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To continue with discussion of the list: In Oregon there is the 3urnt River project, and the Stanfield project; in Utah the Ogden liver project, the San Pete project, the Hyrum project, and the vloon Lake project. I might add that these Utah projects are units )f the Salt Lake Basin development, for which Congress appropriited funds to us for construction of one unit, the first unit, in 1924.

Those are all of the construction projects which have not been jefore Congress, except the Colorado River of Texas project, which s a flood-control development.

Mr. Rich. As to this Gila project in Arizona, the reason you claim ;hat you have congressional authority is because in 1936 you got an ippropriation for a million and a quarter?

Mr. Page. And also because that project was recognized and we yere instructed to investigate and prepare plans for it by the Boulder Canyon Project Act of 1928.

Mr. Rich. How about this Ail-American Canal? Was the authority for that in the contribution made by Congress in the 1936 ict?

Mr. Page. That was authorized by the Boulder Canyon Project Act, which specifically authorized the All-American Canal and the Boulder Dam. A direct appropriation was made in the appropriation act for fiscal year 1937.

Mr. Rich. As to this Pine River project in Colorado, what authority was given for that?

Mr. Page. That project was undertaken in accordance with the basic law. It was found feasible by the Secretary, and appropriation made by Congress last year for the first time. It is a combination Indian and white project, the Indian Bureau expecting to obtain funds to repay a portion of the cost.

Mr. Rich. That was just established last year; was it not?

Mr. Page. Yes, sir.

Mr. Rich. This Carlsbad project in New Mexico was another one established last year, was it not?

Mr. Page. No; that is an old project that was started a great many years ago. A need developed for a supplemental water supply and an additional storage dam which was started a year or so ago. The construction cost of the original project is almost paid out.

Mr. Rich. Many of these that I was going to ask questions about have their authority, so I will not take the time to do that at the present time.

Irrigable Acreage Of Reclamation Projects

Regarding the projects on this fist that have been started, can you give me the amount of land now under the Interior Department that are productive acres?

Mr. Page. For the projects which I have not listed?

Mr. Rich. No. We will take all of your projects in the Interior Department. How many acres of land are you now irrigating?

Mr. Page. The following is a complete list on that.

(The table referred to is as follows:)


Other lands served by

Government works. usually by partial water supply through private canals under Warren Act or other water-service con. tracts

Irrigated acreage

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New York irrigation district
Nampe-Meridian irrigation district
Boise-Kuna irrigation district.
Wilder irrigation district....
Big Bend irrigation district.

Black Canyon irrigation district

Minidoks Irrigation dist
Burley irrigation district

Gooding division....

Bitter Root Irrigation district..
Milk River

Malta division..
Glasgow division....

Chinook division
Sun River

Fort Shaw division...

Greenfields and Big Coul
Montana North Dakota:
Lower Yellowstone....

District no. 1

District Do. 2......
North Platto..

Pathfinder irrigation district.
Gering and Yort Laramie irrigat
Goshen irrigation district....

Northport Irrigation district..
Nevada Newlands-
New Mexico: Carlsbad.....
New Mexico-Tess:
Rio Grande.......

Elephant Butte Irrigation district..

El Paso County irrigation district no. 1.
TEL::.. ..... ............

F!! Tidl ..
West d.1. 0...

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Mr. Rich. Now, taking the projects in this list that you have started and which you claim are authorized by Congress, and taking the number of projects that have been started under emergency fund allotment and the P. W. A. allotment, will you give us the total acreage that you contemplate putting into production when these projects are completed?

Mr. Page. That already has been inserted.

Mr. Leayy. Perhaps you mean new lands.

Mr. Rich. Yes; the new land.

Mr. Page. That is included in the above table.

Mr. Rich. You gave us comparative crop results on Government projects for the year 1935 and 193G. Was that put in the record?

Mr. Page. Yes, sir.

Mr. Rich. Then this is the total value of the crops on reclamation projects that are already under the supervision of the Government?

Mr. Page. That is the total of crops raised in 1935 and 1936 on all reclamation projects, Warren Act lands excluded.

Mr. Rich. Can you give us the total cost to the Government of the reclamation projects, and the amounts that have been returned to the Federal Treasury from these projects?

Mr. Page. That is included in previous statements.


Mr. Rich. And then the amount of reappropriations, to show that all the money that has been turned back to the Federal Treasury has been spent out again by these Federal reclamation projects, because in reading the justifications and the data that I had yesterday on the train, I find that practically all of the money that is supposed to be turned back in the Treasury has already been reallocated.

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Mr. Page. That was the fundamental theory of the plan, that a revolving fund was established, and appropriations have been made from that revolving fund as fast as the money came in.

Mr. Rich. You also had a fund for lands on reclamation projects that were sold, that were not of any value to the Interior Department, and the moneys that were accumulated were turned back for reclamation development in western lands?

Mr. Page. Yes, sir. The basic law said that the reclamation fund should be composed of moneys received from the sales of public lands in the Western States.

Mr. Rich. All of those lands have been sold, and you will have no source of revenue from the sale of lands since the Government has taken them over under the Taylor Grazing Act?

Mr. Page. No. There are almost none for sale at this time. They are nearly all withdrawn under the Taylor Grazing Act, and the demand for the remaining public lands is very light.

Mr. Rich. Now, in recent years you have made allocations of funds to those reclamation projects from the lease of mineral lands and oil lands, and you have received quite a great deal of revenue from that?

Mr. Page. Yes.

Mr. Rich. But the statement is made by the Interior Department to the effect that they are not going to make many oil leases in the future, so that your revenues are going to be cut down very materially from that source?

Mr. Page. These revenues have dropped from approximatele $9,000,000 down to approximately $2,000,000. I will put into the record, if you wish, a statement as to all the accruals from the beginning of the reclamation fund, from all sources.

(The tables referred to are as follows:)

Accrelions to the reclamation fund from June 17, 172, lo June 30, 19.36

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Accretions to the reclamation fund from June 17, 1902, to June 30, 1936— Continued

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> M iscellaneous collections include water rentals, sales of power and light, rentals from grazing and farm* lg lands, sale of surplus materials and supplies, penalties on construction charges, contributed funds, etc. 3 Adjustments.

Mr. Rich. Does your list include the return from mineral lands, lso? Mr. Page. Yes, sir; it includes everything.



Mr. Rich. Mr. Page, from your knowledge of the Interior Departnent lands under your supervision, what sources of revenue are you oing to have from these public lands now that you have not had tefore? How are you going to receive revenues from these public ands in order to conduct the affairs of the Interior Department? ire they going to decrease or increase?

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