New

INDIA WITA THE GOSPEL. 18mo, pp. 144. Illustrations. Pre York relating particularly to the City of New York. Prepared,

Bd., Phila. Cl. 30 cts. at the Request of the Common Council, by David T. Valentine, PIERCE. A History of the Town of Gorham, Maine. Prepared, and published under their Direction. &vo, pp. iii., 1396. Ed- the Request of the Town, by Josiah Pierce. Svo, pp. 240. Bu mund Jones & Co., Prs., N.Y. Shp. $6.00.

ley & Noyes, Portland. New YORK CODE. The Code of Procedure of the State of New POEMS OF RELIGION, SORROW, COMFORT, COUNSEL, AND ASPIRATIO

York, As Amended to 1862. With the Rules of Court; and Ap- 8vo, pp. iv., 204. Sheldon, N.Y. Cl. $1.25. pendix of Terms, and an Index. Edited by John Townshend. Poor. The First Colonization of New England. An Address 12mo, pp. 303. Voorhics, N.Y. Roan, $1.25.

livered at the Erection of a Monumental Stone in the Walls Newton. Bible Illustrations : being a Storehouse of Similes, Fort Popham, August 29th. 1862, commemorative of the Play

Allegories, and Anecdotes. Selected from Spencer's “ Things ing of the Popham Colony on the Peninsula of Sabino, Auck New and old." and other Sources. With an introduction and 19, 0.s., 1607. establishing the Title of England to the Con Copious Index. By Richard Newton, D.D. 12mo, pp. 360. nent. By John A. Poor. 8vo, pp. 58. Map. Randolph, S. Smith, English & Co., Phila. Cl. $1.25.

Pap. 25 cto.

MAY 1, 1863

POPE Geneslogy of a Portion of the Pope Family, together with Engraved by M. de St. Memin from Drawings taken from Life by

Biograplucal .otices of Col. William Pope, of Boston, and some himself, during his Exile to the United States from 1733 to 1814 bis Descendants. 8vo, pp. 68. Duvid Clapp, Pr., Boston. To which are preti ed a Memoir of M. de St. Memin, and DioCL $100.

graphical Notices of the Persons whose Portraits constitute the Pore's SICE (TA), AND OTHER TALES. Translated from the Coll ction. Cumpiled fr m Authentic and Original Sources by French by Mrs. J. Sadlier. 18mo, pp. 140. Sudlier, N.Y. the Publisher. Folio, pp. viii., 104. 64 Plates.

Elias Dexter, Pap 21 cts. CL. 38 cts.

N.Y. Mor. $.10.00. Pertek axD HAMMOND'S SYSTEM OF BOOK-KEEIING BY Double EN- ST. PATRICK. A Popular Life of St. Patrick, Apostlo and Patron TRY. Containing all the Auxiliary Books used in Business,

of Ireland. By an Irish Priest. 12mo, pp. 378. Sudlier, N.Y. and a Cuinprelieusive Treatise on Mercantile Calculations.

Cl. 75 cts. Comprising i'wv dets of Books; one Set with the Journal, and SA7TERLEK. An Arrangement of Medals and Tokens struck in one without By 8. A. Potter and W. A. llammond. Oblong, Honor of the Presidents of the United States, and of the lresipp. 160. Schermerhorn & Co., Phiki.d NY. Bds.

dential Ca didates, from the Administratiou of John Adams to POWER The Little Knitter. By P. B. Power, Worthing, England.

that of Abraham Lincoln inclusive. Described chiefly from 18mo, pp. 65. Am. Trud Sac, Boston. 01. 25 cts.

