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MAY 1, 1863.

Cabin. By John S. C. Abbott. Ilustrated by Maps, Diagrams, | ALMANAC8.
Engravings, &c. Vol. I. 8vo, pp. 507. Ledyard Bill, N.Y. Ordo Divini Officii Recitandi, Missæque Celebrandæ, juxta ku-
A $3.00

bricas Breviarii ac Missalis Romani; ex Kalendario Clero
ADAX3. A Spelling-Book for Advanced Classes. By William T. Romano Proprio, ad Usum Cleri Secularis Archidiocesis Cin-
Adams, Master of the Bowditch School, Boston. 16mo, pp. 86. cionatensis etiam ac Diocesis Ludovicopolitanæ Anno 1863.
Brewear & T., Boston. Bds. 25 cts.

Cincinnati, 1863. 18mo.
ALLARD. The Sutton-Dudleys of England, and the Dudleys of Ordo Divini Officii Recitandi, Missæque Celebrandæ, juxta
Massachusetts in New England, from the Roman Conquest to Rubricas Breviarii ac Missalis Romani, Anno 1863. Balti-
the Present Time. By George Adlard, New York. Richard- mori: Lucas Bros., 1863. 32mo.
son, N.Y. Drake, Boston. Cl. $2.00.

Progressive Annual for 1863: comprising an Almanac, a Spirit-
ADS TO PRATEE. By Henry Ward Beecher. 16mo, pp. 179, ualist Register, and a General Calendar of Reform. 12mo,
Randolph, N.Y. CL. 50 cts.

pp. 77. A. J. Davis & Co., N.Y. Pap. 25.
AINARD. The Trapper's Daughter. A Story of the Rocky Moun- Protestant Episcopal Almanac for 1863. 12mo, pp. 96. Evang.

tains. By Gustave Aimard. 8vo, pp. 176. Peterson, Phila. Knowl. Soc., N.Y. 10 cts.
Pap. 50 cts.

Rural Annual and Horticultural Directory for the Year 1863.
ALBANT. Second Annnal Report of the Trade and Commerce of 12mo, pp. 98. Cuts. Jos. Harris, Rochester. Pap. 25 cts.

the City of Albany for the Year 1862. Published for the Board Stadt und Land Calender für 1863. Sm. 4to, pp. 36. Illus-
of Trale. 8vo, pp. 56. Munsell, Albany.

trated. King & Baird, Phila. 6 cts.
ALDRICE. Poems. By Thomas Bailey Aldrich. 24mo, pp. 161. Tribune Almanac and Political Register for 1863. 12mo, pp
Portrait. Carleton, N.Y. Blue and gold, 75 cts.

64. Tribune Assoc., N.Y. Pap. (il for $1.00; $8.00 per 100)

13 cts.

AMERICAN ANNUAL MONITOR (THE) FOR 1862; or, Obituary of the
Almanse for the Use of Navigators, from the American Ephe-

Members of the Society of Friends in America for the Year
meris and Nautical Almanac for the Year 1865. 8vo, pp.

1861. No. 5. 16mo, pp. iii., 231. New York: Published for the
Tİ., 30, 31. Burean of Navigation, Washington. Sold by

Tract Association of Friends by Wm. Wood. Cl.
E & G. W. Blunt, N.Y. Pap. 50 cts.

ANDERSEN. The Ice Maiden, and other Tales. By Hans Christian
Almanach et Directorium Française des États-Unis pour Andersen. Translated by Fanny Fuller. 18mo, pp. 189. Ley-
l'Année 1863. Par le Dr. J. D. L. Zender. 12mo, pp. 73. New poldi, Phila. Cl. 75 cts.; cl. ex. $1.00.
York: En vente chez Radde, Lockwood, Crowen, Cbristern, ANDREWS. The Life of our Lord upon Earth, considered in its
ete. Pap. 25 cts.

Historical, Chronological, and Geographical Relations. By
American Ephemeris and Nautical Almınac for the Year 1864. Rev. Samuel J. Andrews. śvo, pp. 650. Scribner, N.Y. CI. $2.25.

Published by Authority of the Secretary of the Navy. R. ANDREWS. Hints to Company Officers on their Military Duties.
Svo, pp. viii.,

531, 35. Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography, By Captain C. C. Andrews, U.S. Vols. 18mo, pp. 68. Vun Nos-
Washington. G. W. Blunt, N.Y. Pap. $1.25.

trand, N.Y. Cl. 50 cts.
American Farmers' Almanac, 1863. 8vo, pp. 36. Fisher & Bro. ANTHON. Tribute to the Memory of the Rev. Henry Anthon, D.D.,

late Rector of St. Mark's in the Bowery, New York; with a
American Tract Society's Almanac for 1863. Adapted for Use Brief Sketch of his Life by the Rt. Rev. Manton Eastburn,

throughout the Country. The Astronomical Calculations by D.D., Bishop of Massachusetts. 12mo, pp. 80. Portrait. Evang.
Asaph Hall, Assistant at Cambridge Observatory. 12mo, pp. Knowl. Soc., N.Y. Limp, 30 cts.
60. Cuts. An. Tract Sx., Boston. Pap. 6 cts.

ARNOLD. On Medical Provision for Railroads, as a Humanitarian
Army and Navy Almanac and Washington Military Directory Measure, as well as a Source of Economy to the Companies.
for the Year 1863: containing Tables of Reference on Matters

By Edward S. F. Arnold, M.D. 8vo, pp. 47. Baillière, N.Y.
of Special Interest to the United Services. Edited by Ben.

Pap. 25 cts.
Perley Poore. 16mo, pp. 48. Philp & Solomons, Washington.
C1. 30 cts.; cl. interleaved, 40 cts.; tuck, interleaved, 60 cts. ARROYO. A Vocabulary or Phrase-Book of the Mutsun Language
Boston Almanac for 1863. (No. 28.) By George Coolidge.

of Alta California. By the Rev. F. Felipe Arroyo de la Cuesta,
Ismo, pp. 431. Coolidge, Boston. Cí. 25 cts.

of the Order of St. Francis. Imp. Svo, pp. 96. New York:
Calendarium Romano-Seraphicum pro A.D. 1863.

