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This is the first novel of Mermaid of Venice, a series paranormal romance books written by Jincey Lumpkin. I believe it is her first paranormal novel. It’s a great book!
I purchased this book a
while ago but was yet to write a review. I've reread Mermaid of Venice several times in the meanwhile and it has a firm place in my Favourites folder. The author's book is well written and the interplay between the male and female is humorous, in depth and full of steam without taking too much away from the story. Gia was a mostly likeable character. She's strong, independent and has tonnes of attitude to throw around.
The action in the book is fast and exhilarating making the story a real page turner , characters are all intriguingly flawed and have weaknesses as well as strengths. fantasy world and the action parts of the story making it a book that will satisfy a wide female audience. It is an exciting, original and well written book. I always get excited when the first book of a new series is this good because it makes me hopefully optimistic that further books on this series will be equally good.
I must say that you will definitely lose yourself in this world; it is different, creative, dark, violent, and flat-out amazing. Hold on tight for an intriguing, adrenaline-pumping ride.
Highly Recommended!

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