Originals in the possession of the Compiler and of Robert HewPRECLOS VİLLANINGS FROM THE FIELD OF TRUTH. 18mo, pp. 216.

itt, Jr., Esq. By Alfred H. Satterlee. 8vo, pp. 84. Printed Presó, Bd. Pilu. CI. 40 cts.

for the Author, N.Y. Pap. PRESENT HEAVEN (A). Addressed to a Friend. By the Author of

SAUZADE. Garret Van Horn; or, The Beggar on Horseback. By * The l'atience of Hope.” 12mo, pp. v., 172. Ticknor & Fields, SAXTON 8 Hand-Book on TOBACCO CULTURE. Being a Complete Man

John S. Sauzade. 12mo, pp. 376. Curleton, N.Y. CI. $1.25. Bruto 1. $1.00.

0.1 or Practical Guide for the Selertion of the Soil and its PrePROBLEX. The Problem of American Destiny solved by Scionce and History. 12mo, pp. 78. Evans, N.Y. Cl. 50 cts.

paration; Kind and Quality of Manures to be used, and how

applied ; Growth of Plan's; Transplanting and Mode of Culture PSALMs. A Literal Reprint of the Bay Pealm Book : being the

generally, from Time of Planting the Seed-Bed, through Flarvestearliest New England Version of the Psalms, and the First Book

ing. Curing, and Preparation for Market. With Illustrations, printed in America. (Fifty copies for subscribers.) 800, pp. showing the Plant in its different Stages of Growth. 12mo, vii. 152, 80. Cumbridge: Printed for Charles B. Kichurdson, pp. 82. Suton, N.Y. l'ap. 25 cts. N.Y.

SCHALK. Campaigns of 1862 and 1863: illustrating the Principles QUEEN'S COUSTY. Transactions of the Queen's County Agricultu- of Strategy. By Emil Schalk. 12mo, pp. 232. Maps. Lipral society, and a Premium Essy on the Treatment and Cul

pincott, Phila. CI. $1.75. tivatiun of the Union. By Daniel K. Youngs. With Historical

SCHALK. Notices by Henry Onderdonk, Jr., from 1644 to 1844. 1862.

Summary of the Art of War. Written expressly for, Sro pp. 20. Hempsteud. N.Y.

and dedicated to, the U.S. Volunteer Army. By Emil Schalk,

1.0. 12mo, pp. 182. Maps, Plans, &c. Lippincott, Philu. BALEGA. A Brief Slemoir of Sir Walter Ralegh; prepared for CI. $1.50. and published in the New england Historical and Genealogical

SMUCKER Register for April, 1862; and now re-priuted with additions.

A History of the Civil War in the United States; By Samuel G. Drake, formerly President of the N.E. Hist.

with a Preliminary View of its Causes, and Biographical Genealogical Society. -4to, pp. 35. Purtruit. Boston: Printed

Sketches of its Heroes. By Samuel M. Smucker, LL.D., &c.

&c. Part Firxt. 8vo, pp. 512. Brudley & C., Phila. C1. $2.50. for the Author for private distribution.

SCHOOL-GIRLS OF Queen's May. Illustrated. 18mo, pp. 258. Ain. Rector'S VAD -Micum (THE): a Manual for Pastoral Use. Com

S.S.U., Phila. Cl. 50 cts. piled chiefly from the Book of Comm in Prayer. By a Presbyter of the Diocese of Massachusetts. 161no, pp. 188. Dullon,

SOTIA. A Vindication of “Object Teaching." By “Scotia." Bosta. 1 75 cts.

8vo, pp. 15. Collins, Pr., Phila. Pap. 15 cts. Red Book The Story of the Red Book of Appin: a Fairy Tale Scort. Military Dictionary: comprising Technical Definitions ; of the Middle Ages. With an Interpretation by the Author of

Information on kaising and Keeping Troops; Actual Service, *Alcbemy and the Alchemists" (Maj.-tien. Hitchcock, U.S.A.).

including Makeshifts and Improved Matériel; aud Law. Go16110, pp. 125. Miller, N.Y. Cl. 50 cts.

vernment, Hegulation, and Administration relating to Laod REEVE The Law of Baron and Femme. of Parent and Child,

