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application, the court may order such notice to be given to such persons, and for such time as it may deem proper.

If the court is satisfied that the applicant is the person named in the original certificate on file in the registrar's office, and that the duplicate certificate has been lost, mislaid, or destroyed, the court shall make an order directing the registrar to issue a certified copy of the original certificate to the applicant. A certified copy of such order shall be filed in the registrar's office, who shall thereupon issue to such applicant a certified copy of the original certificate with the memorials and notations appearing upon the register, and shall note upon the register the fact, cause, and date of such issue, and shall also mark upon such certified copy: "Owner's certified copy, issued in place of lost (mislaid, or destroyed, as the case may be) certificate;%' and such certified copy shall stand in the place of, and have like effect, as the missing duplicate certificate. In case of a lost certificate, no transfer of the land shall be made until such certified copy is issued by the registrar. A certified copy of the certificate of title may be issued by the registrar for use as evidence, upon the receipt by him of an order therefor made by the court; provided, that such certified copy shall have written or stamped across the face thereof the words, "for use as evidence only.” The issuance of such certified copy and the purpose thereof shall also be noted upon the original certificate by the registrar. Change of name or of description to be noted on

order of court.

SEC. 28. If an owner's name or description is incorrectly registered, or becomes changed (e. g. by marriage, adoption, divorce, etc.), the court, upon the filing of an application and proof of facts in the manner set forth in section twenty-seven of this act, and the production by the owner of the duplicate certificate, shall order the registrar to issue a new certificate, with such changes as the case may require.

THE REGISTER OF TITLES. Original certificate to be entered in register;

memorials to be on latest certificate.

SEC. 29. The registrar shall keep a book, to be known as the “Register of Titles," wherein he shall enter all original certificates of title, in the order of their numbers, with appropriate blanks for the entry of memorials and notations allowed by this act. Each certificate, with such blanks, shall constitute a separate folium of such book. All memorials and notations that may be entered upon the register under the terms of this act shall be entered upon the folium constituted by the last certificate of title of the land to which they relate. Each certificate of title shall be numbered the same as the folium of the register on which the registration of the title of which it is a duplicate, is entered. Receipt to be given for duplicate certificate on its


SEC. 30. Before the delivery of any duplicate certificate of title, a receipt for it shall be required to be signed by the owner. Where such receipt is signed in the presence of the registrar or a deputy, it shall be witnessed by such officer. If signed elsewhere, it shall be acknowledged before any officer authorized to take acknowledgments of deeds. First registration deemed complete on notation of

original entries upon certificates.

SEC. 31. In every case of first registration of land or an estate or interest therein, the same shall be deemed to be registered under this act, when the registrar shall have marked upon the certificate of title, in duplicate, the volume and folium of the register in which the original may be found. Transfer complete on notation upon new certificate;

other dealings complete on notation; registration to relate back to filing with registrar. SEC. 32. Every transfer of registered land shall be deemed to be registered under this act, when the new certificate to the transferee shall have been marked, as in the case of the first registration; and all other dealings shall be considered as registered when the memorial or notation shall have been entered in the register upon the folium constituted by the existing certificate of title of the land. But, for the protection of the transferee or person claiming through any transfer or dealing, the registration shall relate back to the time of filing in the registrar's office the deed, instrument or notice, pursuant to which the transfer memorial or notation is made. Party aggrieved may bring action against regis

trar and others. SEC. 33.

Any person feeling himself aggrieved by the action of the registrar, or by his refusal to act in any matter pertaining to the first registration of land, or any subsequent transfer, or charge upon the same, or failing, or neglecting, or refusing to file any instrument, or to enter memorial or notation or to do any other thing required of him by this act, may file a complaint in the superior court making the registrar and other persons, whose interests may be affected, parties defendant, and the court may proceed therein as in other cases, and make such order or decree as shall be according to equity and the purport of this act. A certified copy of such order or decree shall be presented to the registrar, who shall file the same and make such entry thereof as by this act required.

EFFECT OF REGISTRATION. In absence of fraud, title to be subject only to

noted incumbrances; exceptions.

SEC. 34. The registered owner of any estate or interest in land brought under this act shall, except in case of fraud to which he is a party, or of the person through whom he claims without valuable consideration paid in good faith, hold the same sub

cancel any

ject only to such estates, mortgages, liens, charges, and interests as may be noted in the last certificate of title in the registrar's office, and free from all others, except:

1. Any subsisting lease or agreement for a lease for a period not exceeding one year, where there is actual occupation of the land under lease. The term “lease shall include a verbal letting.

2. All public highways embraced in the description of the lands included in the certificate.

3. Any subsisting right of way or other easement, however created, upon, over, or in respect of the land.

4. Any tax or special assessment for which a sale of the land has not been had at the date of the certificate of title.

5. Such right of action or claim as is allowed by this act.

6. Liens, claims, or rights arising under the laws of the United States, which the statutes of California cannot require to appear of record upon the register. No adverse possession after registration possible.

SEC. 35. After land has been registered no title thereto adverse or in derogation to the title of the registered owner shall be acquired by any length of possession. Presumption of good faith in purchaser of regis

tered land.

SEC. 36. Except in case of fraud, and except as herein otherwise provided, no person taking a transfer of registered land, or any estate or interest therein, or of any charge upon the same from the registered owner, shall be held to inquire into the circumstances under which, or the consideration for which, such owner or any previous registered owner was registered, or be affected with notice, actual or constructive, of any unregistered trust, lien, claim, demand, or interest; and the knowledge that any unregistered trust, lien, claim, demand or interest is in existence shall not of itself be imputed as fraud. Person defrauded shall not lose rights.

SEC. 37. In case of fraud, any person defrauded shall have all rights and remedies that he would have had if the land were not under the provisions of this act; provided, that nothing contained in this section shall affect the title of a registered owner who has taken bona fide for a valuable consideration, or of any person bona fide claiming through or under him. Registration of forged instrument void, but title

of bona fide owner not affected.

SEC. 38. If a deed or other instrument is registered, which is forged, or executed by a person under legal disability, such registration shall be void; provided, that the title of a registered owner, who has taken bona fide for a valuable consideration, shall not be affected by reason of his claiming title through some one, the registration of whose right or interest was void, as provided in this section. No unregistered interest shall prevail against

bona fide registered owner.

SEC. 39. No unregistered estate, interest, power, right, claim, contract, or trust shall prevail against the title of a registered owner taking bona fide for valuable consideration, or of any person bona fide claiming through or under him. In absence of fraud, certificate of title is conclu

sive evidence in suit for specific performance of contract to purchase.

SEC. 40. In any suit for specific performance brought by a registered owner of any land under the provisions of this act against a person who may have contracted to purchase such land, not having notice of any fraud or other circumstances which, according to the provisions of this act, would affect the right of the vendor, the certificate of title of such registered owner shall be held in

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