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It would be unheard of to prevent the public from using during the summer the multilane highway which the taxpayers would be required to build to service any ski resort within San Gorgonio.

And, it would only be naive to imagine that the ski resort operators: would limit their facilities and the use thereof if economics eventually dictated otherwise. In fact, most major ski resorts operate during the summer and, since the skiers so wish, provide overnight and entertainment facilities; for example, examine such areas as Mammoth, Squaw Valley; Sun Valley. Mount Baldy ski resort even claims that over 70 percent of its visitors are sightseers, not skiers.

As evidence of the extensive desires of one of the commercial in-terests wishing to develop San Gorgonio, I attach hereto a certified. copy of the application of San Gorgonio Ski Lifts, Inc., for a permit to sell and issue $30,000 of its stock.

3. Scouts and other youth groups extensively use the Dry Lake Basin. as a base for their wilderness experience.-Scouts in the Crescent Bay Area Council, even though over 100 miles distant, use Dry Lake as the base for their wilderness experience.

The following is a mere sampling of the use of Dry Lake by districts; within our council for their annual wilderness camporees:


120 239 100 120 400

April 30-May 1, 1966: Beverly Hills district (estimated)
October 18–20, 1963: Culver-Palms district.
May 2-3, 1964: Beverly Hills district
April 30-May 1, 1966: Beverly Hills district estimated)
May 20–22, 1966: Culver-Palms district (estimated).

The area is also used by our council for its winter camping program.

The above list does not attempt to include all the use that Dry Lake receives from youth groups. However, an examination of a register placed at Dry Lake indicated that over 33 percent of the visitors were members of organized youth groups. Attached hereto is a list of such groups for the period covered.

4. Permanent resort structures would destroy the wilderness values of the area.-Obviously, the existence of a multilane highway, parking lot, many ski lifts and ski lift towers, and permanent buildings, especially if they were operated during the summer, would utterly destroy any wilderness experience value of Dry Lake. It is hard for boys to get a wilderness experience when they can see others drive up to the area where they are camped, or glide overhead on a thin cable, or where the Scouts can sneak out of camp to get a Coke.

5. San Gorgonio Wilderness Area, and more particularly, Dry Lake, is the only place in southern California where youth groups: can have a satisfactory wilderness experience.-While there are other places in southern California, which are undeveloped, Dry Lake is the only place in southern California which can handle large groups in a wilderness setting

It is the only area where open campfires are permitted year round, where the boys have to build their own cooking stoves, their own campsites. In other words, it is the only area where the boys can experience the intangible benefits of wilderness, and can learn to rely on themselves.

We acknowledge that skiing is a growing'sport. In fact, skiing is part of Scouting. However, since Scouting is aimed at boys of all


economic strata, of all backgrounds, skiing in Scouting is done without the benefit of costly ski lifts. In addition, while wilderness lands are disappearing from our country at a growing rate, mechanized ski resorts are increasing in number.

Once wilderness is developed, it is gone forever, and gone with it is the chance for our youth to experience and absorb the pioneering spirit, and independence which has made our country so great.

Therefore, we urge the subcommittee to continue its fine record as guardian of the public trust by rejecting H.R. 6891 as ill-conceived legislation.

Here is a chart showing youth groups signing register at Dry Lake from May through September and it reads as follows:

Youth groups signing register at Dry Lake, May 18 through Sept. 18, 1963
Troop 14, Riverside---

25 Troop 96, Fullerton..

12 June: Troop 91, Fullerton..

18 Post 4, Altadena.

7 Troop 1, Fullerton_

18 Lithuanian Boy Scouts, Los Angeles--

4 July : Camp Tulakes (Greyback Council Boy Scouts).

17 Troop 139, Riverside_-.

7 Methodist Church, Redlands.

18 Troop 495, Whittier__

13 Camp Cedar Falls (Seventh Day Adventist)

45 Troop 24, Riverside--Camp JCA (Jewish Center)

25 Camp Conrad (YMCA).

10 Earliteen Girls--

25 August : Camp Cedar Falls..

13 Camp Tulakes--

1 Camp Nowakwa (Campfire Girls).

18 Tribe of Tahquitz--

5 Troop 34, Long Beach. Craneer Girls.-

15 YMCA, Redlands.

5 Camp Oso ola (YMCA)

12 Camp Tulakes.-

7 Camp Yalanie (Campfire Girls)

17 Troop 119, Santa Ana..

11 Camp Conrad.

20 Camp Conrad..

19 September: Camp JCA---

3 University of Riverside_

14 Post 202, Alhambra...



417 Total signing register during period--

1, 262 Percentage youth groups--

33 NOTE.-Interviews at Dry Lake indicated that less than 25 percent of all visitors to Dry Lake signed the register.

I would, at this time, like to read a letter from Mr. Donald W. Douglas, Jr., president, Crescent Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.