Forces. By Col. II. L. Scott, Inspector-General U.S.A. 8v.,

pp. 674. Illustrations. Van Nostrund, N.Y. $5.00. Guardian and Ward, Master and servant, and of the Powers of Courts of Chancery; with an Exsiy on the Terms, Heir, fleirs, Soort. The Soldier's Book: a Pocket Diary for Accounts and Heirs of the Body. By Tapping Reeve. Third Edition, with

Memoranda for Non-Commissiou.ed Officers and Privates of the Notes and References to English an1 American Cases. By

U.S. Volunteer and Regular Army. By Capt. Robert N. Scott, Aman J. Parker, and Charles E. Baldwin8vo, pp. 677.

4th U. S. Infantry. Appletons, N.Y. 50 cts. Gould, Albany. Shp. $5.00.

SCRIPTURE HISTORY. Abridged from Mrs. Trimmer's Easy Les REMINGTOX, Prose and Verse. By A. G. Remington. 16mo,

sons. 16mo, pp. 155. Church Book Soc., N.Y. Cl. 35 cts. pp. lii., 106. (Published by Subscription.) Charles Vinten, SECOND BOOK (THE) or 100 PICTURES. 18mv, pp. 104. Am. S.S.U., N.Y. CI. $1.00.

Phila. Cl. 30 cts. EHODE ISLAND. Records of the State of Rhode Island and Provi- SEDGWICK. A Talk with My Pupils. By Mrs. Charles Sedgwick.

dence Plantations in New England. Printed by Order of the 12mo. pp. viii., 235. Published and sold for the Author by General Assembly. Edited by John Russell Bartlett, Secretary John Hopper, N.Y. CI. $1.00. of State Vol. VIII. 1776 to 1779. 8vo, pp. iii., 361. Three Seiss. The Last Timos, and the Great Consummation. An EarPortraits Coke, Jackson & Co., Prs., Prov. Ci. $2.25.

nest Discussion of Momentous Themes. By Joseph A. Seiss, D.D. RICE The Relations of Christianity and Science: a Sermon

New and Revised Edition. 12mo, pp. 438. Smith, English preached before the Young Men's Association of Columbia Col- & Co., Phila. Cl. $1.25. lege, etc. By Rev. N. L. Rice, D.D. Scribner, N.Y. Limp, SENSES (TAE). With numerous Illustrations. 1$mo, pp. 192.

Am. Tract Soc., Boston. Cl. 40 cts. ROEDERS' Cave (THE). A Story of Italy. By A. L. 0. E. 16mo, SERMONS PREACHED AT THE CHURCH OF ST. PAUL THE APOSTLE, NEW Pp. 32 carters, N.Y. CI. 60 cts.

YORK, DURING THE YEAR 1802. 12mo, pp. 393. Sudlier, N.Y. ROEMER Cavalry: its History, Management, and Uses in War.

Cl. $1.00. By J. Kormer, LL.D., &c. 8vo, pp. 515. Illustrations. Van SEVEN LITTLE PEOPLE AND THEIR FRIENDS. (By Horace E. ScudNastrand. N.V. Cl. $5.00.

der.) Illustrated by F. A. Chapman. 12mo, pp. 240. RanBUSELL My Diary, North and South. By William Howard dolph, N.Y. Cl. 75 cts.

Rumell. 16mo, pp. xxii., 602. Burnhum, Boston. Pap. 50 cts. SEWELL The Ordeal of Free Labor in the British West Indies. 1 extra $1.-23.

By W'm. G. Sewell. 12mo, pp. 325. Harpers, N.Y. CI. $1.25. BESSELL My Diary, North and South. By William Howard SHADOWS OF THE ROOD; or, Types of our Suffering Redeemer Jesus

Kussell. Svo, pp. 224. Portrait. Hurpers, N.Y. Pap. 50 cts. Christ, occurring in the Book of Genesis. 12mo, pp. 188. Waisla S.SBBATU-SCHOOL LIOSANNA (THE). A Choice Collection of Tunes.

