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ORD, teach me to pray. Holy Spirit, teach me to pray with the

understanding, that I may know what to pray for. O give me earnestness in prayer, that I may pray with the heart. Teach me to pray in faith, believing thou wilt hear my prayers. Teach me to pray in the name of Jesus, believing that thou wilt answer my prayers

for Jesus' sake. Lord, thou art great and glorious; thy glory and thy greatness cannot be comprehended by the loftiest angels in heaven. Lord, show me thy glory!

It becometh me to confess my sinfulness and my sins. I confess, that though I am young, my sins are in number like the hairs of my head. My guilt is great. Lord, mercifully forgive. Sin has made me vile : 0 give me thy grace, which is the beauty of holiness. Let me never walk in the counsel of the ungodly; God forbid that I should ever sit in the scorner's seat. Ever may thy love be my delight. O make me fruitful in holy thoughts and in holy actions.

Lord, bless my beloved parents ; give them grace here, and glory hereafter.May my brothers and sisters be thy sons and daughters by regeneration and adoption.

Graciously accept my thanks for the mercies of the night. Mercifully assist me, and thy ministers, and people, in all the duties of thy sacred day. Hear my prayer for Jesus' sake. Thine is the kingdom and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

THE ungodly are not so: but are like BUT sinners find their counsels cross'd; the chaff which the wind driveth

As chaff before the tempest flies, away.

So shall their hopes be blown and lost,

When the last trumpet shakes the skies. Therefore the ungodly shall not In vain the rebel seeks to stand stand in the judgment, nor sinners in In judgment with the pious race; the congregation of the righteous. The dreadfulJudge, with stern command,

Divides him to a diff'rent place. For the Lord knoweth the way of “Straight is the way my saints have trod ! the righteous : but the way of the un- I bless'd the path, and drew it plain ; godly shall perish.—Ps. i. 46.

But you would choose the crooked road,
And down it leads to endless pain.”

Watts, Ps. i.

My Father and my God, thou art great, and, good, and gracious : blessedness to know thee, to love thee, and to trust in thee !

When I think of my sinfulness, my sins, and unworthiness, with what feelings of repentance should I approach thy throne of grace! Wonderful condescension and mercy, that I, so vile, should be allowed to take thy holy, spotless name into my polluted lips! What shall I render unto thee, my God, for all thy benefits !

Blessed Jesus, thou art Lord of the Sabbath-day: fill my heart with thankfulness for that precious day. Ever may I be taught, by thy Spirit, to love the Sabbath, to value the Sabbath, and to sanctify the Sabbath.

Divine Spirit, bless the preaching of the gospel this day : may the word which has fallen upon the ears of thousands enter into their hearts : may multitudes be converted by the preaching of the gospel this sacred day. May my soul, and the souls of all I love, be enlightened, sanctified, and saved.

Most gracious Father, may my father and mother, my sisters and brothers, be among those God knows and loves, and who shall dwell for ever with God in heaven.

Kindly give me sleep and repose this night; in the morning of an approaching day may I awake in peace. Hear, and answer, and forgive, for Jesus' sake. Amen.

In the beginning God created the 'Now let a spacious world arise,'

heaven and the earth.

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Said the Creator Lord :
At once th' obedient earth and skies

Rose at his sovereign word.
Dark was the deep; the waters lay

Confus'd, and drown'd the land :
He callid the light; the new-born day

Attends on his command.
Lord, while the frame of nature stands,

Thy praise shall fill my tongue;
But the new world of grace demands
A more exalted song.

Watts, Bk. ii. Hymn 147.

I am

My God, and my Father in Christ, I would

approach thy throne of grace. Thou art the great Creator. How wonderful is thy power! “Of old hast thou laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the works of thine hands."

