Sexual neurasthenia nervous exhaustion

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E.B. Treat, 1884 - 274 pages
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Page 106 - Beard wrote of gender inversion, that when "the sex is perverted, they [the third sex] hate the opposite sex and love their own; men become women and women men, in their tastes, conduct, character, feelings and behavior.
Page 28 - Cases analogous to those in females are dismissed as hypochondriacs, just as females suffering from now clearly explained uterine and ovarian disorders were formerly dismissed as hysterics. This view of the relation of the reproductive system to nervous diseases is in accordance with facts that are verifiable and abundant ; that in men as in women, a large group of nervous symptoms, which are very common indeed, would not exist but for morbid states of the reproductive system.
Page 36 - Neurasthenia is a chronic, functional disease of the nervous system, the basis of which is impoverishment of nervous force, waste of nerve-tissue in excess of repair...
Page i - Sexual Neurasthenia (Nervous Exhaustion). Its Hygiene, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment. With a Chapter on Diet for the Nervous.
Page 250 - In proportion as man grows sensitive through civilization or through disease, he should diminish the quantity of cereals and fruits, which are far below him on the scale of evolution, and increase the quantity of animal food, which is nearly related to him in the scale of evolution, and therefore more easily assimilated.
Page 225 - Tis a most truculent executioner," said Philibert : "it invades the whole body, from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet, leaving nothing untouched.
Page 14 - ... the brain, of the spine, of the stomach and digestive system — yet in its full development it can be and should be differentiated from hysteria, simple hypochondria, insanity, and various organic diseases of the nervous system, with all of which it had until lately been confounded. The long familiar local conditions of genital debility in the male —impotence and...
Page 14 - The philosophy Of this Work is based on the theory that there is a special and very important and very frequent clinical variety of neurasthenia (nervous exhaustion) to which the term sexual neurasthenia (sexual exhaustion) may properly be applied. While this variety may be and often is involved as cause or effect...

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