Cin, Cl. 50 cts. making a complete Sunday-School Music Bouk. Also designed SHELDON. A Manual of Elementary Instruction, for the Use of to accumpiny the American Sunday-School Hyını - Book. l'ublic and Private Schools and Normal Classes. Containing a Pp. 163. G. Š Scofield, N.Y. Pap. 15 cts. Cl. 20 cts.

Graduated Course of Object Lessons for Training the senses SADLER. The Talisman: a Drama, in Three Acts. Written for

and Developing the Faculties of Children. By E. A. Sheldon, the Young ladies of the Ursuline Academy, East Morrisania.

Superintendent of Schools, Oswego, N.Y.; assisted by Miss E. By Mrs. J. Sadlier. 12mo, pp. 33. Sudlier, N.Y. Pap. 19 cts,

M. Jones and Prof. H. Krusi. 12mo, pp. 465. Scribner, N.Y.

ci. $1.50. BADLIER. Old and New; or. Taste versus Fashion. By Mrs. J.

SHIP-CANAL. The Necessity of a Ship-Canal between the East and Sadlier. 16mo, pp. 486. Sulier, N.Y. CI. $1.00.

West. Report of the Proceedings of the Board of Trade, &c. Er. A CGUSTINE; or. The Efficiency of a Mother's Prayers. A Nar- of Chicago, Feb. 24, 1863. 8vo, pp. 30. rative delivered in the Chapel of the Institute at Flushing, SIMPSON. Clinical Lectures on the Disenses of Women. By J. LI, A.D. 1833. 16mo, pp. 115. Church Book Soc., N.Y. Cette

Y. Simpson, M.D. With numerous Illustrations. 8vo, pp. 510.

Blanchard & Lea, Phila. CI. $3.00. ET. Joax. Single Eye: a Story of King Philip's War. By War

SLAVES OF THE RING; or, Before and After. By the Author of rer St. John. 12mo, pp. 121. Beadle & Co., N.Y. Pap. 10 cts. "Grandmother's Monoy,” “Wild Flower," &c. 8vo, pp. 171. B. MEYIN COLLECTION OF PORTRAITS (TEB). Consisting of Seven Burnham, Boston. Pap. 50 cts.

Il nndred and Sixty Medallion Portraits, principally of Distin-SMITH. Hand-Book of Surgical Operations. By Stephen Smith, guished Americans, photographed by J. Gurney & Son, New M.D., Surgeon to Bellevue Hospital. 12mo, pp. 274. Illus York, from Proof Impressions of the original Copper Plates. trated. Baillières, N.Y. Limp, $1.75.

MAY 1, 1863.

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EXITA. Observations on China and the Chinese. By W. L. G. | TAX LAW. The New and Complete Tax-Payer's Manual. Con

Smith, late U.S. Consul at Shanghai. 12mo, pp. 216. Carleton, taining the Direct and Excise Taxes; with the recent Amend. N.Y.

ments by Congress, and the Decisions of the Commissioner; SMITH. The "Image of the Beast," (Rev. xiii. 14,) with Crumbs also Complete Marginal References, and an analytical Index, of Comfort for God's Doar Children. By 8. B. Smith. 16mo,

showing all the Items of Taxation, the Mode of Proceeding, pp. 255. Author, N.Y.

and the Dutios of the Officers. With an Explanatory Preface. EXIT. The Principles and Practice of Surgery, embracing Minor Tax Law DECISIONS (THE). Alphabetically arranged, together

8vo, pp. iv., 148, 36. Appletons, N.Y. Pap. 50 cts. Cl. 75 cts. and Operative Surgery; with a Bibliographical Index of American Surgical Writers from the Year 1783 to 1860. Arranged

with a Complete Stamp Directory. Prepared from the Official for the Use of Students, and illustrated by 400 Woodcuts and

Form, with Citations, Foot-Notes, and References. 12mo, pp. 77. nearly 1000 Engravings on Steel. By Henry H. Smith, M.D.,

Beadle & Co., N.Y. Pap. 10 cts. Prof., &c. 2 vols. Svo, pp. xx., 33, 826; 31, 769. Lippincott, TAYLOR, LOUISA. A Pastor's Memorial. B; William J. R. Taylor, Phila. Sheep, $12.00.

