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such act, or against his estate, or against the registrar, or upon his bond.

FEES. Fees same as in similar cases under present laws,

except as provided herein.

SEC. 114. First—The fees, in respect of applications and proceedings under them prior to registration, shall be the same as in actions in the superior court.

SecondThere shall be paid to the registrar:

For issuing a certificate of title, including one duplicate thereof, one dollar and fifty cents.

For each additional duplicate, fifty cents.

For registering each transfer, including the issue and registration of the new certificate, one dollar and fifty cents.

For entry of each memorial on the register, including the indorsement upon the duplicate certificates, one dollar.

For the cancellation of each certificate, memorial, or charge, twenty-five cents.

For each certificate showing condition of register, one dollar and fifty cents.

For filing any instrument, or for a certified copy of the register, or of any instrument or writing on file in his office, the same fees allowed by law to recorders for like services.

CONSTRUCTION. Act to be liberally construed. Construction of

similar legislation elsewhere, not adopted.

SEC. 115. This act shall be construed liberally so far as may be necessary for the purpose of effecting its general intent, but does not adopt by implication the construction of any similar legislation of other jurisdictions which this act any extent have followed. Act to take effect July 1, 1897.

SEC. 116. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven.


Abandonment, of highways, 123.

see Highways, road,
Absence from state, of officers, 201.
Accounts, of officers to be examined, 92.
Acknowledgment of instruments, when unneces-

sary, 241.

recorder to take and certify, 248.
Act for certification of land titles, etc., 633.
Action, against county treasurer, 60.
against supervisors; must answer in aggregate

capacity, 29.
does not lie against county, 16.
private persons may not prosecute, when, 48.
to recover money illegally paid, 48, 58.
to recover money under section 8, 22.
designation of county in, 53.

no common law against supervisors, 16, 27.
Advertising, county, how procured, 102.

notice for redemption of county warrants, 208.
Agents of board of supervisors, 52.
Agricultural and industrial pursuits, assessor's re-

port, 185.
Alameda, county of third class, 265.
Aliens, not to be appointed as deputies, 198.
Allowance, book to be kept, 80.
Alpine, county of fifty-seventh class, 270.
Amador, county of thirty-second class, 268.
Animals, destruction of certain, 105.
Annuity Fund, for school teachers, 584.
Answer, supervisors must, in aggregate capacity,

Appropriated Water, act controlling, 625.
Appropriation for bounties, 55.

for personal injuries, 56.

for Tia Juana sufferers, 55.
Appointment of deputies, 198.

see Vacancy.
Arrests, on civil process, 223.

Assessments, for drainage district, 128.

of taxes, equalization of, 100.

not legally a synonym for “tax," 44.
Assessor, duties of, 261.

of Butte county, 43.
to make reports, 185.
may retain percentages, 415.

percentage on poll taxes, 278.
Assistant District Attorneys, provision for, 415.

unconstitutional provision as to, 420.
Attorney General, appearance of in mandamus

proceeding 26.
Auctioneer, see Sheriff, other duties.
Auditor, and treasurer, must make joint state-

ments of finances, 237.
certificate of, required, 206.
duties of, 231.
duties as to allowed claims, 177.
estimates of, not to be exceeded, 169.
may not set up judgment against supervisors,

must count money in treasury, 236.
must draw warrants, when, 23.
must examine and settle accounts due county,

must examine treasurer's books, 236.
must give receipts, 207.
must keep accounts with treasurer, 235.
must post statement of money in treasury, 237.
mandamus against, 231.
“no funds'' endorsement, 207.
no revisory control over allowance of claims,

other duties of, 238.
refusal to draw warrant, 22.
to make statistical report, 237.

when may refuse to draw warrants, 231, 233.
Ballots, for use at special election, 67.
Bicycle Paths, provisions for, 451.
Boards of Education, compensation of, 278.
Board of Supervisors, can not employ person to sell

bonds, 57.
how composed, 69.

Board of Supervisors, may submit any proposition

to voters, 68.
number of members of, 69.

see Supervisors.
Bonded Indebtedness, how created, 162–169.
Bonds, board can not employ person to sell, 57,

contract to pay for sale of, void, 53.
issuance of not within scope of general powers

of supervisors, 118.
illegally issued, 129.
of county, mode for disposing of, 129,
not payable before maturity, 118.
offer to accept may be withdrawn, when, 129.
on refunding indebtedness, 97.
procedure for sale of, 169.
requisites of, 128.

void contract for procuring sale of, 169.
Bounties, 55.
Bridge, certificate of completion, 24.

damages from breaking of, 120.
contract, certificate of superintendent necessary

for allowance of claim, 175.
Bridges, across navigable streams, 110, 446.

contracts for construction, 89.
cost of construction, how paid, 131.
legislation as to, 447.

water and canal companies to construct, 116.
Buildings, contracts for, notice, plans, 126.

county, erection of, 91.
Business, see License Tax.
Business Licenses, may be required, 104,
Butte, county of fourteenth class, 266.

county assessor in, 43.
Calaveras, county of thirty-first class, 268.
Canal and Water Companies, to construct bridges,

Candidates, certain pledges prohibited, 110.
Census, courts take judicial notice of, 271.

of townships authorized, 93.
“Cents”, may be expressed in figures, 44.
Certificate, of completion of contract work, 25.

see Auditor,
Certificates of Sales, as evidence of title, 245.

Certificates of Sales, book to be kept by recorder,

Certification of Land Titles, act for, 633.
Certiorari, 37-42.

when it will lie, 41.
when it will not lie, 41.

when remedy barred by lapse of time, 41.
Claim, against county, certificate of completion of

work, 25.
may be presented more than once, 175.
prohibition against allowance of illegal, 174.
under prohibited contract, 57.

when accrues, 46.
Claims, all demands not to be presented to super-

visors, 173.
allowance of, 92.
allowance in part, 179.
allowance of illegal creates no liability, 181.
allowance of should order payment, 181.
authority and duty of auditor, 174.
certain not audited by supervisors, 93.
claimant dissatisfied with action on, 180.
commission for collecting for county, 46.
damages from defective sewers, 47.
duties of auditor and treasurer, 177,
examples of illegal demands, 180.
felony to present fraudulent, 180.
form of, 176.
how approved, 177.
itemizing of, 23, 33, 174.
judgment must be presented as, 172.
of members of board of supervisors, 186.
officers not to present, 171.
priority of payment, 209.
refusal of auditor and treasurer, 22–23.
rejection of improper, 179.
sufficiency of, 172.
suit on, 172.
supervisors act judicially on, 180.
to be itemized, 172.
tort and contract, 182.
what is rejection of, 180.

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