Cramoisy Press. Pap. $2.50.
Adm. Rev. P.

(Shea's Library of American Linguistics, VIII. 100 copies
Pamphili a Malleano, Jussu Editum. Neo Eboraci, 1863.
1&mo, pp. 28.

Catholic Almanac and Register of the Churches and Clergy of

the Diocese of Philadelphia, Diocese of Pittsburg, and Dio-

cese of Erie (comprising the States of Pennsylvania and

Published by Authority from the Hon. Secretary of the Navy.

Commander J. M. Gilliss, U.S.N., Superintendent. 4to, pp.
Delaware), &c., in 1863. Philadelphia: P. F. Cunningham,
1863. 1890, pp. 61.

XXV., 520. Washington: Government Printing-Office.
Cherchman's Family Almanac for the Year 1863. 18mo, pp. ATHEOS; or, The Tragedies of Unbelief. 12mo, pp. 326. Sheldon,
* Prol. Epir. S.S.U., N.Y.

N.Y. CI. $1.00.
Die Labrer binkende Bote in Amerika für 1863. 4to, pp. 84. ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH. Report of Proceedings of a Meeting called
Illustrated. J. E. Stohlmann, N.Y.

to Further the Enterprise of the Atlantic Telegraph, held at
Ereding Journal Almanac, 1863. 12mo, pp. 143. Weed, Par- the Hall of the Chamber of Commerce, New York, Wednesday,
aus & Co., Abany. (100 copies, $8.00.) 15 cts.

March 4, 1863. Prepared under the Supervision of John Austin
Farmers' Almanac, 1863. 12mo, pp. 24. T. W. Strong, N.Y.

Stevens, Jr., Secretary of the Meeting. 8vo, pp. 26. W. Amer-
3 cts.

man, Pr., N.Y.
Franklin Almanac and Diary for the Year 1863. 4to, pp. 40.

AUDUBOX. The Birds of America. From Original Drawings by
B. F. Sanford, Cin. Pap. 25 cts.

John James Audubon, Fellow of the Royal Societies of London

and Edinburgh, &c. &c. Revised by J. W. Audubon. (A Se-
Housekeepers' Almanac for 1863. 12mo, pp. 24. T. W. Strong, lection of 140 Plates from those originally published in four
N.Y. 3 cts.

volumes, representing 338 Figures of Birds of the Natural
Hant's Pittsburgh Almanac for 1863. Calculated by Philotus Size, and Colored from Nature, with the Plants and Trees most
Dean. A.M. Illustrated. 12mo, pp. 72. John P. Hunt, frequented by them.) 1 vol. folio, half russia. Lockwood, N.Y.
Pia burgk. 5 cts.

Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs and Cultivator The Same, with the Original Text, in 5 vols. $175.00.

Almanac for the Year 1863: containing Practical Suggestions AUGHEY. The Iron Furnace; or, Slavery and Secession. By Rev.
for the Farmer and Horticulturist. By J. J. Thomas. John H. Aughey, a Refugee from Mississippi. 12mo, pp. 296.
12000, pp. XX., 233, 340. 140 Illustrations. Tucker & Son, Portrait. Martiens, Phila. Cl. $1.00.
Altany. Pap. 25 cts.

AUGIER. Le Fils de Giboyer. Comédie en cinq Actes en Prose.
Illustrated Family Christian Almanac for the United States for

Par Emile Augier. 8vo, pp. 47. Ch. Lasalle, N.V. Pap. 40 cts,
the Year 1863, &c. With Valuable Scientific and Useful In-
formation. Astronomical Calculations by Samuel H. Wright. AUNT FANNY'S HOME, and her Talks about God's Works. By
12mo, pp. 60. Am. Tract Soc., N.Y. Pap. 6 cts.

Edward. 18mo, pp. 252. Illustrations. Presbyterian Board,

Phila. CI. 45 cts.
Illustrirte Volks-Kalender für 1863. 12mo, pp. 96. Illustrated.

Jor. Wieck, N.Y. Pap. 25 cts.

Christian Self-Culture; or, Counsels for the Beginning

and Progress of a Christian Life. By Leonard Bacon, D.D.,
James' Farmers and Mechanics' German and English Almanac, Pastor of the First Church in New Haven. 12mo, pp. vii., 255.
1863. 84. 12mo, pp. 32. U. P. James, Cin.

Am. Tract Soc., Boston. Cl. 16mo, 50 cts.; 12mo, 80 cts.
Merchant and Bankers' Almanac for 1863. 8vo, pp. iv., 175. BALDWIN. African Hunting from Natal to the Zambesi, including
Bankers' Magazine Office, N.Y. C1. $1.25.

Lake Ngami, the Kalahari Desert, etc., from 1852 to 1860. By
National Almanac and Annual Record for the Year 1863. William Charles Baldwin, Esq., F.R.G.S, &c. Illustrated by
12mo, pp. 698. Childs, Phila. Cl. $1.25; pap. $1.00.

James Wolf and G. B. Zwecker. 12mo, pp. 397. Maps. Har-
New York Catholic Register for 1863: containing the Church pers, N.Y. Cl. $1.50.

Calendar, and a List of the Clergy, Churches, Schools, Con- BALTIMORE. Thirteenth Annual Report of the Board of Trade
vents, Charitable Institutions of the Diocese of New York. of Baltimore; being for the Year 1862. Published by the Sec-
18m0, pp. 24. Sadlier & Ch., N.Y. Pap. 13 cts.

retury. 8vo, pp. 30.
Old Franklin Almanac for 1863. 8vo, pp. 48. A. Winch, Phila. BARRETT. The Old Merchants of New York City. By Walter
12 ets.

Barrett, Clerk. 12mo, pp. 472. Curleton, N.Y. Cl. $1.50.

MAY 1, 1863.