D.D. 18mo, pp. 132. Am. S.S.U., Phila, Cl. 35 cts. SOLDIER'S MANUAL OF DEVOTION (THE). 32mo, pp. 32. Am. Tract TAARIN. Arbitrary Arrests in the South; or, Scenes from the Soc., N.Y. Limp, 5 cts.

Experience of an Alabama Unionist. By R. S. Tharin. A.N., a SOLDIER'S SERIX OF TRACTS. No. 2. 12mo, pp. 120. Presb. Bd., Native of Charleston, S.C.; for Thirty Years a Resident of the Phila, 15 cts.

Cotton States, and commonly known in the West as the “ AlaSPANISH CAVALIERS (TAE). A Tale of the Moorish Wars in Spain. bama Refugee." 12mo, pp. 245. Bradburn, N.Y. Cl. $1.00.

Translated from the French by Mrs. J. Sadlier. 16mo, TAAYER. The Pioneer Boy, and How He became President. By pp. 203. Sadlier, N.Y. C1. 75 cte.

William M. Thayer. 12mo, pp. 310. Frontispiece. Walker, STANLEY. Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church. Part I. Wise & Co., Boston. Cl. $1.50.

- Abraham to Samuel. By Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D. THATER. Theology of Universalism. By Rev. T. B. Thayer. 8vo, pp. xl., 572. Scribner, N.Y. $3.50..

12mo, pp. 432. Tompkins, Boston. $1.50. STEP BY STEP; or, Tidy's Way to Freedom. 18mo, pp. 192. Am. THEORY AND Art or PexMANSHIP. A Manual for Teachers: conTract Soc., Boston. Cl. 35 cts.

taining a full statement of Payson, Dunton, and Scribner's celeSTEPHENS. Pictorial History of the War for the Union. Together

brated Method of Teaching, &c. &c. 16mo, pp. 152. Plates. with a Complete Chronological Analysis of the War. By Mrs. Crosby & N., Boston. 75 cts. Ann S. Stephens. Embellishod with over 200 Illustrations. TIMID LAMB (TAE), WHOM THE GOOD SHEPHERD CARRIED. Two volumes. Vol. I., r. 8r0, pp. 496. John G. Wels, N.Y. Author of " The Rose Buds," etc. 32mo, pp. 62. Church Book Ul. $2.50.

Soc., N.Y. Cl. 15 cts. STEPS UP THE LADDER; or, The Will and the Way: A True Story. TODD. Future Punishment. By Rev. John Todd, D.D. 32mo, 18mo, pp. 126. Illustrations. Presb. Bil., Phila. Cl. 30 cts.

Am. Tract Soc., Boston. Pap. 5 cts.
STIER. The Words of the Lord Jesus. By Rudolph Stier, D.D.,
Chief Pastor and Superintendent of Schkenditz. Translated

Tom TRACY OF BRIER HILL; or, Whoso. is the Victory? 18mo, from the Second Revised and Enlarged German Edition by the

pp. 250. Am. S.S U., Phila. Cl. 50 cts. Rev. Win. B. Pope, Manchester. Revised by James Strong, TOWNSEND. The Sunbeam and the Spectrascope. By Iloward S.T.D., and Henry B. Smith, D.D., Prof. in Union Theological Townsend, M.D. Read before the Albany Institute, Feb. 17, Seminary, N.Y. Imp. 8vo, pp. New York Ministers' Library 1863. 8vo, pp. 15. Munsell, Albany. Association. N. Tibbals, Agent. Part I. Pap. 75 cts. (To be completed in eighteen monthly Parts.)

