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Indian Affairs, Bureau of—Continued.

Industrial assistance and advancement—Continued *f>

Mining operations on leased Indian lands, supervision of 945

Oklahoma Indians, participation in loans 999

Revolving fund for loans to Indian chartered corporation 98i

Timber, expenses for sale of 941

Irrigation and drainage 1013

Administration 1091

Blackfeet irrigation project 1084

Colorado River Reservation 1033,1059

Colville Reservation project 1039

Costs and miscellaneous data on 1093

Crow Reservation 1043.10S3

Flathead irrigation system 1079

Flathead Reservation 1041,16S2

Fort Apache Reservation 10M

Fort Belknap Reservation 1038,1052

Fort Hall system 1036

Fort Peck Reservation 1040,1083

Fruitlands projects 1046

Hogback Reservation lOtf

Hopi Reservation 1066

Indian reservations, irrigation on 1013

Irrigation systems, construction, repair, and rehabilitation of 105?

Klamath Reservation 1050

Little Horn-Lodge Grass Valley, storage dam in 1455,155"

Mescalero irrigation project 1086

Middle Rio Grande conservancy district 104"

Mission and Sacramento irrigation systems 1073

Moapa irrigation project WSj

Navajo irrigation system 1068,1088

Paiute Indian lands, payment of charges 1045

Possibility of reducing cost of to Federal Government for main-
tenance and operation of 1055

Projects, summary of 1093

Pueblo irrigation system 108i

Salt River irrigation system WW

San Carlos Irrigation project:

Maintenance of 102)

Pumping plants of l"Jj

San Xavier irrigation system 10';

Summit Lake project Mjjjj

Uintah Reservation 105-

Uncompahgrc project 1J8*

Wapato project 10*

Western Shoshone project IJJTM

Wind River Reservation MjJ

Yakima Reservation 1053, lOo;

Yuma project Mjj

Zuni Dam project 12°°

Klamath Indian tribal funds, appropriation from for legal services.-- 1'*

Legal staff of Jjj

Licenses, disposition of charges arising from «JJ

Loans made to Indians engaged in farming and raising of livestock.. <**

Miscellaneous trust funds of Indian tribes '«??

Natives of Alaska, education of fjX

Navajo Reservation, cost of school building facilities on J£~

Oklahoma State, claim of for support for certain Indian wards— 793,14*

Owyhee Canyon, Duck Valley Indian Reservation, road through |*jjj

Permanent and indefinite appropriations 1*J;

Personnel Division, additional employees for

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Proceeds of labor of certain Indian tribes *•':

Property destroyed by fire, flood and storm, replacement of... J*.

Public Works Administration funds allotted to 'w

Public Works Administration allotments to projects on Indian reser-

rndian Affairs, Bureau of—Continued. P»B«

Reorganization program, result of votes of various tribes on 868

Salary and number of employees engaged in. 883

Revolving loan fund 827

Roads and bridges 1375

Gallup-Shiprock Highway, New Mexico 1375

Indian Reservation roads, construction, repair, maintenance, etc. 1376

Owyhee Canyon, Duck Valley Reservation, road through 1378

Schools, lack of for education of Indian children 881

Self-help organizations among Indians, recreation of 786

Self-support status of Indians 805

Soil conservation work on Indian reservations 807

Trachoma, number of Indian school children suffering from 1150

Tribal funds, gratuities, and reimbursable funds, defining classifica-
tion of 829