BAUDENS. On Military and Camp Hospitals, and the Health of | BLUE Boox; or, Register of Officers and Agents, Civil, Military

Troops in the Field: being the Results of a Commission to in- and Naval, in the Service of the United States, corrected to No spect the Sanitary Arrangements of the French Army, and in- vember, 1862, &c. Together with the Census of 1860, by States cidentally of other Armies, in the Crimean War. Translated and Territories. Compiled by J. Disturuell. 8vo, pp. 202. and annotated by Franklin B. Hough, M.D., Inspector, &c. J. H. Coto, NY, Ci. 1.50. 12mo, pp. 260. Baillière, N.Y. CI. $1.25.

BLUE SOCKS (THE); or, Count the Cost. 18mo, pp. 232. Front. BAUMBACH'S Sacred Quartetts: a Collection of Pieces for the Am. S.S.U., Phila. Cl. 50 cts.

Opening and Close of Services. By Adolphe Baumbach. Ob- BOVEE. Intuitions and Summaries of Thought. By C. N. Bovee. long folio, pp. 127. Ditson, Boston. Cl. $2.50.

2 vols, 16mo, pp. 241, 245. Veazie, Boston. Cl. $2.00. BAUNSCHEIDT. Baunscheidtismus; or, The New Curing Method, BowdITCH. Consumption in New England; or, Locality one of its

improved by Dr. J. Firmenich. To which is added a Treatise Chief Causes. An Address. By Henry J. Bowditch, M.D. on the Eye, its Diseases and Cure. By Charles Baunscheidt.

8vo, pp. 104. Ticknor & F., Boston. 8vo, pp. 274. J. Pirmenich & Co., Buffalo. Cl. $1.50.

Boyd. The Every-Day Philosopher in Town and Country. By BAXTER. Louis Napoleon the Destined Monarch of the World, the Author of the Recreations of a Country Parson." 12mo,

&c: &c., until he finally perishes at the Descent of Christ at the Battle of Armageddon, about or soon after 1870. Including Boys ar CHEQUASSET ; or, A Little Leaven. 16mo, pp. 258. Loring,

pp. 320. Ticknor, Boston. Cl. $1.50. an Examination of the Views of the Revs. G. S. Faber, Edward

Boston. Cl. 75 cts. Irving, E. Bickersteth, T. Birks, C. Maitland, Sir E. Denny, Lord Congleton, Major Phillips, Judge Strange, Dr. Tregelles, &c. BRADDOX. Aurora Floyd. A Novel. By M. E. Braddon. So, With Seven Diagrams and Two Maps. By the Rev. M. Baxter. pp. 170. Harpers, N.Y. Pap. 25 cts. Peterson, Phila. Pap. 12mo, pp. 34. Martiens, Phila. Pap. 45 cts. Cl. 60 cts.

50 cts. BEADLE’8 DIME BOOK OF Verses: comprising Rhymes, Lines, and BRADDON. Darrell Markham; or, The Captain of the Vulture.

Mottoes, for Lovers and Friends; Valentines, Album Pieces, By Miss M. E. Braddon. 8vo, pp. 16, 163. Dick & F., N.Y.
Gift-Verses, Birthday Lines, and Poetry for Bridals, Births, Pap. 50 cts.
Mourning, Epitaphs, &c. 16mo, pp. 75. Beadle & Co., N.Y. BRADDOX. Lady Audley's Secret. A Novel. By the Author of
Pap. 10 cts.

"Lady Lisle," " Aurora Floyd," &c. (M. E. Braddon). $v0, pp. BEADLE'S DINE Songs OF THE OLDEN TIME: comprising the Old 17, 224. Dick & F., N.Y. Pap. 50 cts.

Ballads, Old Songs, &c. which the Old Folks used to sing. | BRADDOX. The Lady Lisle. A Novel. By M. E. Braddon. 8vo, 16mo, pp. 72. Beadle & Co., N.Y. Pap. 10 cts.

pp. 17, 186. Dick & F., N.Y. Pap. 50 cts. Beck. Elements of Medical Jurisprudence. By Theodoric Ro- BRADLEY. The Infant's Catechism; or, Questions and Answers

meyn Beck, M.D., LL.D., &c., and John B. Beck, M.D. Twelfth in Rhyme, for the Little Children of the Church. By Mrs. Edition, with Notes by an Association of the Friends of Drs. Bradley. sq. 32mo, pp. 47. Illustrated. Church Book Soccer Beck. The whole revised by C. R. Gilman, M.D., Prof., &c. N.Y. CI. 20 cts. Gilt, 25 cts.

2 vols. 8vo, pp. 894, 995. Lippincott, Phila. Shp. $9.00. BRAITHWAITE. The Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Surgery, BEDFORD. Clinical Lectures on the Diseases of Women and being a Half-Yearly Journal, containing a Retrospective View

Children. By Gunning S. Bedford, A.M., M.D. Eighth Edition, of every Discovery and Practical Improvement in the Medical carefully revised and enlarged. 8vo, pp. xviii., 667. Wood, N.Y. Sciences. Edited by W. Braithwaite, M.D., and James BraithCl. $3.50.

waite, M.D. Part 46, January, 1863. 8vo, pp. 9, 321. TronBEDFORD. The Principles and Practice of Obstetrics. By Gun. send, N.Y. Two Dollars a Year; half-yearly Parts, pap. $1.25.

ning S. Bedford, A.M., M.D., Prof., &c. Illustrated by 4 Co-BRANDE & TAYLOR. Chemistry. By William Thomas Brande, lored Plates and 99 Wood Engravings. Third Edition, carefully D.C.L., F.R.S.L. & E., &c., and Alfred Swaine Taylor, M.D., F.R.S., revised and enlarged. 8vo, pp. xxxii., 743. Wood, N.Y. Cl. &c. 8vo, pp. 696. Blanchard, Phila. CI. $3.50. $1.50.

BREWERTON. The Automaton Company; or, Infantry Soldier's BELL. The Head or the Heart. By Catharine D. Bell. 18mo, Practical Instructor for all Company Movements in the Field. pp. 59. Am. Tract Soc., Boston. CI. 20 cts.

