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And to ap- quire ; and it shall and/may be lawful to and for such point officers,

* quorum of the said trustces when assembled and met in manner aforesaid, or the major part of them, from time to time, to appoint a tuleasurer and clerk, principal, masters, tutors, teachers and other necessary officers, to ascertain their respective shlaries and to remove and displace any of them at their pleasure, and to make bye-laws for the admission, education, government and discipline of the scholars or students, and the establishment of the price or terms of tuition, for securing, revising and paying out and disposing of the revenues, and in general for conducting and managing the estate, business and affairs of the said academy, and every matter and thing relating thereto, in such manner as they shall judge to be most conducive to its interest and prosperity, and the end of their trust.

XV. And in order to preserve the succession of trustees Vacancies of truttees how for the said academies respectively, Be it further enacted Silled up

by the authority aforesdid, That whenever a vacancy shall happen in any corporation of trustees by the death, resignation or refusal to act of any trustee, it shall and may be lawful to and for the trustees of such academy, and they are hereby authorized and required at any legal meeting of the trustees, to elect and choose a fit person to fill up

and supply such vacancy. Regents of

XVI. And for the greater encouragement of such acadthe university emies, and to render them more useful and respectable, academies, Be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the

regents of the university shall be visitors of such academies, and the chancellor, vice-chancellor, or a committee of the regents, shall as often as they see proper, visit such · academies, to enquire into the state and progress of litera

ture therein. Scholars edu.

XVII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, cated in any That when any scholar who shall be educated at any of academy how adinitted into the said academies, on due examination by the president

and professors of Columbia college or any other college subject to the visitation of the said regents, shall be found competent, in the judgment of the said president and professors, to enter into the sophimore, junior or senior classes of such colleges, respectively, such scholar shall be entitled to an admission into such of the said classes for which he shall be so adjudged competent, and shall be admitted accordingly at any one of the quarterly examinations of

such respective classes. Trustees of

of XVIII. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the academies authority aforesaid, That to entitle the scholars of any such ceed to entitle academy to the privileges aforesaid, the trustees thereof ochadlars shall lay before the regents of the said university, from time

to time, the plan or system proposed to be adopted for the education of the students in each of the said academies respectively, in order that the same may be revised and

to vifit all


how to pro.


dent, & fuch

become a college.

examined by the said regents, and by them be altered or amended, or approved and confirmed, as they shall judge proper.

XIX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, when regents That whenever it shall appear to the said regents that the momeadow state of literature in any academy is so far advanced, and elect a pref: the funds will admit thereof, that it may be expedient that academy to å president be appointed for such academy the said regents shall in such case signify their approbation thereof under their common seal, which being entered of record as afore: said shall authorize the trustees of such academy to elect a president, who shall have, hold and enjoy all the powers that the president of any college recognized by this act, shall or may lawfully have, hold and enjoy; and such aca. demy thereafter, instead of being called an academy, shall be called and known by the same name it was called while it was an academy, except that the word college shall be used in all cases instead of the word academy, and be subject to the like rules, regulations, controul and visitation of the regents, as other colleges mentioned in this act.

XX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, No president That no president or professor shall be ineligible for or by or profesor reason of any religious tenet or tenets that he may or shall his religious profess, or be compelled by any law or otherwise to take any test-oath whatsoever; and no professor or tutor of any m college or academy recognized by this act shall be a trus- by the same tee of any such college or academy, nor shall any presio dent of any college or principal of any academy, who shall be a trustee, have a vote in any case relating to his own salary or 'emoluments ; nor shall any trustee, presi. dent, principal, tutor, fellow or other officer of any college or academy be a regent of the university.

XXI. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, A person apThat whenever any person now or hereafter appointed a pored trustee of any college or academy, shall be appointed or college or elected a regent of the university, and whenever any per regent, to son being a regent of the university shall be appointed or make his elected a trustee of any college or academy, such person so appointed or elected, shall on due notice thereof decide and elect in which of the said places he will serve, and by writing under his hand shall make known such electioti, whether of refusal or acceptance, to those by whom he was elected, to the end that such appointment may take effect in case he accept it, or that they proceed to a new appointment in case he refuse it.



What offices not to be held


pointed a trustee of a

academy or a

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leafe out cer.

An ACT for the further Encouragement of Literature.

Passed 31st March, 1790. Pretumble.

W H EREAS it is the duty of a free and enlightened

VV people to patronize and promote science and literature, as the surest basis of their liberty, property and happiness ; And whereas the regents of the university in their annual reports communicated at the last and present sessions, have represented that Columbia college, as well as the respective academies incorporated by the said regents in pursuance of the trust reposed in them by the legisla. ture, require aid and encouragement to remove the impediments under which they labour from a deficiency of - Their funds, notwithstanding the contributions of individu

als ; and it appearing to this legislature, that a proportion of the public property will be wisely and usefully employ*ed in enabling the said regents to remove those disadvan

tages, and to proceed with greater energy and success in accomplishing the important office assigned to them by law as the guardians of the education of the youth of this

state ; Therefore, Regents of Be it enacted by the People of the State of New-York, rethe university to take pof.

presented in Senate and Assembly, and it is hereby enacted seflion and by the authority of the same That it shall and may be lawtain lands for ful to and for the said regents of the university, and their the benefit of

successors, and they are hereby authorized and empower. and acade

ed to enter into and take seisin and possession of the lands mies, &c.