The letter is dated November 16, 1965, and reads as follows:

GENTLEMEN : Our Scout Council would like for you to know our position as it relates to the San Gorgonio wild area in southern California and I am enclosing a copy of a resolution which was passed by the executive board on April 16, 1963.

It is our understanding that 50,000 people visited San Gorgonio last year, one-half of them children. Beverly Hills district held its first wilderness camporee at Dry Lake, the site of 3,500 car parking lot proposed ski resort and had the largest turnout we have ever had at any camporee. Culver-Palms district had over 500 at its wilderness camporee at Dry Lake a few years ago. The scouting program depends for its quality on the use of the San Gorgonio wild area.

In general, we feel that the wilderness area is fast disappearing especially here in southern California and therefore we are asking you to consider this point of view in making your decision concerning the proposed changes to the Wilderness Act of 1964.

We do appreciate very much the work which you are doing on behalf of all the citizens of our State as well as those of the entire Nation.

Also, at this time, I would like to read the resolution referred to by Mr. Douglas; a resolution passed by the executive board on April 16, 1963.

It reads as follows:



APRIL 16, 1963

Whereas the San Gorgonio Wild Area is a vital and important part of our vanishing wilderness area and is the only such undeveloped area of its kind remaining in Southern California, and

Whereas it is important to retain this wilderness area to provide suitable camping, hiking and study experiences being essential to Scoutings' program of character building, citizenship training, and physical fitness and to the teaching of self-reliance and the ability to take care of themselves and others, and

Whereas suitable areas for such wilderness experiences are decreasing rapidly, and

Whereas the proposed development of a mechanized ski resort within San Gorgonio Wild Area, with extensive roads and resort facilities to be operated both winter and summer, would irrevocably damage the wilderness aspect of the area: Therefore, be it

Resolved, That the United States Forest Service should continue to maintain the San Gorgonio Wild Area in its wilderness state free from any mechanized ski development.

I would also at this time, like included in my testimony, the application for closed permit of the San Gorgonio Ski Lifts, Inc.; and, the certificate of Charles E. Richershauser, Jr., commissioner of corporations.

They read as follows: STATE OF CALIFORNIA, 88:

I, Charles E. Rickershauser, Jr., Commissioner of Corporations, of the State of California, do hereby certify that the following is a true and correct copy of application for permit to issue and sell shares filed on September 23, 1963, in the matter of San Gorgonio Ski Lifts, Inc., File No. 191705LA, (Including Exhibits A and B filed therewith but excluding any other exhibit) as said application is now on file and of record in my office.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal this 25th day of March, 1965.


Commissioner of Corporations. MICHAEL J. BROADY,

Supervising Deputy.



(File No.

-; Receipt No. —)


In the matter of San Gorgonio Ski Lifts, Inc., for a permit to sell and issue, its

securities To the Honorable John G. Sobieski, Commission of Corporations of the State of

California: San Gorgonio Ski Lifts, Inc., a California Corporation (hereinafter called “Applicant”) files this Application for Closed Permit authorizing it to sell and issue shares of its common stock to its present shareholders, and to the two additional persons hereinafter named, and in support thereof respectfully states:


Applicant was incorporated on May 16, 1962, under the laws of the State of California, and at the date hereof is in good standing with the Secretary of State of said state. Applicant's principal executive office is in the State of California at 1541 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. Applicant is qualified to do business in the State of California.

II Applicant is presently seeking to obtain favorable Congressional action that will allow it to acquire property rights for the purpose of recreational development in the area in the vicinity of Mt. San Gorgonio in the San Bernardino National Forest, San Bernardino County, California. Applicant proposes generally to engage in the State of California business of constructing, leasing and operating recreational facilities including ski lifts and ski tows, and other equipment for winter and summer sports and resort activities.


