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Statement showing the various bureau allocations and fixed charges for the fiscal years, 1936, 1937, and 1938.

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Statement showing the amounts estimated for stationery requirements of bureaus for the fiscal year 1938 with comparison to fiscal years 1936 and 1937.

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The following statement shows the cost of operation by unit and the cost of materials for the Miscellaneous Service Division for the fiscal year 1936: Administrative cost (includes supervision of division, handling requi

sitions, planning work, computing cost of materials used for the different bureaus, and other miscellaneous duties, including messenger service) ----

---- $10,100.00 Mimeograph work, labor cost (includes mimeographing, assembling,

stitching, folding, sealing, and mailing work of the Department)--- 5, 220.00 Stencil work, labor cost (includes stencil cutting and proofreading) -- 6, 060. 00 Multigraph work, labor cost (includes multigraphing, setting, and distributing type) ----

8, 760. 00 Addressograph work, labor cost

3, 360.00 Tabulating work, labor cost (includes card punching and verifying, sorting, counter, sorting, and tabulating) -

7, 920.00 Blueprint and photostat, labor cost.---

6, 180.00 Multilith work, labor cost (includes making plates and running ma-------------------------------------------

3, 540.00 Typewriter repair, labor cost -----

5, 340. 00 Total administrative and labor cost...

56, 480.00 Cost of materials:

Mimeograph, multigraph, multilith, and addressograph ---- 13, 739. 70

10, 022. 00 Blueprint.--

318. 85 Typewriter repair parts.

325, 25

24, 405. 80 Total cost for the fiscal year 1936 ---

80, 885. 80


Cost of photostat work:

Labor cost ..
Cost of materials......


6, 180.00 10, 022. 00

16, 202.00 Photostat and photographic supplies.--During the fiscal year 1936 the following amounts were received for photostat copies of official papers and certificates of authentication, and deposited in the l'nited States Treasury to the credit of miscellaneous receipts: Secretary's office: Copies of official papers...

$26. 03 Certificates of authentication.....

6. 50

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Office of Indian Affairs

Copies of official papers.............
Certificates of authentication................................

417.00 64. 25

481. 25

Geological Survey:

Copies of official papers.....
Certificates of authentication...

24. 75 1. 00

25. 75

Total amount deposited to miscellaneous receipts ...

14, 894. 30 Purniture and filing caser-office machines and devices. The following table shows the expenditures in 1936 and estimates for 1938 under the above two classifications:

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Adding and calculating mn «hibes and other labor saving devices...

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Mr. SCRIGHAM. The wording of the item is the same as in previous bills, with a single exception of an item reading: not exceeding $2,500 for the purchase of a motor-propelled passenger-carrving vehicle for the otheial use of the Secretary of the Interior to be immediately svailable

Do you have any comment on that item?

Mr. BIRLEW. We have not purchased a new car for over 2 years, and, unfortunately, the Secretary and I were in an accident that practically destroyed the car that he had used which was a Public Works

* We have only had one Interior car for several years. It is necessary to replace that because the car that the Secretary is using > is about 4 years old.

Mr. SCROGHAM. I am not inclined to question that. The Secreay holds an office of some dignity in the Government, and he should Sve a good car. Mr. Rich. Is it not the fact that there have been two cars wrecked?

Vir. Bu'RLEW. The car was not wrecked. The fender was just ented, and the man who collided with the Secretary's car paid for he repairs. It was the other party's fault entirely.

Mr SCRIGHAM. With the enormous amount of traffic that there s in Washington, I am not surprised that they have wrecks. The amazing thing is that they do not occur more often.

Mr. FITZPATRICK. How long do you keep a car before you turn it

Mr. BrRLEW. We would like to change them every 2 years.

Mr. FITZPATRICK. Do you not think that it would save the Government money if you turned them in every 2 years?

Mr. BrRLEW. The repair bills on an old car are large.