In Box. $1.25. BELL. The Two Ways. By Catharine D. Bell. 18mo, pp. 64. The Automaton Regiment; or, Infantry Soldier's Practical Front. Am. Tract Soc., Boston. Cl. 25 cts.

Instructor for all Regimental Movements in the field. In Box

$1.00. BELL. The Way to be Happy; or, Willie, the Gardener Boy. By

Catharine D. Bell. 18mo, pp. 64. Front. Am. Tract Soc., Boston. The Automaton Battery; or, Artillerist's Practical InstrucCl. 25 cts.

tor for all Mounted Artillery Maneuvres in the field. In Box, BELL. Trust in God; or, Jenny's Trials. By Catharine D. Bell.

$1.00. By G. Douglas Brewerton, U.S.A. Van Nostrand, N.Y. 18mo, pp. 64. Am. Tract Soc., Boston. Cl. 25 cts.

BRIGHAM. Life and Services of Rev. Jobn C. Brigham, D.D., late BERTHEL. L'Oiseau du Désert. Par Elie Berthel. 8vo, pp. 16.

Corresponding Secretary of the American Bible Society. A Chas. Lasalle, N.Y. Pap. 60 cts.

Discourse delivered by Rev. William Adams, D.D., Nov. 9, 1862

8vo, pp. 38. Am. Bible Soc., N.Y. BIBLES. Die Psalmen David's nebst einer Sammlung Geistlicher Lieder für Oeffentlichen und Privat-Gottesdienst. 12mo, pp.

Bronson. Address to the Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of

Medicine in the Medical Institution of Yale College, January xii., 600. Bd. of Pub. Prot. Ref. Dutch Church, N.Y. Roan, 65 cte.

15, 1863. By Henry Bronson, M.D. 8vo, pp. 19. W. H. Stan

ley, Pr., New Haven. Family Bible (The), containing the Old and New Testaments,

BROWN. with Brief Notes and Instructions, designed to give the Results

A Letter concerning Family History. By Andres of Critical Investigation, and to assist Common Readers to un

Brown. 4to, pp. 12. Munsell, Albany. Pap. derstand the Meaning of the Holy Spirit in the Inspired Word, Brown. The First Lines of English Grammar: being a Brie including the References and Marginal Readings of the Poly- Abstract of the Author's_ “ Institutes of English Grammar. glot Bible. Sup. r. 8vo. pp. 1504. Maps. Am. Tract Soc.,

By Goold Brown. New Edition, with Exercises in Analysi N.Y. Shp. $3.50. Gilt, $4.50.

and Parsing. By Henry Kiddle, A.M. 12mo, pp. 122.

N.Y. Bds. 30 cts. The New Testament and Psalms, as above. Sup. r. Svo, pp. 524. Maps. 01. $1.25. Gilt, $1.50.

Brown. The Institutes of English Grammar, methodically ar The New Testament, as above. 18mo, pp. 810. Maps. Roan,

ranged, &c. By Goold Brown. A New

Edition, with Exercise

in Analysis and Parsing. By Henry Kiddle, A.M. 12mo, PT 70 cts.

343. Wood, N.Y. Shp. 75 cts. The Holy Bible: containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the former

BROWNING. Essays on the Greek Christian Poets and the Englis

Poets. By Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 16mo, pp. 233. Millo Translations diligently compared and revised. Minion, 12mo,

N.Y. CI. 75 cts. pp. Am. Bible Soc., N.Y. With References, $1.30 to $2.50,

Blue and gold, $1.00. Without Ref. $1.20 to $2.40.

BULFINCH. Legends of Charlemagne; or, Romance of the Mid

dle Ages. By Thomas Bulfinch. 12mo, pp. XX., 373. Illu The Same. Pearl, 18mo, pp. References, 65 cts. to $1.45.

trated. Tilton, Boston. Cl. $2.50. The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, BURDER. Christ is All. By Rev. George Burder, 32mo, pp. 3 &c.: in which all the Proper Names and Words of Two Sylla- Am. Tract Soc., N.Y. Pap. 20 cts. bles and more are divided and accented as they should be pro- BURGESS. The Photograph Manual: a Practical Treatise, con nounced. 32mo, pp. 372. Carleton & Porter, N.Y. CI. 15 cts.

taining the Cartes de Visite Process, and the Method of Takin The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Stereoscopic Pictures; including the Albumen Process, the De The Common English Version, corrected by the Final Commit- Collodium Process, the Tannin Process, the various Alkalin tee of the American Bible Union. The Four Gospels, only. Toning Baths, &c. &c. By N. G. Burgess, Practical Photi 24mo, pp. 326. Am. Bible Union, N.Y. CI. 35 cts.

grapher, and Manufacturer of Chemicals for the Art. 12m The New Testament, with Critical Explanatory Notes and pp. 201. Appletons, N.Y. Cl. $1.25.

Scholia. By Howard Crosby, Professor, &c. i2mo, pp. iv., BURNETT. The 'American Theory of Government, considere 543. Scribner, N.Y. CI. $1.50.

with Reference to the Present Crisis. By Peter H. Burnet BIBLE ATLAS AND GAZETTEER ; containing six new and accurate

Second Edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo, pp. 119. Appal Maps, and a List of all Geographical Names, with References to

tons, N.Y. their Scriptural Places and to the proper Maps; also, a Variety BURR. The Field and Garden Vogetables of America : contai of most useful Tables. Sup. r. 8vo, pp. 32. Am. Iract Soc., ing Full Descriptions of nearly Eleven Hundred Species ar N.Y. C1. 75 cts.

Varieties; with Directions for Propagation, Culture, and I's BIGELOW. The Tariff Question considered in regard to the Policy By Fearing Burr, Jr. Illustrated. 8vo, pp. xv., 674. Crosd

of England and the Interests of the United States. With Sta- N. đ Co., Bost. Cũ. $3.50. tistical and Comparative Tables. By Erastus B. Bigelow. 4to, BUSTER AND BABY JIM., pp. 109. Cuts. Am. Tract Sa Pp. X., 103, 212. Little, B. & Co., Boston. Cl. $5.00.