Tribal funds, statement of 814

Tuition for Indian school children attending public schools 789

Per-capita cost of 793

Vehicles for Indian Service 888

Washington and field personnel, increase of 917

Washington office personnel, increase in' 836

Water supply, development of 1012

Willingness of Indians to work 782

nformation service, need for 26

nvestigation, Division of 34

zac, Hon. E. V. M., statement of 1619, 1660, 1669


emison, Miss Alice Lee, statement of 1709

ohnson, Dr. M. W., statement of 748

ohnson, F. W., statement of 118

ohnson, Hoi). L. A., statement of 1493

ones, Dr. T. E., statement of. 764


^irgis, F. L., statement of __ -- 60

ileburg, Hon. R. M., statement of 1500

ileindienst, R. A., statement of 76, 704

Klinefelter, Dr. C. F., statement of 573

Cubach, W. F., statement of -- 144

Cvale, Hon. P. J., statement of 1522, 1524


«a, Hon. C. F., statement of 1579

ee, Hon. R. E., statement of -.. 1824

*wis, Hon. L., statement of 1823

jnke, J. A., statement of 573

oughlin, G. F., statement of 317

■uckey, Hon. H. C, statement of 1691


IcCarran, Hon. Pat. statement of 1804

IcClintic, Hon. J. V., statement of 1438

IcGill, Hon. J., statement of 1658

IcGrath, Hon. J. J., statement of 1612

IcGranery, Hon. J. P., statement of 1747

IcKeogh, Hon. R. S., statement of 1492

laas, Hon. M. J., statement of 1522

lahon, Hon. G. H., statement of 1482, 1864

lails and Files Division, need of additional messengers for 23

larshall, R., statement of... - 770

lashburn, Hon. G., statement of 1829

lartin, Hon. J. A., statement of - 1515

lelzner, A. B., statement of 60

lendcnhall, Dr. W. C, statement of 317

Mexico, diversion of water in 1578

lills, Hon. N. V., statement of 1476
Mines, Bureau of 406


Assistance of, to mineral industries 5

Bartlesville, Okla., petroleum experiment station 436

Budgetary methods of 409

Central Statistical Board, cooperation with 434, 457,469

Ceramic raw materials, development of 466

College Park, Md., experiment station 439

Duplication of work of other governmental departments 429,43!

Economics of mineral industries 430

Experimental tunnel, object of 460

Fuel, testing of 1416

Funds unexpended, use of 409

Gas production for helium plants 452

Geophysical prospecting 462

Mineral mining investigations 422

Minerals Yearbook, publication of 470

Mining Division, functions of 45*

Mining experiment stations 435

New Coal Act, probability of duplication of work under 434, 4&

Noxious weeds, eradication of 465

Oil and gas investigations 433

Oil, forecasts of demand 430

Petroleum and Natural Gas Division, nature of work and purpose of. 473

Pittsburgh, Pa., care and maintenance of buildings at 430

Printing and binding 454

Public Works Administration, funds, available to 417

Rescue cars and station, operation of, and investigations of accidents. 414

Salaries and general expenses 411

Services rendered by field officers- 472

Southern experiment station, Tuscaloosa, Ala 1694

Stored oil supplies 422

Strategic metals of which there may be a shortage 466,4M

Technologic Branch, general functions of 449

Testing fuel 417

Tin supply, development of 482

Traveling expenses 434

Work done for private parties and States 447

Motion Picture Division, use and value of 22

Mott, Hon. J. W., statement of 1790

Mount Rushmorc National Memorial Commission 105,1873

Murdock, Hon. A., statement of 1707

Murdock, Hon. J. R., statement of 1477, 1574, 15Y8, 1680,1843


National Park Service 483

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace, preservation of 572

Acacia National Park, Maine 509

Appropriations, revenues, visitors, etc., summary of 4S6

Blue Ridge Parkway 557

Boulder Dam project, Arizona and Nevada 549

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah 51"

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, N. Mex 511

Civilian Conservation Corps camps assigned to, number of 504

Circulars containing information on, expenditures for 49$

Restrictions by Comptroller General on 499.504

Crater Lake National Park, Oreg 512

Custodial employees, increase in salaries of 490

Donations 572

Educational lectures 555

Emergency reconstruction and fighting forest fires in 553

Fees for admission to parks, proposed schedule of 492

Forest protection and fire prevention 554

General expenses 509

General Grant Nationa' Park, Calif 513

Glacier National Park, Mont 514

Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz 515


Vational Park Service—Continued. P"B<!

