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Absolutely wonderful book! As someone who had hardly spent the time to figure out exactly what kind of problems computer scientists worry about before encountering the book, I find this book an eye-opener into that field of study. It details the field in terms of experiences almost anyone would find relatable to everyday life. It is important to state that the authors did not just choose excellent examples to enlighten readers on computer science concepts but also equip them with terminology to describe these concepts. 

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Haven't finished it yet, but already love it.
As a CS guy, I find his analogies amazing. The Mitch Hedberg quote alone is enough for 4 stars.

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It is a great Book. Actually, it could even be a great couple of books. Even if you are not into math our computer science, it teaches you are a different way of seeing things, as well as the terms to communicate effectively those very things. - Ralph Turchiano

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