Mr. Rich. I would like to know why anyone should need to buy a pood car today every 2 years. I cannot afford to do it. I can use a mar 4 years, and run it 50 or 60 thousand miles, if necessary, and I

od that it is more economical to do that than to buy a car every 2 Tears.

Mr. Burlew. I am inclined to agree with you so far as I am personally concerned, but when you consider that these cars are driven by chauffeurs, you have a different situation.

Jir. Rich. If you will read the justification, you will find that there - hardly a Department that does not want one, two, three, or four sutomobiles. It seems to me, with the great number of cars that you have recommended here, that there should be a policy established, and I am not one who thinks that cars should be turned in every 2 years. I do not change my own that often.

Mr. BreLEW. We do not change the regular service cars every 2 Tears. We drive those until they almost fall apart. I am speaking 20w of the Secretary's car.

M. FITZPATRICK. Most of the cars, after they have been 3 or 4 years in the service get in a condition where the cost of maintenance is more than it would cost if a new car were purchased.

PURCHASE AND EXCHANGE OF BOOKS On page 22 of the bill is an item covering the purchase and exchange of professional and scientific books. There is no change in that.

The item referred to, and the justification in support thereof, are as follows:) For the purchase or exchange of professional and scientific books, law and

dical books, and books to complete broken sets, periodicals, directories, and ber books of reference relating to the business of the Department, $600, and in

.:wn there is hereby made available from any appropriations made for any read of othce of the Department not to exceed the following respective sums: laun service, $500; Office of Education, $2,500; Bureau of Reclamation, $2,000; locacal Survey: $3,000; National Park Service, $2,000; General Land Office, Uno; Bureau of Mines $3,000.


This fund provides for law and reference books and periodicals for the various offices and divisions under the Office of the Secretary, including the Office of the Solicitor, the Division of Investigations, and the Division of Grazing. For the present fiscal year this fund amounts to $600. The same amount is requested for the fiscal year 1938.

The amount of funds appropriated and made available from other appropriations for the purchase or exchange of professional and scientific books, law and medical books, and books to complete broken sets, periodicals, directories, and other books of reference relating to the business of the Department for the fiscal year 1937 is $12,000. The estimate for 1938 provides that $13,500 shall be made available for this purpose, increases of $500 each being reflected in authorizations for the Office of Education, the Geological Survey and the Bureau of Mines. Justifications for these increases will be furnished by the bureaus and offices concerned.


Mr. SCRUGHAM. The next item is “Printing and binding." (The item referred to, and the justification therefor, are as follows:)

For printing and binding for the Department of the Interior, including all of its bureaus, offices, institutions, and services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, except the Alaska Railroad, the Geological Survey, Vocational Education, and the Bureau of Reclamation, $243,000, of which $55,000 shall be for the National Park Service, $75,000 for the Bureau of Mines, and $50,000 for the Office of Education, no part of which shall be available for correspondence instruction

JUSTIFICATIONS OF ESTIMATES FOR PRINTING AND BINDING This fund is expended for office forms, letterheads, envelopes not printed in the course of manufacture, blankbooks, ruled tablets, decisions, Congressional Record and Index, congressional bills, reports, acts and documents, Decisions of the Comptroller General, House and Senate Calendars and hearings, advance sheets of Supreme Court Reports, Budget estimates, composition on congressional documents court reports, composition on congressional documents originating in this Department, Postal Guide and supplements salary tables, Government wall calendars, circulars of general information, Annual Reports of the Secretary, Governors of the Territories of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, Ephemeris of the Sun, tabulating machine cards bulletins, maps, regulations, and binding and rebinding of books to preserve valuable records.

The estimate of $243,000 for the fiscal year 1938 provides increases for the following activities in the amounts indicated: Office of the Secretary --

$1, 725 Office of Indian Affairs..

3,000 St. Elizabeths Hospital..

150 Territory of Alaska----

325 Territory of Hawaii.---

150 Territory of Puerto Rico.

150 Office of Education.--.

3, 500 National Park Service...

