The Spending of the Money of Robert Nowell of Reade Hall, Lancashire: Brother of Dean Alexander Norwell. 1568-1580

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Alexander Balloch Grosart
C.E. Simms, 1877 - Great Britain - 447 pages

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Page 1 - THE Country Parson is full of all knowledge. They say it is an ill mason that refuseth any stone; and there is no knowledge, but in a skilful hand serves either positively as it is, or else to illustrate some other knowledge.
Page xxxix - Mary, when a committee is appointed " to inquire if Alexander Nowell, prebendary of Westminster, may be of the house ; " and it is declared next day by them that " Alexander Nowell, being prebendary in Westminster, and thereby having voice in the convocation house, cannot be a member of this house ; and so agreed by the house, and the queen's writ to be directed for another burgess in his place.
Page 103 - This last word is no more unknown now to plain Englishmen than the person was unknown some time in England, until some Englishman took pains to fetch that devilish opinion out of Italy. These men, thus Italianated abroad, cannot abide our godly Italian church at home; they be not of that parish; they be not of that fellowship; they like not that preacher; they hear not his sermons, except sometimes for company they come thither to hear the Italian tongue naturally spoken, not to hear God's doctrine...
Page xxi - ... Knowles, the author of the Report of the Townley Collection, makes an assertion to which we direct the attention of our fair and accomplished contributor HERMENTRUDE : — "Isabel and Elizabeth," says Mr. Knowles, "are substantially the same name. In Moreri's Dictionnaire Historique, they are continually used synonymously, and, at all events, their identity is sufficient to have justified Spenser in linking his mother, supposing that her name was Isabel, with his wife and the Queen in the sonnet...
Page 109 - My masters, and ye ministers of London, the council's pleasure is, that strictly ye keep the unity of apparel, like this man...
Page 185 - ... study, than they had been accustomed to ; and, if he had lived, would quickly have extinguished all that fire in England, which had been kindled at Geneva ; or if he had been succeeded by bishop Andrews, bishop Overal, or any man who understood and loved the church, that infection would easily have been kept out, which could not afterwards be so easily expelled.
Page 45 - Which makes thy writings lean on one side still, And, in all changes, that way bends thy will. Nor let thy mountain belly make pretence Of likeness ; thine's a tympany of sense ; A tun of man in thy large bulk is writ, . But sure thou'rt but a kilderkin of wit.
Page 213 - Bible, wherein he was esteemed the chief, and a workman that needed not 'be ashamed. He began with the first, and was the last man in the translation of the work ; for, after the task of translation was finished by the whole number set apart and designed to that business, being some few above forty, it was...
Page xxxvii - Brasen-nose, where we were brought upp in our youth ; and yj yow wolde procure any thynge to continue, with my money, yow shall doe it beste and moste surely in the Queues Ma"" name, whose poore officer I have bene. And uppon those woords I was occasioned to thinke of * From MSS. Burghley LXXXII., No. 48,Jdated with a pencil on the back " 1596

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