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Sale of, on formation of new district and application of pro

ceeds, To be purchased or leased by trustees,..

72 107

Special Meetings. May be called by trustees,...

94 Proceedings of, not vitiated by defect of notice unless wilful and fraudulent,..

94 Powers of inhabitants when legally assembled,.. 87, 99, 109, 158 To be called by clerk for election of officers, when annual meeting is neglected to be held,...

91 Notice of, by whom and how to be given, .

89, 106, 107 When to be called by town superintendents for the dissolution of joint districts and powers of,..

71 Appeals from proceedings of, to superintendent,

157 Qualifications of voters at,..... To be called by superintendent in certain cases, ...


84, 85


State Treasurer.

To pay school money to county treasurers, &c.,


Suits by Town Superintendents.
For penalties and forfeitures when to be brought,
For balances in the hands of predecessors,
For moneys belonging to annulled districts,..

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Suits against Town Superintendents.

To be prosecuted by successors for balances, &c.,
Costs not recoverable in certain cases,....

54 174

Suits by Trustees.

certain cases,

May be brought against inhabitants refusing to furnish fuel in

133 On securities taken on sale of school house and site,

99 For balance due from non-residents on tax lists or rate bills,.. 137 For money withheld from districts by town superintendents,.. 139 For balances due from predecessors, .

153, 154 For forfeitures and balances due from collector,

127 For fines for injury to books in district library,

164 For fines against inhabitants for illegal voting,

86 For injury to books by neglect of predecessors,


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Suits against Trustees.
For balances due to successors, .
Costs not recoverable in certain cases,

[blocks in formation]

48, 49

Supervisors of Towns.
To prosecute town superintendents for forfeitures, ........

See Board of Supervisors.

Superintendent of Common Schools. Annual report of, what to contain,..

1 May appoint a general deputy, powers and duties of...

2 May appoint visiters of common schools, their duties,

3 May grant certificates of qualifications,

4 Acts and decisions of, how authenticated,

5 Apportionment of school money by, when and how to be made,..

....6 to 11 To direct apportionment to districts in case of accidental omission to comply with law in certain cases, .

39 To prepare forms, regulations and instructions, 12, 44, sub. 8,

164, 185 Expenses of, how audited and paid, .....

14 In conjunction with comptroller to withhold public money in

whole or in part from counties, for omission to raise
amount required by law, ..

24 May order meetings for election of district officers in certain cases, .

92 May consent to correction of errors in tax lists and rate bills,.. 138 Appeals to, .....

.... 157, 165 To prosecute county clerk for forfeiture incurred by neglect to make annual report,

171 To appoint trustees of school for colored children in certain cases, ...

... 184 To cause school laws to be published and transmitted to the

several districts, officers, &c., with forms and instruc-
tions, ...

185, 186 To prescribe regulations for the government of district libraries, ..

164 To select libraries for districts in certain cases,

168 To consent to formation of joint libraries,



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For purchase or lease of site, building, purchasing or hiring

school house, repairs, fuel and appendages,......87 sub. 5, 6

.87 sub. 8


No. For purchase or lease of sites for two or more school houses,

hiring, building or purchasing such houses; keeping in re-
pair and furnishing the same with necessary fuel and ap-
pendage, and for maps, globes, blackboards and other

school apparatus,.. For record book,.......

.87 sub.7 For hire of room temporarily for accommodation of children attending school, when necessary,...

145 For blank books of account, and for teachers' list,.. To be imposed by trustees for expenses incurred by authority

of law, or expressly charged upon districts by any provi-
sion of law,...

134 For deficiency in collection of tax lists or rate bills, ..

109 Certain' inhabitants exempt from, for building school house,.. 123 Tenant at will or for years to charge landlord or owner,...

113 For district library and book case, .. Appeals from imposition of, to superintendent,

157 How assessed. See Tax List. How collected, ......

107 sub. 14, 124, 125


Tar List.
To be made out by trustees, what to contain,

107, sub. 3 How to be apportioned on taxable property,.