I am thy creature. Give me thy grace, then I shall see that thou art my Father, and that I am .thy child. By the fall of Adam, by nature a child of the wicked one. By divine grace, make me a regenerated child of thee, the living God. By nature, my mind is covered with the thick darkness of ignorance and foolishness. By grace, may my soul be filled with the glorious light of spiritual knowledge and heavenly wisdom. Say, by thy great and gracious power, “ Let there be light,” then light shall shine upon my soul. Then the darkness of death shall be changed into the brightness of spiritual life.

Lord, bless my beloved parents, and all the members of our family. May the Sun of righteousness rise upon us, and shine upon us with healing in his wings.

Lord, look with compassion on myriads of the human race covered with the darkest clouds of heathen ignorance and idolatry. May the glorious gospel soon shine upon them.

For the mercies of the past night, accept my humble thanks. Give me grace to serve and honour thee throughout this day. In the name of Jesus I present my morning's prayer. To the Triune God I ascribe endless praise. Amen.

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GLORIOUS Creator, and preserver of angels and men, I would

come humbly and boldly to thy throne of grace, in Jesus' name. O how glorious art thou, our heavenly King! “ Thine hand hath laid the foundations of the earth, and thy right hand hath spanned the heavens."

Thou art holy, but I am sinful, polluted, and vile. Wash me by the influences of thy Spirit, and I shall be whiter than the snow. Ever may it be the most earnest desire of my heart, to resemble the holy Jesus. Lord, make me comely with his comeliness. Take from me the deformity of sin. ' Oh, give me the beauty of holiness !

Teach me, and all my beloved relatives and friends, to love Jesus, because he is holy. May we resemble the holy Jesus.

Lord, hear my prayer for my beloved parents, and all our household. May all of us be heirs of heaven, which Jesus has prepared for them who love him. May we shine as the firmament, for ever and ever.

Praise to thy name for the mercies of the past day. Hast thou preserved me from temptation ? Praise to thy name. Hast thou assisted me in duty ? Praise to thy name. Thou hast supplied all my wants. Praise to thy great name.

During the darkness and silence of the night, may I, and all I love, enjoy thy kind protecting care. Encircle us with thy gracious arms. Lord, hear my evening prayer, for Jesus' sake! To thy name be all glory and praise. Amen.

HE bids the clouds ascend on high;

AN ND God called the dry land Earth:

and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.

And God said, Let the earth bring forth grâss, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit-tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind : and God saw that it was good.-Gen. i. 10–12.

The clouds ascend, and bear
A watry treasure to the sky,

And float on softer air.
The liquid element below

Was gather'd by his hand;
The rolling seas together flow,

And leave the solid land.
With herbs and plants, a flow'ry birth,

The naked globe he crown'd,
Ere there was rain to bless the earth
Or sun to warm the ground.

WATTS, Bk. ii. Hymn 147.


ITH deep humility and thankfulness I would draw near to thee,

as my God, and as the God of my salvation. Thanks to my God and Father, that I have opened my eyes in comfort and health. to see the light of another day. I thank thee, my Lord and my God, that my eyes are not shut in the darkness of death.

All thy works declare thy glory. Give me grace to see thy glory shining in thy works. “ The sea is thine, for thou didst make it : thy hands formed the dry land."

Teach me, O Lord, to mourn over my sins. Take from me the love of sin. Deliver me from the power and reign of sin. Preserve me this day from sinful thoughts. Preserve me from sinful actions. Every day enable me to fight with sin. Enable me to conquer the corruptions of my own heart. Make me a scholar of Jesus; at his feet may I sit and learn lessons of wisdom, of holiness, and mercy. This day may thy Spirit enable me so to speak and act, as those around me may see that I bear some resemblance to the meek, the lowly, and the lovely Jesus.

Most merciful Father, look down with compassion on my beloved parents, and all the members of our family. May we be a spiritual garden, and each one of us a plant of righteousness. By thy Spirit may we be transplanted from the wilderness of sin into the garden of grace.

Oh, listen to this my morning prayer, for Jesus' sake! And to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be ascribed endless praises. Amen.

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