5, 000 Bureau of Mines---

10, 000


---- 24,000 The printing requirements of the various bureaus and offices of the Department are explained in detail as follows:

For the Office of the Secretary $20,000 is required for printing necessary office forms, letterheads, envelopes not printed in the course of manufacture, blankbooks. diaries, ruled tablets, court briefs, Congressional Record and Index, congressional bills, acts, reports, documents and calendars, circulars of general information, the Annual Report of the Secretary, the Governors of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, and the binding and rebinding of books to preserve valuable records. The increase of $1,725 for 1938 will be used for necessary printing for the Office of Information, procuring additional forms for the Division of Grazing, and the binding of books for the law library.



For the General Land Office $12,000, the same amount as that available for the present year, is required to purchase blank forms, letterheads, blank books, ruled tablets, Congressional Record and Index, Congressional bills, acts, reports and documents. The Budget, Postal Guides, Ephermeris of the Sun, the binding and rebinding of books to preserve valuable records, and the printing of General Land Office circulars.

For the Office of Indian Affairs the sum of $25,000, which is an increase of $3,000, is required to purchase blank forms, letterheads, ruled tablets, blankbooks, Budget estimates, Postal Guides, Comptroller General's Decisions, congressional bills, acts, reports and documents, etc., maps, composition on Congressional documents originating in this Department, travel regulations, salary tables and the binding of books.

The activities of the Indian Bureau are increasing and the demand for printing necessary forms far exceeds the amount heretofore appropriated for this purpose. The Washington office as well as the field service, especially the fiscal and medical divisions, have been badly handicapped because of the lack of funds to keep up the stock of blank forms for the increasing work of these divisions.

The printing appropriation heretofore has actually been insufficient to meet necessary requirements. It is, therefore, requested that the amount of $25,000 be appropriated for such printing and binding as may be required for the efficient conduct of the Indian Bureau's activities. St. Elizabeths Hospital..

$2, 750 Freedmen's Hospital.--

635 Territory of Alaska.

610 Territory of Hawaii.---Territory of Puerto Rico.

360 Virgin Islands------

830 Alaska Road Commission..

The amounts set forth for the above are required for printing and binding necessary office forms, letterheads, binding to preserve valuable records, congressional bills, acts, reports, documents, etc., Postal Guides, circulars of information, and the Annual Report of the Virgin Islands. The estimate for 1938 includes increases in comparatively small amounts to provide for the printing of additional forms for St. Elizabeths Hospital, and circulars of information for the Territories of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

The sum of $50,000, which is an increase of $3,500, is required for the Office of Education for the following reasons:

1. Two additional specialists have been appointed to the staff of the Office of Education within the past 2 years. Both of these specialists are engaged in research work, the results of which are made available in printed form. No additional funds have been provided, heretofore, for the printing of the manuscripts which these additional employees are required to prepare as a part of their regular duties.

2. The actual number of copies of printed publications is growing increasingly large. With an already existing mailing list of 125,809 addresses to receive printed publications of the Office of Education, approximately 20,000 new addresses have come in through request during the past year.

3. In addition to the more than 145,000 addresses on the Office of Education mailing lists to receive publications, the office for the past 3 months has averaged more than 4,500 requests per month for various publications. Literally thousands of requests have come during the past year for publications in educational fields in which the office has published nothing new for several years because funds have not been available for such revised publications. Many of these old publications are out of date and should be all means be revised or entirely new ones published to take their place.

The total request for additional funds, therefore, is for the publication of bulletins and pamphlets as a means of disseminating information and statistics which have been collected in accordance with the act creating the Office.

The sum of $55,000, which is an increase of $5,000, is requested for the National Park Service. It is estimated that $32,560, more than half of the total, will be required for the printing of information circulars for the various national parks, and $7,120 will be required for the printing of miscellaneous publications which are much in demand due to the limited quantities of the information circulars. Of $15,320 remaining, $15,000 will have to be allotted for the printing of letterheads and forms, and the balance of $320 will go for miscellaneous items such as

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