110 On real estate of non-residents situate in district,..

110 What tracts or parcels may be omitted, ....

110 Unoccupied land of non-residents to be described,

110 Taxes on how collected,..... ...114, 115, 116, 117, 120 Persons working land on shares deemed possessors,

111 Persons owning property in district occupied by servants or agents, taxable as residents,.

112 Valuation of property to be obtained from last assessment roll of town; reductions when to be claimed,....

121 Proceedings when reduction claimed and where valuations cannot be ascertained from last assessment roll,.....

122 Certain inhabitants exempt from taxation for building school house, ...

123 Tax list when to be made out,

124 When trustees authorized to make, without vote of inhabitants, 134 Deficiencies in collection of, how supplied,

109 Appeals to superintendent from,.

157 Errors in, may be corrected by trustees with approbation of superintendent,.....

138 For expenses incurred by trustees in preservation of library,.. 162



Who may be employed as,
Trustees to contract with and employ,...

37 107, sub. 7



How to be paid,.....

.107, sub. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 Lists by, how to be kept and verified,

129 Forms for, to be provided by Superintendent,

185 To keep account of the number of times school has been visited by town superintendent, ....

129 Blank book to be provided by trustees for,

129 Certificates of qualification to be given to, by town superintendent,

61 Certificates to continue in force for one year,

37 May be annulled by town superintendent, Must be obtained before commencement of term,

36 Examination of, how to be conducted, May be re-examined by inspectors, and certificate annulled on notice, .

63 In cases of joint districts, the town superintendent of the town

in which the school house is situated, must grant and annul
certificate, .....

65 Four superintendents to inquire into government, discipline

and course of instructior, of, and to recommend proper stu-
dies, discipline and text books,...


..59, 60

At will or for years, may charge owner with certain taxes paid


.. 113

Apportionment how to be made by superintendent on erection

or division of


Town Clerks.

Powers and duties of,.....


Town Collector.


To collect and pay over school moneys to commissioners,
When to pay such moneys to county treasurer,

22 Town Superintendents of Common Schools. Notice to be given to, by county treasurer of the amount of

school money apportioned to town of, and to hold such
amount subject to order of, ....

17 To form, regulate and alter districts,

33 sub. 1 To set off separate neighborhoods,

do 2 To describe and number districts and deliver descriptions and numbers to town clerk,

do 3, 4

40, 41

No. To apply for and receive school moneys from county treasurer and town collector,..

33 sub. 5 When and how to apportion school moneys,

do 6,7 To sue for, collect and apply penalties and forfeitures,.. do 8 Formation, &c., of joint districts,..

69 To give notice in writing of alterations made in any district without the consent of trustees,.

70 Such alterations not to take effect until the expiration of three months after such notice to trustees,...

70 When to withhold public moneys from districts, failing to com

ply with certain provisions of law,...: •. 35, 36, 38 Superintendent may direct apportionment in cases of accident

al omission of trustees to report according to law, &c.,.. 39 To apportion public money to districts formed or altered after

the time when annual reports are required to be dated, and
so short a time before the 1st January, as to be unable to

comply with law,...
To add moneys remaining in their hand for one year after ap-

portionment, to the moneys next thereafter to be appor-

42 To return moneys remaining in their hands for two years to county treasurer, ..

43 When to make annual report and what to contain,...... 44, 184 Forfeitures for neglect to make such report within the time required by law,

45, 47 Share of school money belonging to town may be withheld by superintendent for such neglect,

47 Town superintendent liable for amount with interest,..

48 Supervisor to prosecute therefor,

49 Town superintendents to keep account of all moneys received

and expended by them, and to lay the same before board
of town auditors at their annual meeting, .

50 To account to their successors within fifteen days after termi

nation of their offices, such account to be filed with town

51 To pay over balances remaining on hand,

52 If balance appropriated, statement to be made thereof,. 53 Successors to recover unpaid balances previously accruing,... 54 In case of death of town suprintendent, suits to be brought against representatives,

54 Town superintendents authorized to take and hold in their

corporate capacity, property transferred to them for the
use of common schools in their town,.

55 To be inspectors,... Their duties as such,.

59 to 67 Compensation of, and how paid,..



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