N.Y. CI. 25 cts.

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MAY 1, 1863.

CAYMANY. An Exposition of the Church Catechism. By Henry | COLLINS. No Name. A Novel. By Wilkie Collins. Illustrated

J. Cammann. lám), pp. 62. Dutton, Boston. Bds. 15 cts. Čl. 25 cts. by John McLenan. 8vo, pp. 278. Harpers, N.Y. Pap. $1.20. CAPENDO. Le Pré Catelan. Par Ernest Capendu. Svo, pp. 143.

ci. $1.50. Chas. La ulte, N.Y. Pap. 60 cts.

COLLINS. No Name. By Wilkie Collins. 2 vols. 12mo. pp. 374, CATALOGUE AXXUEL DE LA LIBRAIRE FRANÇAISE; publié par C.

489. Steel Engravings. Puller & Co., Boston. (Fuller's Illus Reinwald. Cinquième Année 1862. Svo, pp. iii., 298. Paris, trated Library.) Cl. $2.00. Reinwald; Chri trn, N.Y. Pap. $1.00.

CONNECTICUT REGISTER (THE): being a State Calendar of Public Cazzats. A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Midwifery, Officers and Institutions for 1863. 16mo, pp. 192. Brown including the Diseases of Pregnancy and Parturition, and the

Gross, Hurtford. Cl. 50 cts. Attentions required by the Child from Birth to the Period of CONTINENTAL MONEY. A Review of the Article on Continental Weaning. By P. Cazeaux. Third American, translated from Money in Harper's Magazine for March, 1863, signed ANTIQUAthe sixth French Edition, by Wm. R. Bullock, M.D. With 110 RIAN, March 13th, 1863. 8vo, pp. 8. (Privately Printed.) Illustrations. ovo, pp. xxxii., 17, 971. Lindsay & B., Phila. Cook. A Genealogical Address, giving a Brief History of the Shp. $1.50.

Parishioners and Founders of the Federal Street Church, from CENTRAL PARK ALBUM. 1862. Twelve Plates, drawn from Nature 1715-6 to 1862, with the Names of their Descendants, now Par

by G. W. Fasel. Oblong tto. Birchett Bros., N.Y. $5.00. rishioners, delivered May 29, 1862. By Moody D. Cwk, of NewCHAMBERS. The Book of Days: a Miscellany of Popular Antiqui

huryport. Published for Subscribers. 8vo, pp. 33. и т. н. ties in Connection with the Calendar; including Anecdote,

Hus & C., Prs., Nwburyport. Pap. Bi graphy, and History, Curiosities of Literature, and Oddities COOKE. Cavalry Tactics; or, Regulations for the Instruction, of lunun Life and Character. Edited by R. Chambers. In Formations, and Movements of the Cavalry of the Army and Two Volumes. Vol. 1 (January to June). R. 8vo, pp. viii., 832. Volunteers of the United States. By Col. Philip St. Geo. Cooke, Cata Lippincott, Phila. Cl. $3.50.

2d U.S. (avalry. With Sixty Additional illustrations by CHAPIS. The Chapin Gathering. Proceedings at the Meeting of Lieut.-Col. George Patten, late of the U.S.A. 12mo, pp. xiii., the Chapia Family in Springfield, Mass., Sept. 17, 1862. 8vo,

294. Cuts. J. W. Fortune, N.Y. pp. 97. Sumuel Bowles & Co., Springfield. Pap. 75 cts. COOPER, Stories of the Sea: belng Narratives of Adventure CHAPIX. The Chapin Genealogy: containing a very large Propor

selected from the * Sea Tales," by James Fenimore Cooper. A tion of the Descendants of Dea. Samuel Chapin, who settled in

Book for Boys. Illustrated from Drawings by Darley. 16mo, Springfield, Mass., in 1642. Collected and compiled by Orange

pp. 360. Gregory, N.Y. Cl. 75 cts. Chapin. To which is added a Centennial Discourse (Sept. 26, COOPER. Stories of the Woods; or, Adventures of Leather-Stock1552), by Rev. E. B. Clark; also, an Historical Address (March ing, Selected from the “Leather-Stocking Tales," by James 24, 185, by George Bliss. Sro, pp. viii., 368. Metcalf & Co., Fenimore Cooper. A Book for Boys. Ilusti ated from Drawings Pr. Northampton. Cl. $2.00.

by Darley. lomo, pp. 345. Gregory, N.Y. Cl. 75 cts. Chapur. Firelight; or, Stories for Domestics. By Mrs. J. D. CORRESPONDENCE (between Hon. Chas. G. Loring, of Boston, and

Chaplin. Ismo, pp. 96. Am. Tract Soc., Boston. Cl. 25 cts. Mr. Field, of England) on the Present Relations between Great CHARLESWORTH. Ministering Children. A Tale. By Maria Louisa Britain and the United States of America. 8vo, pp. 153. Litlle, Charlesworth. With Illustrations. 2 vols. 18mo, pp. 294, 297.

B. & Co., Bust. Pap. 50 cts. Carter, N.Y. CI. $1.20.

CRAIK. Historical Sketches of Christ Church, Louisville, KodCAUSE Hellas: her Monuments and Scenery. By Thomas Chase. tucky. By James Craik, Rector. 12mo, pp. 137. Morton & M.A. 12mo, pp. vij., 220. Cambridge. Sever & F., Cambridge.

Co., Louisville. C. $1.00.

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delphia, and Brooklyn. With a Brief Description of every

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20 cts.

MAY 1, 1863.

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as it is. By H. L. Hastings. Second Edition, greatly enlarge

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Subscription only. Cí. $3.00. 8vo, pp. 16, 173. Peterson, Phila. Pap. 50 cts.

