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enacted the necessary legislation so that we would be l . advance that we would get their rights-of-way.

Mr. FORD. Thank you, Mr. Demaray. Thank you. Mr.( and members of the committee. I hope you will give us XC er for our Natchez Trace Parkway.





Mr. SNYDER. Mr. Chairman and gentlemen of the rar Many of you, and perhaps all of you, have driren orer Eu. known in the East as the Old National Pike. This route -.. Baltimore and runs by way of Hagerstown, Cumberlar.. 1,8 town, Wheeling, Columbus, St. Louis, and west to the Pa ..

You will recall, perhaps, that I recently inserted in tle (: sional Record an authorization from Thomas Jefferson, was President, setting forth an amount of $30,000 to be se. " particular highway between Cumberland and I'niontown.

I mention this highway, because on this highway, 10 mila side of Uniontown, is located Fort Necessity. It is needle tion to this committee the historical significance of Fort I However, it would be of interest, I know, to the committee, .. recalled a few of the outstanding facts concerning Fort Nr •

As you know, the battle of Fort Necessity was the fint a military battle in which George Washington was commarre: ; . to becoming Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary for

The battle of Fort Necessity marked the beginning of tis F ... and Indian War, which decided that the territory west of : P gheny Mountains should not be French.

Furthermore, George Washington was interested in the site battle to such an extent that he acquired the farm on wha!. .. place and held it until his death. The same was ment :::. will.

The battle of Fort Necessity determined the destiny of our in that, if the French had won, an entirely different naturales would have been the outcome.

The Government now owns Fort Necessity. It was parada 1931.

The stockade has been rebuilt, as you may have noticei, perden in driving by.

The Department of Parks has made a complete survey of the firs and of the entire surrounding community. The Parks Duartz of Research, that has to do with the checking up on all >CE historic shrines, has all available research material

If you will recall, General Braddock's grare is just a milie fre the Stockade, right along Route 40, or the Old National Pike. Ji 3 miles from Braddock's grave is where Washington enga s French in the first battle, and their leader, General Jumonnike, killed and is buried there.

In other words, Fort Necessity means the Colonies; George Washigtonit means the British; General Braddock's grave—and it leans the French; General Jumonville grave.

The historical societies of that section have now under option 324 cres that they hope to add to this historic shrine. What I am asking you to do here, gentlemen, is to appropriate 1,100 more than the sum suggested in the estimate. They have to rive out from Uniontown or Connellsville 10 or 12 miles every day nd that costs money.

More than 100,000 people registered at Fort Necessity last year as 'isitors and sightseers. Surely we need one capable person to look fter the Fort Necessity establishment. Mr. Johnson. You are asking for $600 additional ? Mr. SNYDER. I am asking you to make it $1,800, so as to employ a college graduate, one who is equipped both as a historian and guide.

Thank you, gentlemen.


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