Tryox. A Monograph of the Order Pholadacer, and other

Papers. By George W. Tryon, Jr. 8vo, pp. 1:27. Four Woodcut STILLÉ. Address before the Philadelphia County Medical Soci- Illustrations. Merrihew Thompson, Prs., Phila.

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UNITED STATES BANK LAW (THE). An Act to Provide a National SUNDAY EVENING BOOK (TAE). Short Papers for Family Reading.

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Provide for the Circulation and Redemption thereof. Approvod, Carters, N.Y. CI. 50 cts.

February 25, 1853. 8vo, pp. xii., 28. Appletons, N.Y. Pap.

25 cts. SWEET SINGER (THE). A Collection of Hymns and Tunes for

Sunday Schools. Together with a variety suitable for Day: UNITED STATES Consul’s MANUAL (TAE). A Practical Guide for Schools, Revival Occasions, and the Family Circle. By Karl

Consular Officers, and also for Merchants, Ship-Owners, and

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States of America, passed at the Third Session of the Thirty

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1862. Compiled by D. T. Valentine, Clerk. 12mo, pp. 775. I

lustrations. N.Y. City. Voorhics, and Baker & Godwin, N.Y. Cl. $1.25. Shp. $1.50. NATIONAL TAX LAW (THE), AS AMENDED. Embodying all the Offi

VAN LENNEP. The Oriental Album. Twenty Ilustrations, i cial Decisions, Official List of Assessors and Collectors, Alpha

Oil Colors, of the Peoplo and Scenery of Turkey; with an E betical Schedule of Taxable Articles, Copious Indexes, etc.

planatory and Descriptive Text. By Rev. H. J. Van Lennet With a Complete Compendium of Stamp Duties, and an Expla

D.D., Missionary of the A. B.C. F. M. Fol., pp. 48. Rando'p

N.Y. Cl. $15.00. natory Preface. Compiled and arranged by Edward H. Hall, Washington, D.C. 12mo, pp. 136. Carleton, N.Y. Cl. 75 cts. VENDETTA (THE), AND OTHER TALES. Translated from the Frend Pap. 50 cts.

by Mrs. J. Sadlier. 18mo, pp. 139. Sadlier, N.Y. Pap. 2 cl

Cl. 38 cts. TAX LAW. The National Tax Law of July 1st, 1862, and the

Amendatory Act of March 3, 1863; together with a Complete | VERMONT REGISTER (WALTON'S) AND FARMER'S ALMANAC FOR IS Alphabetical Summary of Articles taxed and the Rates imposed. (No. 46.) 16mo, pp. 112. Map. S. M. Walton, Montpelier. B 12mo, pp. 124. Beadle & Co., N.Y. Pap. 10 cts.

20 cts.

MAY 1, 1863.

Victor. The Gold-Hunters. By Mrs. M. V. Victor. 12mo, pp. | WHITING. Transition: a Remembrance of Emma Whiting. By 118. Beadle & Ch., N.Y. Pap. 10 cts.

Hugh Smith Carpenter. 12mo, pp. 179. Portrait. Carleton,

N.Y. CI. $1.00. Fors. The History, Civil, Political, and Military, of the Southert Rebellion, from its Incipient Stages to its Close. Compre- WHITNEY. Report of a Geological Survey of the Upper Missisheading, also, all Important state Papers, Ordinances of Seces- sippi Lead Regions. By J. D. Whitney. Imp. 8vo, pp. vi., 73, slob, Proclamations, Proceedings of Congress, Official Reports 455. Map. Albany, N.Y. of Commanders, &c. By Orville J. Victor. Vol. II. Svo, pp. WHITNEY. An Address delivered by Thomas Whitney, Esq. at viii., 587. Engravings. James D. Torrey, N.Y. CI. $2.50.