HEDGES. Sorgo; or, The Northern Sugar Plant. By Isaac FRANKLIN. Man's Cry, and God's Gracious Answer. A Contri- Hedges, the Pioneer Investigator in the Northern Cane Ente bution toward the Defence of the Faith. By the Rev. B. Frank

prise. With an Introduction by William Clough, Presiden lin. 16mo, pp. 94. Appletons, N.Y. Limp, 50 cts.

Ohio State Board Sorgo Culture. 12mo, pp. 204. Applegate FREEMAN. A Military Manual for Schools. By F. N. Freeman,

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By Rev. A. W. Henderson, Chaplain, &c. Am. Tract Soc., N. GASKELL. Sylvia's Lovers. A Novel By Mrs. Gaskell. 8vo,

5 cts. pp. 175. Harpers, N.Y. Pap. 50 cts.

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By Francis Hilliard. 8vo, pp. xxv, 476, xxii. Lippinc Joshua R. Giddings. 8vo, pp. 338. Follett, F. & Co., N.Y. Pap.

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HITTELL. The Resources of California : comprising Agricultu GILLMORE. Official Report of the U.S. Engineer Department of

Mining, Goography, Climate, Commerce, &c. &c., and the P the Siege and Reduction of Fort Pulaski, Georgia, February,

and Future Development of the State. By John S. Hittell. 8 March, and April, 1862. By Brig.-Gen. Q. A. Gillmore, U.S.

pp. xvi., 461. Roman & Co., San Fruncisco. Widdleton, N Vols. Illustrated by Maps and Views. 8vo, pp. 96. Van Nos

ci. $1.50 trand, N.Y. CI. $2.50.

HODGES' AMERICAN BANK-NOTE SAFE-GUARD; giving Fac-Simile 1 Papers on Practical Engineering. No. 8.

scriptions of upwards of 10,000 Bank-Notes, embracing er GOLDSMITH. The Vicar of Wakefield. A Tale. By Oliver Gold

Genuine Note issued in the United States and Canada. F sinith. 16mo, pp. XV., 240. Dick & F., N.Y. Pap. 35 cts.

pp. 340. D. M. Hodges, N.Y. 75 cts. Home and Pocket Library, No. 4.

HOFFMAN. The Monitor; or, Jottings of a New York Merch GRANDMAMMA'S SUNSHINE, and other Stories. By the Author of

during a Trip round the Globe. By William Hoffman. 12 “Kitty's Victory," &c. 16mo, pp. 345. Illustrations. Car

pp. xiv., 448. Illustrations. Carleton, N.Y. CI. $1.50. ters, N.Y. CI. 60 cts.

HOLLY'S COUNTRY SEATS: containing Lithographic Designs GREEN. The Pentateuch vindicated from the Aspersions of Bishop

Cottages, Villas, Mansions, &c., with their Accompanying 0 Colenso, By William Henry Green, Professor in the Theo

buildings; also, Country Churches, City Buildings, Rails logical Seminary, Princeton, N.J. 12mo, pp. 195. Wiley, N.Y.

Stations, &c. &c. By Henry Hudson Holly, Architect. CI. $1.25.

4to, pp. xiii., 171. 31 Designs. Appletons, N.Y. CI. $3.50. QCERRABELLA. Memoir of Genevra Guerrabella. 8vo, pp. 63. Home Songs for LITTLE Darlings. 12mo, pp. 208. Illustra Crowen, N.Y. Limp, 50 cts.

Burnham, Boston. Cl. 75 cts. Guizot. Essay on the Character and Influence of Washington Homes. Observations on the Design and Import of Medals.

in the Revolution of the United States of America. Second Henry A. Homes, of the New York State Library. Svo, PI Edition. 12mo, pp. 160. Miller, N.Y. Cl. 75 cts.

Munsell, Albany. GUROWSKI. Diary, from March 4, 1861, to November 12, 1862. By HONEY-MAKERS (Tue). 18mo, pp. 110. Am. Tract Soc., Bos Adam Gurowski. 12mo, pp. 315.

Cl. 35 cts.

Lee & Shepard, Boston. Cl. $1.25.

HOPKINS. True Cause of all Contention, Strife, and Civil GUTHRIE. Speaking to the Heart; or, Sermons for the People.

Christian Communities. By Rev. D. C. Hopkins, A.M. 12 By Thomas Guthrie, D.D. 12mo, pp. iii., 216. Curters, N.Y.

pp. 272. Dodd, N.Y. Cl. 75 cts. CL. 75 cts.

Hugo. The Battle of Waterloo. By Victor Hugo. 16mo, PP HACKETT. Notes, Criticisms, and Correspondence upon Shake

Bradburn, N.Y. Pap. 15 cts. speare's Plays and Actors. By James Henry Hackett. 12mo, Hugo. Les Misérables. By Victor Hugo. Translated from pp. 353. Portrait. Carleton, N.Y. Cl. $1.50.

Original by Charles E. Wilbour. In Five Volumes. To HALLIWELL An Historical Sketch of the Provincial Dialects of

12mo, pp. 329. Carleton, N.Y. Cl. $1.00. England, illustrated by numerous Examples. By James Hugo. Les Misérables. Par Victor Hugo. 5 vols. r. sro Richard Halliwell, F.R.Š., F.S.A. Imp. 8vo, pp. iv., 126. Mun 154, 136, 122, 176, 145. Lasalle & Christern, N.Y. Pap sell, Albany. Cl. $1.50.

75 cts.

MAY 1, 1863.

Hugo. Les Misérables. Première Partie. Fantine. 2 vols. 12mo, | LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. Catalogue of Additions made to the Lip. 332, 341. Mas & Christern, N.Y. Pap. $1.50.

brary of Congress from December 1, 1861, to December 1, 1862. Holzy. On the Origin of Species; or, The Causes of the Pheno 8vo, pp. 151. 33 cts. Washington.

mena of Organic Nature. A Course of Six Lectures to Work- LIBRARY OF PARLIAMENT. Alphabetical Catalogue of the Library ing Men. By Thomas H. Huxley, F.R.S., F.L.S., Prof. of Nat. of Parliament: being an Index to the Classified Catalogues Hist, in the Jermyn Street School of Mines. 12mo, pp. 150. Ap- printed in 1857 and 1858, and to the Books since added to the petons, N.Y. CI. $1.00.