Applicant has heretofore filed an application for a permit with your Honorable Commissioner, entitled Original Application for Closed Permit which was filed on or about March 1, 1963. The information and exhibits contained in, and filed in connection with, said prior application are hereby incorporated herein by this reference except as they or any of them may be inconsistent with the statements herein made. There have been no changes in Applicant's Articles of Incorporation since said Original Application was filed. There has been one change in Applicant's By-Laws. Article III, Section 8 of the By-laws which provides “(0)ther regular meetings of the Board are hereby dispensed with * * *" has been amended to provide for regular semi-monthly meetings of the Board of Directors on the first and third Monday of each month at the principal office of the Corporation. By resolution of the Board of Directors of Applicant dated July 2, 1963, Mr. Warren Miller, whose experience and qualifications are set forth in Exhibit A hereto, was elected to the office of Vice President of Applicant.


Attached hereto and made a part hereof are the following exhibits :

Exhibit A: List of shareholders and persons other than shareholders to whom applicant proposed to sell and issue shares.

Exhibit B: Balance sheet, as of July 29, 1963, and statement of receipts and disbursements for a period in excess of thirteen months ending July 31, 1963.

Exhibit O: Copy of Resolution of Board of Directors of San Gorgonio Ski Lifts, Inc., adopted at organization meeting held July 2, 1963, authorizing the filing of this application. (Copy of resolution not furnished for printed hearing.)

V Ünder its Articles, Application is authorized to issue 250,000 shares of one class of common stock with a par value of $10.00 each. Pursuant to permit dated March 18, 1963, Applicant has heretofore sold and issued 1,000 shares of common stock, for a total consideration of $10,000.00. The names of Applicant's present shareholders are listed in Exhibit A hereto. Certificates for all said shares are being held by Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association, as Escrow Holder.

VI Applicant proposes to sell not to exceed 3,000 shares of its common stock at a price of $10.00 per share to any or all of its present shareholders and to two additional persons who are named on Exhibit B hereto. The two additional persons, Warren Miller and John R. MacFadden, are familiar with Applicant's business and operations. The shares will be sold from time to time as the need for funds arises.

The proceeds of the sale of said 3,000 shares are to be expended principally for the purpose of obtaining publicity that will acquaint Southern Californians with the necessity and advisability of developing a portion of the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area for skiing and other recreational activities, and thereby creating support in Congress for favorable action aimed toward opening of San Gorgonio Wilderness Area for skiing and other winter sports.


Applicant has not and does not propose to: (1) make or enter into any written contract or subscription agreement concerning the sale of its said shares of stock; (2) publish or distribute any prospectus or advertisement with reference to the sale and issuance of its said shares of stock; (3) make or carry out a public sale of its said shares of stock; or (4) pay any commission or compensation for the sale of its said shares of stock.

Wherefore, Applicant respectfully requests the Commissioner of Corporations of the State of California to grant to Applicant a Permit to sell and issue an aggregate of not to exceed 3,000 shares of its Common Stock, at a price of $10.00 per share, for cash, to any or all of its present shareholders and to the persons named in Exhibit A hereto. Dated : September 14, 1963.


(A California Corporation). By MORGAN ADAMS, Jr.,

President (Applicant).

Attorneys for Applicant.

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. I, Morgan Adams, Jr., President of San Gorgonio Ski Lifts, Inc., certify under penalty of perjury that the matters set out in the foregoing Application are true and correct. Executed at Los Angeles, California, in September 14, 1963.




A. The following persons were all named as persons to whom applicant was authorized to sell and issue its shares pursuant to its prior permit. Background information regarding each of them was previously filed. Morgan Adams, Jr.

Howard V. More
Clem C. Glass

John Elvrum
A. Andrew Hauk

John McClintic Reily
George E. Brandow

Sydney B. Cook
Fred H. Sieling
B. The following persons are informed of applicant's business opportunities
and operation :

Warren A. Miller, 1707 Via El Prado, Redondo Beach, California.

Former champion skier and ski instructor. For over fifteen years the producer of skiing films shown and narrated by Mr. Miller throughout the United States and Europe and in the Far East. Author of four books on skiing. An expert on skiing and recreational areas throughout the United States and Europe.

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