the Opening of the New Chamber of Commerce Rooms in the PIRCHOY. Cellular Pathology, as based upon Physiological and City of Milwaukee, Feb. 3, 1863. 8vo, pp. 48. Published by

Pathological Histology. Twenty Lectures, delivered in the Pa- the Chamber. thological Institute of Berlin during the Months of February, WHITNEY. The Atharva-Veda Prátiçakhya, or Çaunakfyâ CatuMarch, and April, 1858. By Rudolf Virchow, Public Professor, &c. Translated from the Second Edition of the Original, by

râdhyâyika. Text, Translation, and Notes. By William D). Frank Chance, B.A., M.B. With Notes and Numerous Emend

Whitney, Professor of Sanskrit in Yale College. 8vo, pp. 285.

New Haven: for the American Oriental Society. Westermann, ations, principally from MS. Notes of the Author, and illus

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Vol. VII., 1862.) Bds. $2.25. WALDEN. The Sunday School Prayer-Book. By the Rev. Trend- WHITTAKER. Practice and Pleadings in Actions in the Courts of well Walden. New and improved Edition. 18mo, pp. 79, 46.

Record in the State of New York under the Code of ProceDuilon & Cb, Boston. Bus., 15 cts. Cl. 38 cts.

dures and other Statutes, where applicable. With an Appen

dix of Forms. By Henry Whittaker. Third Edition. 2 vola. WALTORTH. Lula: a Tale of the National Hotel Poisoning. By

8vo, pp. lxxxii., 980 ; xix., 1111. Voorhies Brothers, N.Y. Manstield T. Walworth. 12m0, pp. 367. Carleton, N.Y. ci.

Shp. $12.00 $1.25.

WICKET GATE (THE): Short Narratives of the Turning of Sinners WALWORTH. The Gentle Skeptic; or, Essays and Conversations

to God. With Words of Counsel and Warning. 16mo, pp. 206. of a Country Justice on the Authenticity and Truthfulness of the Oll Testament Records. Edited by the Rev. C. Walworth.

Am. Tract Soc., Boston. Cl. 50 cts. lima, pp. 368. Appletons, N.Y. Cl. $1.25.

WIGGLESWORTH. Sketch of the Life of Rev. Michael WigglusWARD. Around the Pyramids: being a Tour in the Holy Land,

worth, A.M., Author of the “Day of Doom." By John Ward

Dean, Editor of the “New England Hist. and Gen. Register." anl, incidentally, through several Enropean Countries, and

To which is appended a Fragment of his Autobiography, some Portions of Africa, during the Years 1859-60. By Aaron Ward 12mo, pp. 309. Carleton, N.Y. CI. $1.25.

of his Letters, and a Catalogue of his Library. 8vo, pp. 20.

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Strongest may finde proportionable Discoveries of his Chris

tian Growth and the Means of It. By Roger Williams, of ProviWASHBURS. A Treatise on the American Law of Ensements and

dence in New England, London, 1652. With an Introduction Servitudes. By Emory Washburn, LL.D., Prof., &c. 8vo, pp. xxviii., 640. Childs, Phila. Sbp. $5.00.

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With Illustrations on Wood. 8vo, pp. 694. Blanchard & Lea,

Phila. C1. $3.25.
VATLAND. How to be saved. Three Letters to a friend. By
Francis Wayland. 32mo, pp. 64. Am. Tract Soc., Boston. Pap.

Atlas of 20 Colored Plates, illustrating the above. 8vo. Ci.