Library, up to 1st March, 1862. 8vo, pp. 313. Quebec. HTXXS AND TUNES POR THE ARMY AND NAVY. 32mo, pp. 138. Am. PEABODY INSTITUTE, BALTIMORE. No. 2. Catalogue of Books to be Tract Son, N.Y. Limp, 25 cts.

purchased by the Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore. IDLEXESS ; or, The Double Lesson, and other Tales. Translated

4to, pp. 21 J. D. Toy, Pr., Balt. Pap. from the French by Mrs. J. Sadlier. 18mo, pp. 141. Sadlier, LITTLE PEARLS FROM THE OCEAN OF DIVINE TRUTH. 18mo, pp. 216. N.Y. Pap. 21 cts. CI. 38 cts.

Illustrations. Presb. Bd., Phila. CI. 40 cts. INDIANA. Report of a Geological Reconnoissance of Indiana | LITTLETON AND BLATCHLEY. Digest of Fire Insurance Companies

made during the Years 1859 and 1860, under the Direction of in the Courts of Great Britain and North America By H. A. the late David Dale Owen, M.D., State Geologist, by Richard Littleton and J. S. Blatchley. 8vo, pp. xxvi., 515. Daily Times Owen, M.D., Principal Assistant, now State Geologist. Also, Re- Office, Dubuque. Shp. $5.50. ports on the Analysis of the Soils, by R. Peter, M.D., Chemist : LYELL. The Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man; with Survey of the Coal Fields, by Leo Lesquereux, Fossil Botanist; Rernarks on Theories of the Origin of Species by Variation. and Topographical Work, by Joseph Lesley, Topographical By Sir Charles Lyell, F.R.S. Ilustrated by Woodcuts. 8vo, Geologist. Published by Authority of the Indiana Legislature.

pp. x., 526. Childs, Phila. Cl. $3.50. $vo, pp. XVI., 368. Illustrations. H. B. Dodd & Co., Indiana


of the Citizens, and a Business Directory, with an Almanac for

1863. No. 8. By Adams, Sampson & Co. 16mo, pp. 210. Map. OUTPOST AND PATROL DUTY, WITII THE SKIRMISH DRILL FOR MOUSTED TROOPS. Authorized and Adopted by the Secretary LYRA CELESTIS. Hymns on Heaven. Selected by A. C. Thomp

Monroe & Herbert, Lynn. Cl. 50 cts. of War, Sept. 2, 1861. 12mo, pp. 171, 216. ts. Lippincott, Paila. Pap. 25 cts.

son, D.D. 12mo, pp. 382. Gould & Lincoln, Boston. CI. $1,50. Is tus WOODS WITH BEYANT, LONGFELLOW, AND HALLECK. Illus

MACALLAN. The Cottagers of Pennmaen-Maur. A Christmas trated from Drawings by John A. liows. Sm. 4to, pp. v., 23.

Story. By Emma Macallan. 16mo, pp. 36. Churcit Book Soc.,

N.Y. CI. 20 cts.
Vignette and Front. Gregory, N.Y. CI. $3.00. Mor. $6.00.
Izos. The Two Guards. By N. C. Iron. 12mo, pp. 100. Beadle

MACALLAX. The Miner's Hut, By Emma Macallan. 16mo, pp. & Ca, NY. Pap. 10 cts.

48. Church Book Soc., N.Y. CI. 20 cts. JACKSON. Life of Andrew Jackson, condensed from the Author's

MACAULAY. The System of Landed Credit, or La Banque de Cré* Life of Andrew Jackson" in Three Volumes. By James

dit Foncier. The Working of that System in Europe, and the

Introduction of the System into Lower Canada, briefly consiParton. 8vo, pp. 479. Portrait. Masons, N.Y. Cl. $1.75.

dered. By George H. Macaulay. 8vo, pp. viii., 67. Quebec. JACOB. Dentition and its Arrangements. A Course of Lectures delivered in the New York Medical College. By A. Jacobi,

MACDONALD. Two Centuries in the History of the Presbyterinn M.D. 12mo, pp. vii., 172. Baillière, N.Y. Cl. $1.00.

Church, Jamaica, L.I., the Oldest Existing Church of the Pres

byterian Name in America. By James M. Macdonald, D.D. JAMES. Wanderings of a Beauty. A Tale of the Real and the

With an Appendix. 12qno, pp. 329. Curters, NY. Cl. $1.00. Ideal. By Mrs. Edwin James. 12mo, pp. 243. Portrait. Carldon, N.Y. Pap. 75 cts. Cl. $1.00,

MACDUFF. The Thoughts of God. By the Rev.J. R. Macduff, D.D.

Also, Altar Stones. By the Anthor of "The Faithful Promiser," Jar. Evening Exercises for Every Day in the Year. By Rev.

&c. 16mo, pp. 141, 65. Carters, N.Y. CI. 50 cts. William Jay. From the Edition of his Works revised by himself. Sro, pp. 771. Am. Tract Soc., N.Y. Cl.

MACLEOD. Notes on the Surgery of the War in the Crimea, with

Remarks on the Treatment of Gunshot Wounds. By George JOSCEs. Norum Belgium: Description de Nieuw Netherland; et

H. Macleod, M.D., F.R.C.S., &c. 12mo, pp. 403. Lippincott, Notice car M. René Goupil. Par le R. P. Isaac Jogues, de la Com

Phila. Cl. $1.50. pagnie de Jésus. Imp. Svo, pp. 44. Map. Presse Cramoisy MOSTERRY. Valedictory Address (March 7, 1863) to the Gradu

de J. M. Shea, N.Y. Bds. $2.50. JCXKIN. Political Fallacies: an Examination of the False As

ating Class of the Medical Department of the University of

Maryland. By Richard McSherry, M.D., Prof., &c. Svo, pp. 19. sumptions and Refutation of the Sophistical Reasonings

W. M. Innes, Pr., Balt. which have brought on this Civil War. By George Junkin, D.D., LL.D., pp. 332. Portrait. Scribner, N.Y. Cl. $1,25.

