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Section 4258, Political Code, and section 138 of former county government acts.

For duties of district attorney in relation to sanitary disticts, see Stautes 1891, pp. 228, 231.


SEC. 135. The county surveyor must be a licensed land surveyor of the state, and must make any survey that may be required by order of court or of the board of supervisors, or upon application of any person; keep a correct and fair record of all surveys made by him, number them in the order made, and preserve a copy of the field notes and calculations of each survey, and indorse thereon its proper number, a copy of the same, and a fair and accurate plat, together with a certificate of survey, must upon application, be furnished by him to any person, upon payment of the fees allowed by law.

Section 4268, Political Code, and section 139 of former county government acts.

Prior to the act of 1893 it was not required that he should be a "licensed land surveyor." Nor did the code section say by order "of the board of supervisors."

"Licensed land surveyor." See act of March 31, 1891 [Stats. p. 478], authorizing state surveyor general to license surveyors who present certificates of competency and good character. Ordered by the court. See sections 137, 138, post.

Is agent of state for sale of swamp lands, and must not become purchaser. Edwards v. Estell, 48 Cal. 195. Nor become purchaser of state lands. Yoakum v. Brower, 52 Cal. 375.

Duty as to state lands. See section 3445, Political Code.

Other duties.

SEC. 136. Any person owning or claiming lands which are divided by county lines, and wishing to have the same surveyed, may apply to the surveyor of any county in which any part of such land is situated, and on such application being made, the surveyor must make the survey, which is as valid as though the lands were situated entirely within the county.

Section 4269, Political Code, and section 140 of former county government acts.

Duties and fees.

SEC. 137. When land, the title to which is in dispute before any court, is divided by a county line, the court making an order of survey may direct the order to the surveyor of any county in which any part of the land is situated. In all surveys the courses must be expressed according to the true meridian, and the variation of the magnetic meridian from the true meridian must be expressed on the plat, with the date of the survey.

Section 4270, Political Code, and section 141 of former county government acts. Until the act of 1893, the requirement that "courses must be expressed according to the true meridian," etc., was contained in a separate section. Must assist surveyor-general.

SEC. 138. Each county surveyor must, when required, aid and assist the surveyor-general in making surveys within the county. When the county surveyor is interested in any land, the title to which is in dispute, and a survey thereof is necessary, the court must direct the survey to be made by some disinterested person, and the person so appointed is for that purpose authorized to administer and certify oaths. He must return such survey, verified by his affidavit annexed thereto, and receive for his services the same fees as the county surveyor would be entitled to for similar service.

Section 4274, Political Code, and section 142 of former county government acts. The Political Code section contained only the first sentence of the above section, and the remainder of this section was contained in section 4275.

Section 4273 of the Political Code apparently remains in force and reads as follows: Each county surveyor, immediately after making any survey except surveys of city or town lots, must make out a copy of the field notes and plat, and transmit the same to the surveyor-general, indicating plainly upon the plat at what point of any line any river or stream or county line is touched or crossed. He must communicate to the surveyor-general such information concerning surveys made by him, and other matters connected with the duties of his office, as may be required.

Ex officio deputy recorder.

SEC. 139. The county surveyor shall copy, plat, or trace all maps filed for record in the office of the county recorder of the county for which he shall be elected, and shall be ex officio deputy county recorder for said county for such purposes at the cost of the party filing the same for record; provided however, that all maps and plats filed by a licensed land surveyor, and such other maps and plats as are filed and are thereby made a record, are exempt from the provisions of this act. The county surveyor shall plat, trace, blue-print, or otherwise make all county, township, road, district, and all other maps, and all assessors' block books, for the county of which he is surveyor. All such maps which are platted, traced, blue-printed, or otherwise made as aforesaid, shall be filed in the county surveyor's office, together with all data obtained by the county surveyor from other sources, and

the same thereafter shall become the property of the county.

Section 143 of former county government acts.

Surveys of county roads.

SEC. 140. The county surveyor shall make such surveys of county roads, and perform such other engineering work as the board of supervisors may direct. All such maps and field notes of surveys shall be filed in the office of the county surveyor, and the same shall thereafter be and remain the property of the county. It shall be the duty of the county surveyor to advise the board of supervisors regarding all engineering work, and to perform such engineering work for the county as may be required by the board of supervisors.

Section 144 of former county government acts.

Office, etc., to be supplied to.

SEC. 141. The board of supervisors of each county shall provide, for the use of the county surveyor, a suitable office, office furniture, heat, light, and care for the same, office and record books, and other necessary material, also all necessary expenses and transportation on work performed in the field. In heu of fees, as now provided by law, the county surveyor shall receive such compensation as the board of supervisors may allow, not to exceed ten dollars per day for all work performed for the county, and in addition thereto, all necessary expenses and transportation on work performed in the field.

Section 145 of former county government acts.

In the act of 1893, the sections relating to surveyor were made to take effect immediately. [Stats. 1893, p. 382, Sec. 146.J


SEC. 142. The coroner must hold inquest, as prescribed by chapter two, title twelve, part two, of the Penal Code. The coroner, or other officer holding the inquest upon the body of a deceased person, may subpoena a chemist to make an analysis of the contents of the stomach or of the tissues of the body, or a physician or surgeon to inspect the body, or hold a post mortem examination of the deceased, and give a professional opinion as to the cause of death, and shall cause the testimony given by the witness to be reduced to writing, under his direction, and may, upon the written order of the district attorney, employ a clerk or stenographer for such purpose, at the same compensation allowed to stenographers in the superíor court of the county: and when such testimony is taken down by a stenographer, his transcription thereof, duly certified to, shall constitute the deposition of such witness.

Section 4285, Political Code, contained only the first sentence of above section. See section 147 of former county government acts. The act of 1883 did not contain the latter half of the present section, relating to reducing testimony of witnesses to writing, etc.

Coroner exercises judicial functions at inquest. People v. Devine, 44 Cal. 453.

Inquests and duties of coroners: Penai Code, sections 1510, 1519. Coroner's duties in matters where sheriff is incapacitated. See section 104 of this act, ante.

Cause bodies to be buried.

SEC. 143. When an inquest is held by the coroner, and no other person takes charge of the body of deceased, he must cause it to be decently interred; and if there is not sufficient property be

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