Grand Teton National Park, Wyo 516

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, N. C. and Tenn 517

Growth of 6

Hawaii National Park 518

H istoric sites and buildings . 559

Homestead National Monument of America, Nebraska 540

Hot Springs National Park, Ark 520

Tagger, Dr., services performed by 519

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, Ga., supplemental

estimate for 1418, 1799

Land, acquisition of by exchange of service or equipment 561

Lassen Volcanic National Park, Calif 521

Mesa Verde National Park, Colo 522

Miscellaneous receipts, statement showing 487

Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska 524

Mount Rainier National Park, Wash 525

Natchez Trace and Blue Ridge Parkways 1876

National Capital Parks 570

National historic parks and monuments 541

National military parks, battlefields, monuments, and cemeteries 544

National monuments 534

Petrified Forest, Ariz 539

Piatt National Park, Okla 528, 1792

Public buildings and grounds m the District of Columbia 562

Public buildings outside the District of Columbia 569

Public Works Administration funds for improvements to roads and

trails 506

Roads and trails 556

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colo 528

Salaries, Office of Director 508

Sequoia National Park, Calif 528

Shenandoah National Park, Va 529

Sites proposed for, investigation of 491

Superintendent of meters office, transfer of 571

Telephones, installation of in Government-owned residences 571

Travel in the parks 486,488

Trucks, purchase, maintenance, etc 555

Trust fund . 573

Water rights, investigation and purchase of 560

Wind Cave National Park, S. Dak 530

Yellowstone National Park, Wyo 530

Yosemite National Park, Calif 532

Zion National Park, Utah 533

ational power policy 3

elson, Hon. W. L., statement of 1512

elson, W. R., statement of 144

ichols, Hon. Jack, statement of 1238

ichols, L. M., statement of 1438

orcop, A. W., statement of 1655


'Connor, Hon. J. F., statement of 1455, 1519, 1567

'Connell, Hon. J. J., statement of 1688

hlson, Col. O. F., statement of 661

il conservation policy of the Federal Government 4

'Sullivan, J., statement of 1534


ige, J. C, statement of 144, 1414, 1574, 1659

earson, Hon. H., statement of 1505

billips, N. B., statement of- 1653

ierce, Hon. W. M., statement of -- 1566

oage, Hon. W. R., statement of 1481

tinting and binding, Department of Interior 46

ublic Works Administration and other emergency offices, effect of separa-
tion of work from 27
Puerto Rico hurricane relief 723

Pulp-wood supply to meet needs of paper industry, sufficiency of 15

Purchasing office, reasons for increases in 29,32


Ray, W. W., statement of 1834

Reclamation, Bureau of 144

Accretions to the reclamation fund, and collections 191

Administrative expenses 267

Administrative provisions and limitations 2(f)

Colorado River Dam fund, advances to 141.5

Colorado River front work and levee system 219

Construction program 3. 151,219

Belle Fourche project, South Dakota 240

Boise Arrowrock project 232

Boise project (Payette Division) Idaho 229

Carlsbad project, New Mexico 235

Casper-Alcova project, Wyoming 251

Colorado River Basin investigations 265

Deschutes project, Oregon 236

Gila project, Arizona 220

Grand Valley project, Colorado 229

Klamath project, Oregon-California 237

Ogden River project, Utah 241

Owyhee project, Oregon 239

Pine River project, Colorado 227

Provo River project, Utah 244

Riverton project, Wyoming 254

Salt River project, Arizona 223

Shoshone project, Wyoming 256

Sun River project, Montana 233

Yakima project (Roza Division), Washington 247

Drought areas, feasibility of irrigation in 174

Emergency funds allotted to reclamation projects, amount of 296

Emergency relief funds 184

Estimate for 1938, amount requested 185

Funds, transfer of 266

Irrigated farms, demand for 146

Irrigated lands, nature of crops raised on 15"

Question of competition through fruits and vegetables raised on. 161,


Lands reclaimed and irrigated, increase in assessed value of 160

Power plants operated on reclamation projects 259


All American Canal 274,1660

Amount charged off by Congress on VR

Appropriations for which Congress has not heretofore made 188

Authority for construction of 180

Belle Fourche and North Platte projects, efficacy of irrigation on.. 171

Boise project, Idaho 203

Boulder Can von project 26$

Central Valley project 10, 278,1579

Columbia Basin project, Washington 300

Elephant Butte Dam. 315,1646

Establishing colonies on, cooperation of Resettlement Adminis-
tration in 170

Financial and economic survey of 153

Fiscal data on, statement showing 178

Gila project, Arizona wTS

Protests against 1807

Replies to protest 15"

Grand Coulee Dam project, necessity of completing 9, 300,1529

Grand Lake-Big Thompson transmountain diversion project 1800

Hudspeth County, Tex., Division No. 1 16§1

Imperial and Coachella Valley projects 16''

Irrigable acreage of 18'

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