MADGE; or, Night and Morning. By H. B. G. 12mo, pp. 407. KATE STANLEY; or, The Power of Perseverance. By Abby El

Appletons, N.Y. Cl. $1.25. dridge. 18mo, pp. 200. Illustrations. Presb. Bd., Phia. Ci. 10 cts. Manan. Advanced-Guard, Out-Post, and Detachment Service of King's NEW COLLECTION OF CHURCH Music, mostly selected from

Troops, with the Essential Principles of Strategy and Grand

Tactics. For the Use of Officers of the Militia and Volunteers. the Works of the Great Masters. With a Separate Organ Ac

By D. II. Mahan, LL.D., Prof., &c. New edition, with 12 Plates. companiment By William King, Editor of the Grace Church

16mo, pp. 305. Wiley, N.Y. Cl. $1.25. Collection. Oblong folio, pp. 55. Ditson, Boston. Cl. $2.00. KIXQLAEE The Invasion of the Crimea: its Origin, and an

MAHAN. The Spiritual Point of View; or, The Glass Reversed. Account of its Progress down to the Death of Lord Raglan.

An Answer to Bishop Colenso. By M. Mahan, D.D., Professor By Alexander William Kinglake. Vol. I. 12mo, pp. 650. Front.,

of Ecclesiastical History, &c. 12mo, pp. 114. Appletons, N.Y.

C1. 75 cts. Plans, &c. Harpers, N.Y. CI. $1.50.

MAHONY. The Prisoner of State. By D. A. Mahony. 12mo, pp. KUse The Stamp-Collector's Manual. Being a Complete Guide to the Collectors of American and Foreign Postage Stamps.

414. Carleton, N.Y. Cl. $1.25. Compiled by A. C. Kline. Comprising upward of 1500 Varieties. MAMMA'S MICROSCOPE; or, Two Days with Lilly and Grace. 32mo, lemo, pp. 48. Kline, Phila. Pap.

pp. 62. Church Book Soc., N.Y. KIOL A Year with St. Paul; or, Fifty-Two Lessons for the MARY'S MARTYRDOM. 18mo, pp. 189. Front. Am. S.S.U., Phia. Sundays of the Year. By Charles E. Knox. 12mo, pp. viii.,

CI. 45 cts. 349. Yaps. Randolph, N.Y. Cl. $1.00.

Mason. Manual of Gymnastic Exercises for Schools and Families. KTCXNSCRER. The Risen Redeemer: The Gospel History from By Samuel W. Mason, Master of the Eliot School, Boston.

the Resurrection to the Day of Pentecost. By F. W. Krum- 12mo, pp. 47. Illustrated. Crosby & N., Boston. Bds. 25 cts. macher, D.D. Translated from the German by John T. Betts, with the Sanction of the Author. 12mo, pp. viii., 298. Curters,

MASSACHUSETTS REGISTER (THE), 1862: containing u Record 'the

Government and Institutions of the States, together with a XI. CL $1.00.

Very Complete Account of the Massachusetts Volunteers. No. LANDER. Spectacles for Young Eyes. Pekin. By Sarah W.

94. 8vo, pp. 432. Adams, Sampson & Co., Boston. Cl. $1.25. Lander. 16mo, pp. 218. Cuts. Walker, W. & Co., Boston. CI. 75 ets.

Mass BOOK (THE): containing the Office for Holy Mass, with the Liw. Digest of American Cases relating to Patents for Inven

Epistles and Gospels for all the Sundays and Holy-Days, the tious and Copyrights, from 1789 to 1862, including numerous

Offices for Holy Week, and Vespers, and Benediction. 18mo, pp.

59, 269. Sadlier, N.Y. (1. 38 cts. Yanoscript Cases, &c., and embracing also the American Cases in Respect to Trade Marks. Arranged in Chronological Order.

MATHER. The History of King Philip's War, by the Rev. InBy Stephen D. Law. To which is appended

crease Mather, D.D. Also, A History of the Same War, by the Statute Laws of the United States of America relating to

Rev. Cotton Mather, D.D. To which are added an Introduction Copyright and Patents for Inventions, from 1790 to 1862. With

and Notes, hy Samuel G. Drake. 4to. pp. 276. 2 Portraits. Notes and References. By Stephen D. Law. In One Volume

Drake, Boston ; Munsell, Albany. Pap. $3.00. C1. $3.50. Svo, pp. 97, 128. Author, N.Y. Shp. $6.50.

MAY'S ADVENT. By A. G. R. 16mo, pp. 57. Church Book Soc.,

N.Y. Cl. 25 cts.
LE FLETS FOR LETTERS. Nos. 1 and 2. 24mo. Presb. Bd., Phila.
En. 5 eta.

MEGRATI. Mr. Brown's Pigs, &c. Edited by George Megrath.

Svo, pp. 48. 2 Illustrations. Trafion of Co., N.Y. Bds. LEITER. God's Glory in the Heavens. By William Leitch, D.D.

MEIGS. Obstetrics : The Science and the Art. By Charles D. 12mo. Dawson Bros., Montreal. CI. $1.50.

Meigs, M.D. Fourth Edition, revised. With 129 Illustrations. LELAND. Sunshine in Thought. By Charles Godfrey Leland. 8vo, pp. 730. Blanchard & L., Phila. Shp. $3.75. 12m0, pp. 197. Evans, N.Y. CI. $1.00.

MEN OP THE TIME. Being Bingraphies of Generals Hooker. RoneLETEE Barrington: a Novel. By Charles Lever. Svo, pp. 161. crans, Grant, McClellan, Mitchel. 12mo, pp. 99.

Portraits Harpers, N.Y. Pap. 50 cts.

Beadle & Co., N.Y. Pap. 10 cts.

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