and tenements hereafter described, being now vested in the people of this state, that is to say : A certain tract of land in the county of Washington, adjoining the south end of Lake-George, beginning at the southeast corner of a tract of land heretofore granted to John Jones, and extending thence easterly along the said lake to the place where a small brook falls into the said lake on the east of the place where Fort-George formerly stood, thence east forty chains, thence south one hundred and sixty chains, thence west until the place of beginning bears north forty degrees east, and thence to the place of beginning ; and also a certain other tract of land in the county of Clinton, called Ticonderoga, bounded southerly by the waters issuing out of Lake-George, easterly by the waters of Lake-Champlain, and northerly and westerly by the adjoining patented lands; and also a certain tract of land at Crown-Point, situate within the same county, bounded westerly, northerly and easterly by the waters of Lake-Champlain, and southerly by the adjoining patented lands ; and also a certain island lying within the general bounds of the city and county of New York, commonly called and known by the name of Governor's Island, and the same lands and tenements to lease, grant and demise

said college

from time to time for one or more lives, or for years, and on such rents and considerations as they the said regents of the university, or their successors, shall judge most beneficial so that no more than two dwelling houses shall at any time be.erected on the said island ; and to sue for, fecover, have and receive the rents, issues and profits. thereof, which are now in arrear or shall become due hereafter, and from time to time to dispose of and apply the same for the better advancement of science and literature in the said college, and the respective academies now incorporated or hereafter to be incorporated under their superintendence and authority within this state, and in such manner and proportion as they shall conceive will best answer the ends of their institution, and the true intent and meaning of this act ; reserving so much of the said rents, issues and profits as shall be found necessary to defray the expense which shall be incurred by them in the execution of their trust ; Provided always, That if any Próvifo. * . part of the said lands shall hereafter become necessary for the public defence, or other public uses, all leases and grants, with respect to such parts thereof, 'shall cease and be suspended during the pleasure of the legislature, with out any compensation to be made therefor, any thing herea in contained to the contrary notwithstanding. :


An. ACT to encourage Literature, by Donations to Columbia obfolere:

College and to the several Academies in this State.
Passed 11th April, 1792. Sess. 15, ch. Ixix.

fum herein

An ACT for the Encouragement of Literature..." La

· Passed 3d April, 1801..“ I. D E it enacted by the People of the State of New-York, Four fuccef.

D represented in Senate, and Assembly, That for the five lotteries promotion of literature within this state there shall be railing the raised by four successive lotteries the sum of one hun

mentioned. dred thousand dollars, that is to says the sum of twentyfive thousand dollars by each lottery. • II. And be it further enacted, That Thomas Storm, Da. Seven mann." vid Gelston and Philip Ten Eyck of New York, Smith gers named Thompson of Poughkeepsie, Elisha Jenkins of Hudson, powers. Daniel Hale of Albany, and John Lovett of Lansingburgh, or the survivors or survivor of them, shall be and they are hereby appointed managers of the laid lotteries, . and as such, they or a majority of them shall have power to adopt such. schemes as to them or the major part of.

and their

herein direct.


them may appear proper, to sell the said tickets and to superintend the drawing of the said lotteries, and the pay.

ment of the prizes thereof. . Severally to III. And be it further enacted, that cach of the said give bond as

, managers shall before he takes upon himself the managecdm ment of the said lotteries, enter into a bond to the people

of this state, with such sureties as the comptroller of this state for the time being shall approve of, in the sum of ten thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful and honest discharge of the duties required of him by this act, and for rendering a just account of all their proceedings at the next session of the legislature after the drawing of

each of the said lotteries. Money to be IV. And be it further enacted, That the said managers, one of the shall as often as they shall receive five thousand dollars

from the sale of tickets, deposit the same in some one of the banks established within this state for safe keeping.

V. And be it further enacted, That the managers afore

It said, after the drawing of each lottery, shall forthwith pay the avails of out of the neat amount or avails thereof, the sum of twelve

thousand five hundred dollars to the regents of the university of the state of New-York, for the purpose of being by them distributed among such and so many of the academies as now are or hereafter may be erected in this state, in such proportions and to be appropriated in such manner as they shall judge most beneficial for the several academies, and most advantageous to literature, and the residue into the treasury of this state ; and the monies to be paid into the treasury of this state shall be applied in such manner for the encouragement of common schools, as the legislature may from time to time direct.

VI. And be it further enacted, That the said managers ets and draw

a. shall not proceed to sell tickets of any of the said lotteries lotteries until after the first day of Octobet next, and that the said when to com

lotteries shall be drawn without delay after the sale of the tickets.

Apportion. ment and dir.

how made.

Sate of tick.


the university authorized to

снАР, схСІ. for the Payment of certain Officers of Government, and for other Purposes.

Passed 8th April, 1801. Regents of XXXIII. A ND be it further enacted, That it shall be

1 lawful for the regents of the university to convey cer- grant and convey to the trustees of Union. and Columbia

0 colleges, and their successors, all the lands which are now of Union and vested in the regents, situate at Crown-Point, Ticonderoga.

and Lake-George, in such proportions as the regents shali deem just and reasonably, for the use of the said colleges respectively,

tain lands to the trustees

Columbia colleges.

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