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Office of, vacated in case of refusal or neglect, and another to be appointed by trustees,...

103 Forfeiture of, for loss of money by neglect in collection, 126 To be recovered by trustees,...


162, 163

District Libraries.
Inhabitants of districts authorized to levy taxes for,....

158 Librarian how to be appointed and duties of ....... 87, 103, 162 Appropriation for, from revenue of U. S. Deposite Fund..... 161 Trustees of district to be trustees of library, powers, duties and

liabilities of,.... Regulations for government and management of, to be prescribed by superintendent,.

164 Fines how imposed and recovered, .

164 Liability of borrowers,

164 Appeals respecting, to superintendent, ...

165 Joint libraries how organized by two or more districts,

166 Distribution and application of library moneys,

161 Superintendent may select books for, on request,


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District Librarian.

District clerk or other person chosen by inhabitants at their an

nual meeting, to act as, and to have care and custody of
library, ..

159 To be subject to direction of trustees, removable by them, and for what causes, and vacancy how supplied,

162 Regulations of superintendent obligatory upon,.

164 Appeals from, to superintendent,


Errors in Tax Lists and Rate Bills.

How corrected,


From taxation for school house in certain cases,..

123 Of indigent persons from rate bills wholly or in part,..sub. 10 107 from assessments for fuel,....




For loss of or destruction or injury to books in District Libra-

ry, how imposed and recovered, who liable, and to what
extent, ..


See Penalties and Forfeitures.

Forms and Instructions.

To be published and forwarded to officers of school districts, &c., by superintendent,.....

12, 13, 185, 186


Taxes may be imposed for,.

87 sub. 5 To be provided by trustees,

107 sub. 5 When not provided by tax, inhabitants sending to school to furnish their proportion,

130 Proportions how to be determined by trustees,.

131 Indigent persons to be exempted,.....

131 Trustees to furnish portion of delinquents, .

132 To add expense to rate bill against or recover by suit,....... 133


General Deputy Superintendent. How appointed, and duties of,


Tax may be imposed for purchase of,.....


Gospel and School Lots.
Trustees of Gospel and School Lots, office abolished,....




Incorporated Companies. Liable to taxation for school district purposes, .

... 110 Taxes on non-resident property owned by, how to be collected,..

111 to 116

Indian Children.

Not to be included in reports of trustees, ..


Indigent Persons. May be exempted from rate bills wholly or in part,.. 107 sub. 10 Such exemption a charge upon the district, .

107 sub. 10 May be exempted from assessments for fuel,.



Inhabitants of School Districts.
Notice of formation of districts and time and place for first meet-

ing to be given to one of, by town superintendents, and
renewed if ineffectual,.

80, 81 Such inhabitant to notify others and how,.

81 Penalty for refusal or neglect,

82 Inhabitants required to assemble, in pursuance of such notice,.. 83 Qualification of voters at district meetings,

84, 85 Penalty for illegal voting,.... General powers of, when legally assembled,


87 May call special meetings in certain cases,

91 May direct sale of site or purchase of new one,....

99 May direct division of public money into portions applicable to

107 To direct the raising of deficiencies in tax lists and rate bills, 109 Who exempt from taxes for building school house,..... 123 Fuel how and when to be furnished by,.

131 Appeals to superintendent from proceedings of,

157 May levy taxes for the purchase or lease of a suitable site for

school house, to build, hire or purchase such school house,
keep in repair and furnish the same with necessary fuel
and appendages, and for the purchase of a district libra:

87, 158 May dissolve joint district in certain cases,..

71 Certain non-residents to be deemed taxable inhabitants,., 110, 116

different terms,

[blocks in formation]


Powers and duties of town superintendents in formation, regu

lation and alteration of,..... Proceedings for dissolution of, when major part of town super

intendents neglect when duly notified to attend meeting

for alteration, &c., of,... Trustees of, to make reports, what to contain,, See Trustees of School Districts—Inhabitants of School


69 149

Justices of the Peace. May accept resignation of town superintendents and fill vacancies in office,..

27 To give notice thereof to district clerk or one of the trustees, 28



See District Libraries.


See District Librarian.

Library Moneys. Appropriation for, from revenue of U. S. Deposite Fund,.... 161 How to be distributed and applied,...




Maps. Taxes for purchase of, may be imposed,



Parents or guardians of, when and to what extent liable for

fines imposed for loss of, or injury or destruction to books
in district library; how such liability may be avoided, or. 164


New Towns.

Apportionment how to be made on erection of,



New-York, City of.
Chamberlain when to apply for school moneys,
County clerk when to lay apportionment of before common

council, .
Corporation to raise equal sum, ....

19, 169


Non-Residents. Certain lands belonging to, taxable,....

110 Lands of, when unoccupied to be described and valued by trustees in making out tax list, ....

114 Collector to deliver account of unpaid taxes against, to trustees, ....

115 Trustees to transmit same to county treasurer,

116 Treasurer to advance amount,.

117 Board of supervisors to levy the same on county, .........

118 Owner may pay, before amount levied, ...

119 Amount, how collected by supervisors, ..

120 Property occupied by agents or servants of non-resident owners, taxable to owners, ...

112 Trustees may prosecute for balance due on tax list or rate bill, 137 Children of, not to be included in report of trusteesy.....


Notice. Of annual and special meetings, when, by whom and how to be given,...

79, 80, 106, sub. 2 and 4, 107, sub. 2

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