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Claims, when claimant may sue, 181.

when liability accrues, 46.
when no money in treasury, 28, 207.
"within one year?' construed, 173.

verification of, 172.
Classification of Counties, 265.

a question for the legislature, 272.
by graduated scale, 284.
courts cannot say how many classes should be

made, 272.
limited by constitution, 284.
number ofcounties in a class when immaterial,

purpose, of 42, 43, 271, 272, 280, 281.
only for purpose of fixing compensation, 283.
when supervisors may classify, 283.

of new counties, 284.
Classification of Supervisors, for purposes of elec-

tion, 196.
Clerk, see County Clerk.
Clerk, of Supervisors, duties of, 77, 78, 80.

failure to affix seal, 127

neglect of duty, 79..
Constables, duties of, 263.

fees of, 275, 438.
fees for arrest outside of county, 274.
is township officer, 194.
mileage for conveying prisoner to jail, 276.
reduction of fees of, 275.
reference to duties and liabilities, 215.

sections applicable to, 264.
Collateral Attack, on judgments of supervisors, 47.
Collector, see License Tu
Colusa, county of thirty-ninth class, 268.
Committee, of supervisors, powers of, 158.
Compensation, according to duties, the purpose of

classification, 271.
see Salary and Fces.
Competition, required for erecting county jail, 126.
Complaint, in action against treasurer, 60.
Consolidated City and County, is municipal corpo-

ration, 289.
Consolidation Act, 54, 287.

Consolidation of Offices, manner of effecting, 193.
Constitutionality, system of government limited to

portion of state, 52.
of acts, 10.
Contra Costa, county of twenty-sixth class, 267.
Contract, by clerk for county printing, 139.
cannot be rescinded because supervisors have

been slandered, 47.
for work in the future, to be paid in install-

ments, 170.
signed by president of board is contract of

county, 81.
to pay for selling bonds, void, 53, 169.
with clerk to collect money due county, when

void, 170.
Contracts, care of indigent sick not let to lowest

bidder, 90.
competition required for county buildings, 126.
county buildings to be erected by, 91.
for county supplies, 102.
may be rescinded for fraud, 47.
not to be altered except, etc., 171.
prohibited, form no basis for claim against

county, 57.
power to make, 53.
to be awarded on plans and specifications, 89.

when enforceable, 170.
Contractual Obligations, 16.
Coroner, as public administrator, 260.

as sheriff, 260.
duties as to property of decedents, 259.
fees of, 444.
general duties of, 258.
in San Francisco, 260.
justice of the peace as, 260.
may cause chemical analyses to be made, 260.
misconduct of, 259.
must keep official register, 259.
post mortem examinations by, 260.
to cause burial of bodies, 258.
to execute process, 226.
to preserve evidence, 258.

Corporate Name, what is, 53.
Corporate Power, 53.
Costs, on removal of criminal action, 429.
Counties, are bodies corporate and politic, 51.

are not municipal corporations, 14.
classification of, 265.
contractual obligations of 16–17.
debts of, how paid, 52.
individual property not liable for debts of, 51.
may not make gifts nor loan credit, 55.
ordinances of, 17-18.
political and legal characteristics of, 13-16.
population of, 61.
powers exercised through boards and agents,

purpose of classification of, 43,
restraints upon exercise of power, 18–19.
state divided into, 51.
to be dealt with only in corporate capacity, 51.

when first created, 51.
County, a division of the state, 13, 14.

an involuntary quasi corporation, 13, 14.
as to neglect of duty generally, 230.
bonds, mode of selling, 53.
charges, what are, 428.
corporate powers of, 53.
debt of is debt of state, 15.
distinguished from city, 14.
establishment of new, 63.
farm, to be provided, 90.
farm, products may be sold, 92
how designated, 53.
implied powers of, 13.
legislative power not restrained by courts, 19.
not a municipal government, 14, 15
not liable for acts of officers, 15.
office, who eligible to, 190.
offices, consolidation of, 192.
officers, designation of, 192.
officers, when to be elected, 196.
ordinances, have the force of statutes, 17.

County, ordinances, local police, sanitary and other

regulations, 18.
ordinances, licenses established by, 18.
ordinances, superseded by later city ordinance,

people are not the, 51.
physician, qualifications of, 125.
power of legislature over, 18.
power to hold personal property, 53.
power to levy taxes, 53.
power to make contracts, 53.
power to purchase land, 53.
power to sue, 53.
powers are derived from statute, 13.
printing, 138, 139.
printing, delinquent tax list is, 45.
printing, how obtained, 102.
printing, notice for contract, 46.
prohibited from giving or loaning credit, 55.

when claim against accrues, 46.
County Assessorsee Assessor.
County Aulitor-see Auditor.
County Coroner-see Coroner.
County Clerk, additional deputy for, 416.

as a political officer of the state, 229.
contract by, for county printing, 139.
custody of bond of, 230.
duties of, 228.
has no power to print great register, 160.
neglect of, prevents judgment lien, 229.

other duties of, 230.
County Government, 1-50.

constitutional provisions, as to, 3, 4, 5.
legislation, as to, 3, 6, 12, 13.
system of must apply to whole state, 52.

uniformity in laws, 3.
County Government Act, how to be construed, 82.

when takes affect, 433.
County Recorder-see Recorder.
County Seat, removal, two-thirds vote, 66, 67.

courts take judicial notice of, 67.
insufficient petition for removal, 35.
mandamus as to, 26.
officers to reside at, 199.

County Seat, removal of, 66.

requisites of petition for removal, 65, 66.
County Seats, 6:3.

judicial notice thereof taken, 67.

present, declared, 62.
County Supplies, to be furnished on bids, 102.
County Surreyor-see Surveyor.
County Treasurer, specific duties of, 203.
County Warrants, endorsed, when no funds, 207.

must be numbered, 236.
must specify what, 182, 234, 236.
order of preference, 209.
not negotiable, 43, 181.
payment out of unappropriated funds, 210.
redemption of, 208.
when bear interest, 208.

when become preferred claims, 208,
Court Crier, sheriff is, 226.
Courts of Equity, have control over supervisors, 87.
Coyote Scalp Bounty, 55.
Credit, may not be loaned, 55.
Criminal Action, costs on removal, 429.
Damages, against road overseer, 179.

against sheriff for failure to levy writs, 221.
against sheriff, for failure to make returns, 220.
by mob or riot, 179.
caused by abutment of bridge, 154.
county not liable in, when, 15, 16.
for breaking of bridge, 120.
for not keeping highway repaired, 116.
measure of against sheriff, 220.
on contract of clerk for county printing, 139.
twenty per cent, not unconstitutional, 60.

when county liable for, 154.
Day, is time between midnights, 47.
Dead Bodies, coroner's duties as to, 258.

disposition of property found on, 259.
Debts, contract for work payable in installments,

not to exceed revenue, 162.
salaries not included as, 169.
when election necessary to create, 162-169.

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