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eiror, omission, or mistake on the register and on any duplicate certificate, and may direct the cancellation of any certificate or memorial entered by mistake. If all parties do not consent, court may hear testi

mony as to alleged error or mistake.

SEC. 100. If such persons, or any of them, fail to appear, or do not consent, the court may proceed to hear testimony as to such alleged error, omission, or mistake, and if it appear to the satisfaction of the court that an error, omission, or mistake has been make, he shall order and direct the registrar to correct the same and to cancel or modify such certificates or memorials as may be necessary to correct such error or mistake. When such error or mistake has been caused by the fault or neglect of the registrar, the costs of such proceedings shall be paid by the state; if by the fault of any person registered as interested in such land, by such person. A certified copy of the order of court, dire ng the correction of any error, omission, or mistake in respect to any certificate or memorial, shall be filed in the registrar's office before such correction shall be entered or made.

EMINENT DOMAIN. Right of eminent domain not affected.

SEC. 101. Nothing in this act shall be construed to in anywise affect or modify the exercise of the right of eminent domain. When any suit or proceeding shall have been brought in the exercise of such right for the taking of registered land, or any interest therein, or to test the validity of any such taking, or to ascertain and establish the amount of damage by reason of any such taking, it shall be the duty of both parties to the proceeding to see that a certified copy of the judgment or decree therein is duly filed and a memorial thereof entered upon the register; but in the case of the assessment of damages, no such memorial shall be entered by the registrar until such damages have been paid, in which event the register shall also show the payment of such damages; provided, however, that the deposit with the treasurer, as allowed by law, of such damages, shall be deemed a payment thereof, and in such case the treasurer shall forth with file with the registrar a certificate of such deposit, and thereupon a memorial thereof shall be entered upon the register. Upon the filing of the certified copy of the order or decree of the court and the payment of damages, the registrar shall note on the register of title of the owners whose lands have been appropriated, a description of the land so appropriated, and shall register in the name of the person, corporation, or other body entitled thereto, the title of the land taken, and issue a certificate therefor.

INDICES. Property indices to be kept.

SEC. 102. The registrar shall keep property indices, the pages of which shall be divided into columns, showing first, the section or subdivision; second, the range or block; third, the township or lot; fourth, any further description necessary to identify the land; fifth, the name of the registered owner; sixth, the volume; and seventh, the page of the register in which the lands are registered. Name indices to be kept.

SEC. 103. He shall also keep name indices, the pages of which shall be divided into columns, showing in alphabetical order, first, the names of all registered owners and all other persons interested in or holding charges upon registered land; seco the nature of the interest; third, a brief description of the land; fourth, the volume; and fifth, the page of the register in which the lands are registered.

MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS. Registered lands may be partitioned.

SEC. 104. An owner of an undivided interest in registered lands may bring an action for the partition thereof. A notice of such action, shall, at the time of the commencement thereof, be filed with the registrar and a memorial entered by him upon the register. A certified copy of any judgment or decree rendered in pursuance of such action shall be filed with the registrar, who shall thereupon issue new certificates in accordances therewith. Registration of adverse lien not conclusive of reg

ularity of proceedings or instruments by which created.

SEC. 105. Whenever, under the provisions of this act, any interest in, or lien, incumbrance, or charge upon registered land, arises adversely to the registered owner without voluntary action by him, and not in pursuance of a judgment or decree of court, such registration shall not be conclusive of the regularity of any proceedings or instruments by means of which such interest, lien, incumbrance, or charge arose, or the validity of the same, and shall have no greater force and effect than would the recording, in case the land were not registered, of an instrument creating a similar interest, lien, incumbrance, or charge. In case of fraud, rights and remedies the same as

if land not under this act.

SEC. 106. In the case of fraud, any person defrauded shall have all rights and remedies that he would have had if the lands were not under the provisions of this act; provided, that nothing contained in this section shall affect the title of a registered owner who has taken bona fide for a valuable consideration or of any person bona fide claiming through or under him. Clerk of court shall notify registrar of appeal.

SEC. 107. In case of an appeal from any proceeding under this act, or from any judgment, order, or decree affecting registered lands, the clerk of the court in which the notice of appeal is filed shall forthwith notify the registrar thereof, and thereupon the registrar shall enter upon the register a memorial of such appeal.

All fees collected by registrar to be paid to county

treasurer and applied to expenses of administration of this act.

SEC. 108. All fees collected by the registrar under the provisions of this act shall be accounted for, paid. disbursed, and disposed of by him in the same manner that fees collected by him as county recorder are now or may hereafter be by law accounted for, paid, disbursed, and disposed of. Should there be a surplus in any year, such surplus shall be carried into the general fund, and be subject to appropriation for any purpose. In case such fees shall not amount to the sum required for the administration of this act, the deficiency shall be paid from any funds in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Board of supervisors shall furnish registrar all

necessary books, etc.

SEC. 109. All books, blanks, papers, and all things necessary for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this act, shall be furnished by the board of supervisors, at the expense of the county. The attorney-general, state controller, and secre

tary of state to prepare forms.

SEC. 110. The attorney-general, state controller, and secretary of state shall prepare a uniform system of books, blanks, and forms for the use of the public officers required to perform duties under this act, and such forms, and none other, shall be used by such officers.


Fraudulent procurement of certificate, a felony.

SEC. 111. Whoever fraudulently procures, assists in fraudulently procuring, or is privy to the fraudulent procurement of any certificate of title or other instrument, or of any entry in the register or other book kept in the registrar's office, or of any erasure or alteration in any entry in any said book, or in any instrument authorized by this act, or knowingly defrauds or is privy to defrauding any person by means of a false or fraudulent instrument, certificate, statement, or affidavit affecting registered land, shall be guilty of a felony, and fined not exceeding five thousand dollars, or be imprisoned not exceeding five years nor less than one year, or either, or both, in the discretion of the court. Forgery of seal, signature, or instrument in reg

istrar's office, a felony.

SEC. 112. Whoever (1) forges, or procures to be forged, or assists in forging the seal of the registrar, or the name, signature, or handwriting of any officer of the registry office in cases where such officer is expressly or impliedly authorized to affix his signature; or (2) fraudulently stamps or procures to be stamped, or assists in stamping any document with any forged seal of said registrar; or (3) forges, or


to be forged, or assists in forging the name, signature, or handwriting of any person whomsoever to any instrument which is expressly or impliedly authorized to be signed by such person; or (4) uses any document upon which any impression, or part of the impression, of any seal of said registrar has been forged, knowing the same to have been forged, or any document, the signature to which has been forged, knowing the same to have been forged; or (5) swears falsely concerning any matter or procedure made and done in pursuance of this act, shall be guilty of a felony, and imprisoned not exceeding ten years, nor less than one year, or fined not exceeding five thousand dollars, or both fined and imprisoned, in the discretion of the court. No proceeding or conviction under this act shall

affect any remedy at law or in equity.

SEC. 113. No proceeding or conviction for any act hereby declared to be a misdemeanor or a felony shall affect any remedy which any person aggrieved or injured by such act may be entitled to at law or in equity against the person who has committed

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