$1.50. Wraz. Ready Calculator; or, Regimental Pay Tables for Infan

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Carters, N.Y. CI. 90 cts. exhibiting the Origin, Pronunciation, and Definitions of Words. WOOD. Leaves and Flowers; or, Object Lessons in Botany. By Noah Webster, LL D. Abridged from the Quarto Edition With a Flora. Prepared for Beginners in Academies and of the Anthor. To which is added a Synopsis of Words dif- Public Schools. By Alphonso Wood, A.M. With 665 Ilustraferently pronounced by different Orthoepists. Revised and tions. 12mo, pp. 322. Barnes & Burr, N.Y. enlarged by Chauncey X. Goodrich, Prof. &c. With Synonyms,

$1.00. Pronouncing Vocabularies of Scripture, Classical, and Geographical Names, and an Appendix of over 10,000 New Words.

Wood. East Lynne; or, The Earl's Danghter. By Mrs. Henry Imp. &ve, pp. 1319. Lippincott, Phila. $5.00.

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Wood. The Foggy Night at Offord. By Mrs. Henry Wood. 8vo, WEET. Life, Death, and Futarity. Illustrated from the Best pp. 79. Peterson, Phila. Pap. 25 cts. and Latest Authors. By Horace Welby, Author of " Predictions

Woop. Verner's Pride. A Tale of Domestic Life. By Mrs. Realized.", pp. 356. Front. Gregory, N.Y. CI. $1.50.

Henry Wood. 8vo, pp. 17, 373. Peterson, Phila. Pap. $1.00. WELLS. The Homeopathic Treatment of Diarrhoea and Dysen- WOODMAN. A Liberal Education or Not. To the Young Men of

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New England: a Statement of the Condition and Objects of

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in Science and Art for 1863. Exhibiting the most important N.H. Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, WORCESTER (Mass.) ALMANAC, DIRECTORY, AND BUSINESS ADVFRNatural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Zoolozy,

TISER FOR 1863. Including a Complete Alphabetical List of the Botany, Mineralogy, Meteorology, Geography, Antiquities. &c.

Worcester Volunteers. By Henry J. Rowland. 12mo, pp. 104. ke. Edited by David A. Wells, A.M., M.D., &c. 12mo, pp. 343.

Map. Henry J. Rowland, Worcester. Cl. 50 cts. Portrait Goud & L., Boston. cl. $1.50. Want A Class-Book of Geography: containing a Complete YOUNG PATRIOT (Tug); or, Fidelity Rewarded. Translated from

the German by M. S. F. and I. A. 1Cmo, pp. 191. Loring, Syllabus of Oral Instruction in the Method of Object-Teach

Boston. 63 cts. lag; also, Map Exercises, systematically arranged for Class Drill Adapted to any Series of Geographies. By E. E. White, ZSCHOKKE. Meditations on Death and Eternity. Translated AM., Editor of the Ohio Educational Monthly.” 16mo, pp. from the German by Frederica Rowan. Svo, pp. vii., 144. W. B. Smith & Co., Cin. Bds. 15 cts.

Ticknor & P., Boston. $1.25.

5 cts.

Half roan, MAY 1, 1863.

WORKS PUBLISHED IN GREAT BRITAIN FROM THE 14th TO THE 30th OF MARCH. AMERICAN CHURCH IN THE DISRUPTION. Reprinted from Christian | JOVES (EDWARD JAMES). A Handbook of Phonography; or, A New Remembrancer," January, 1863. 8vo. Mozley.

and Impr..ved Method of Writing Words according to their ARM-TROXG (CAPTAIN). The Young Commander. 12mo, boards, 25.

Sound; being a Coniplete System of Phonic Short-Hand, adapt(Standnrd Novel Library.) C. H. Clarke.

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Edition of the Persian Text, with a Vocabulary by Francis JohnHEST TEMPTAT:ON (THE): or, Eritis sicut Deus : a Philosophical Scort (CAPT. A. DE C.) AND JAMES (Col. Sir Herrr). On Photo


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108. éd. varying Standard of Value is shown; and, also, How to Provide Waugu's AUSTRALIAN ALMANAC FOR THE YEAR 1863.

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